One might be taken aback by the idea that Sega's first game for the Xbox 360 & PS3 is one developed outside Japan. In any event, Pseudo Interactive best known for the lukewarm racer Cel Damage is at the helm of this next gen game described as a cross between Burnout, Twisted Metal and waitasec? Prince of Persia? You bet.

The gist of the game seems to be racing through streets that look they were designed for a next gen Project Gotham, but somehow got mixed up into a terrible Twisted Metal universe. We're talking real bad ass weapons here. Weapons that cause all kinds of damage to your opponents and the surrounding area. We saw footage of one particular weapon causing an explosion which sent a fuel tanker careening into a bridge, which just so happened to send the train on top of it flying in many directions. Yeah, that was cool.

The Prince of Persia aspect comes in due to your ability to rewind time or "unwreck" as the developers call it. If you take a dead end, don't make a jump, miss your enemy, simply rewind time and try again. We're not sure how this will work in realtime on XBL, but we're hoping that this insane power makes it into the online portion of the game.

Visually the game is looking very gritty and realistic. Tons of explosions were rocking the screen while a multitude of cars were racing, realtime environmental damage was happening at the same time as realtime vehicle damage and there wasn't a flicker of slowdown. Nice.

We think you'll be hearing a lot about this insane racer as the months go by and we think it's finally going to put Pseudo Interactive on the map.


Full Auto™ marks PSEUDO's premier contribution to the exciting realm of next-generation gaming.

Powered by the studio's proprietary technology and inspired by the best action and racing games throughout history, Full Auto delivers the most destructive racing experience ever.

Featuring heavily-armed vehicles throttling through highly-detailed and fully-interactive environments, Full Auto pushes the boundaries of next-generation hardware with a sense of speed and style all its own.

In addition to its visceral thrills, Full Auto also contains an innovative feature known as "Unwreck" which allows gamers to turn back time so that they might cheat death, rectify mistakes, re-attempt stunts, and correct their aim.

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System: PS3, X360
Dev: Pseudo Interactive
Pub: Sega
Released: TBA 2005
Players: 1 - ? Online
Preview by Vaughn