Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom Review
Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom Box Art
System: PS3
Dev: Novarama
Pub: Sony
Release: September 30, 2014
Players: 1
Screen Resolution: 480p-1080p Fantasy Violence

I've seen some discussion of this game that suggests that the low difficulty and other dull design decisions are forgiveable, because it's a game aimed at kids. I thoroughly disagree with that idea. Kids need and deserve games that allow them to use problem-solving skills and solve puzzles on their own. Overcoming fair and age-appropriate challenges is fun and interesting to gamers of all ages, and especially young gamers. Kids deserve games that are engaging, control well, and allow them to set and meet goals that improve their skills. This is not one of those games.

Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom Screenshot

The only real positive attribute I could find was that The Lost Kingdom is attractive. The graphical style has a bit of an Alice in Wonderland feel to it, with whimsical, oversized foliage. The Invizimals themselves look pretty cool, especially to the target age group. There was potential here to create a fascinating world to explore, but it was squandered by level design that's completely divorced from reality and the lack of any signs that Invizimals actually live in the world. As far as I could tell, this Lost Kingdom is actually the home territory of the punch-boxes. The background music, consisting of dull, repetitive atmospheric bits, doesn't help, either.


If you're not a kid, I can say with certainty that this game is not one of those kid-friendly games that also appeals to adults. If you have or know a kid, she or he might be temporarily diverted by the cool Invizimals, but I suspect that most kids who are old enough to read the game's text will be quickly bored. Stick with the kid-friendly standbys of Minecraft, Nintendo offerings, and LEGO games, and give this one a big ol' skip.

Becky Cunningham
Contributing Writer
Date: October 3, 2014

The Invizimals are cool and the game looks quite attractive at first, but all the areas look a bit too similar.
Slow and unreliable, with a terrible camera to boot.
Music / Sound FX / Voice Acting
The background music is boring, and the voice acting is downright offensive.
Play Value
Anybody old enough to read the game's text will probably be bored within twenty minutes.
Overall Rating - Avoid
Not an average. See Rating legend below for a final score breakdown.
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Game Features:

  • Explore the world of the Invizimals as the smash hit series comes to PS3 in a thrilling third-person adventure.
  • You are Hiro, a young explorer who discovers a magical portal that teleports you to the Lost Kingdom – a land under attack from a cruel, rampaging robot army.
  • Transform into 16 of the most popular Invizimals, using their unique powers and abilities to solve puzzles and battle against your enemies.
  • Link up with players of Invizimals: The Alliance on PlayStation Vita to swap bonus game items and stage electrifying four-player battles via Cross-Platform play.

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