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Resident Evil Goes Competitive
by Amanda L. Kondolojy

When the Resident Evil 5 Versus downloadable content debuted on April 7, much was made of the fact that the game had not yet been out for a month, and DLC was already being thrust at fans that were probably just finishing up the game. However, what really riled fans up was the persistent rumor that this DLC was not even true additional content, but instead an unlock code that opened content already on the disc.

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Either way, the Resident Evil 5 Versus downloadable content has been embroiled in controversy since it was released. Despite all the talk, Resident Evil 5 Versus Mode is great for fans of online multiplayer, and if you crave competitive play, this DLC may be worth your investment.

There are two main modes in Resident Evil 5's Versus Mode: Survivor and Slayer. Survivor is the most competitive and has you running around familiar locations looking for other players to kill. You will get points for hitting (not just killing) other players and can get bonuses for extra hits, kills, and streaks. However, if you get hit or killed, you will lose points you accumulated by killing others. The trick here involves killing people, and staying alive at the same time, and the result is some very intense gameplay.


The other mode is Slayers. This mode involves killing as many Majini as possible during a time limit. Like Survivor, Slayers gives you a base amount of points for hitting Majini, and bonus points for killing them and going on uninterrupted streaks. You also get bonus points for killing special Majini, such as the black-clad, axe-wielding baddie from the first level of the story mode. Although Slayer bears more than a passing resemblance to the unlockable Mercenaries mode, the dynamics are definitely different when you are playing online with up to four different people.

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In addition to the regular versions of these modes, there is also a team version you can play to rack up cooperative points instead of just points for yourself. However, the team modes don't really add much to the gameplay, especially since working together can actually make you more of a target in Survivor mode. Still, it is nice to have the choice to work together or solo.

As far as characters are concerned, there are a total of four different characters you can play as, each with alternate costumes and weapons schemes. These four characters include (Spoiler alert!) Chris, Sheva, Wesker, and Jill. Each character has two or three bonus outfits, which brings the total roster count to ten. Fans of older Resident Evil games will be happy to know that both Wesker and Chris have their old STARS outfits available for unlocking. Playing with these characters doesn't really impact the gameplay per se, but since these characters must be unlocked by gaining points through match rankings, if you really want to earn Weskers' STARS outfit (which will cost you 10,000 points), it may be enough of an incentive to keep you in the game. (Alert over)

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One thing that really concerned me about Resident Evil 5's Versus Mode was the controls. While playing other shooters like Gears of War 3 and Halo 3 is fast-paced and fun, I was worried that the stop and shoot mechanics in Resident Evil 5 would hinder the frenzied feeling that online shooters have become so famous for.

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