Ricochet HD


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Brick Shooter (Bronze): Shoot 100 bricks with a laser, blaster or missile.
      Frantic Juggler (Bronze): Keep at least 3 balls on the screen at the same time for more than 8 seconds.
      Power Rush (Bronze): Earned when the player has caught 25 power-ups in the game.
      Hoard of the Rings (Bronze): Collect all 5 of the golden rings on all 10 levels of the same planet in a single game.
      Power-up Zen Master (Silver): No power-ups collected for 10 levels in a row. This can carry over between planets.
      Longevity (Silver): 8 levels in a row player on the same planet without dying once. Cannot be earned on Easy or Kids difficulty settings.
      Amazing Breath of Life (Silver): 30 levels in a row played without dying once. This carries over from one Planet to the next. Cannot be earned on Easy or Kids difficulty settings.
      Straight Jacket (Silver): Beat 10 different levels on the Insane difficulty setting in a single game on the same planet.
      World Cup (Silver): Awarded for finishing all Ricochet HD planets.
      Helping Hand (Silver): Beat 20 levels with two players at the same time in any multiplayer mode.

    Additionally, there are two secret trophies:

      Secret trophy (Unknown): Unknown.
      Secret trophy (Unknown): Unknown.

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