Ryu Ga Gotoku 5: Yume, Kanaeshi Mono


  • Bonus items

    Have a saved game file from the indicated game to unlock the corresponding item:

      Amulet Of The Colored Carp: Have a saved game file from Ryuu Ga Gotoku 1 HD Edition.
      Asagao Special Scarf: Have a saved game file from Ryuu Ga Gotoku 3.
      Bell Of Gion: Have a saved game file from Ryuu Ga Gotoku Kenzan!.
      Silver Gun: Have a saved game file from Ryuu Ga Gotoku Of The End.
      Torso Wrap Of The Yellow Dragon: Have a saved game file from Ryuu Ga Gotoku 2 HD Edition.
      Wad Of Bills Amulet: Have a saved game file from Ryuu Ga Gotoku 4.
  • Premium Adventure mode

    Successfully complete the game to unlock Premium Adventure mode.

  • Premium New Game mode

    Successfully complete the game to unlock Premium New Game mode.

  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      10 fingers (Bronze): Get on the top 10 list at the coliseum.
      1st arc cleared (Bronze): Clear the 1st arc.
      2nd arc cleared (Bronze): Clear the 2nd arc.
      3rd arc cleared (Bronze): Clear the 3rd arc.
      4th arc cleared (Bronze): Clear the 4th arc.
      Air striker (Bronze): Defeat 50 enemies using Airstrike.
      Appreciation -From the staff- (Silver): Clear the final arc.
      Assertive communication (Bronze): Talk to 50 NPCs scattered across the cities.
      Bond strung together by dance (Bronze): Defeat Akari at the Dance Battle Summit.
      Cheers with everyone! (Bronze): Cheers with everyone after completing the cabaret event.
      Clang-clang-clang (Bronze): Play Pachislot no Juuou and Aladdin A 3 times each.
      Convenient new function (Bronze): Press the select button when the "Tips" box appears on screen.
      Densetsu wo Tsugu Mono (Gold): Clear the game on the EX-HARD mode.
      Devil Killer defeated (Bronze): Defeat Devil Killer's leader and force them to disband.
      Experienced hunter (Bronze): Successfully complete 5 contract missions with Saejima.
      First-class performer (Bronze): Play all of the Tsukkomi Shokuin contents.
      Gourmet Dragon (Bronze): Order all food and drinks from all restaurants.
      Guess supper's gonna be fish (Bronze): Successfully catch 5 fish from river fishing.
      Hall of fame player (Gold): Achieve 100% in the completion list from the pause menu.
      Hiiii-yah! (Bronze): Defeat 50 enemies with the Pride of the Angry Dragon.
      I want to use what I can (Bronze): Raise Wax Kamiyama's level to 5.
      I've always wanted to ride on one (Bronze): Buy an itasha (a car plastered with anime characters/logos).
      I've gained a revelation (Bronze): Learn all of the revelations.
      I've reached my limit (Bronze): Raise each playable character to at least level 20.
      King of Cochin (Bronze): Win Cochin's Cup - Classic for the first time.
      Kyuukyoku (ultimate) wo Tsugu Mono (Silver): Clear the ULTIMATE BATTLES mode.
      Life is entertainment (Bronze): Play each mini-game once (mini-games from SPECIAL CONTENTS excluded).
      Living is learning (Bronze): Complete 1 training mission from each master.
      Local Framer (Bronze): Take at least 1 picture from each city's specialized frame in the Puri-Circle mini-game.
      Look down while walking (Bronze): Pick up a combined 100 pieces from the following: Trash, lottery tickets, coin locker keys, map fragments.
      Masterpiece lover (Bronze): Play Taiko no Tatsujin and Virtua Fighter 2 each twice.
      Mr. Climax (Bronze): Use every Climax Heat Action by Kiryuu, Saejima, Akiyama, and Shinada.
      Nervous first date (Bronze): Go on an after-date with a cabaret girl in the real world.
      People pick fights with me a lot (Bronze): Win 100 random encounters.
      Popular idol (Bronze): Play all of the available jobs each once.
      Pouring your heart and soul (Bronze): Play the Mendokoro Ryuuya mini-game 3 times.
      Puppet-master (Bronze): Defeat 50 enemies with Knowledge of the Fierce Tiger - Puppet.
      Reunion (Bronze): Akiyama reunites with Haruka in the story.
      Sightseeing Dragon (Bronze): Take at least 1 sightseeing picture from each city.
      Slap-back Man (Bronze): Play air hockey 3 times.
      Slugger (Bronze): Clear 10 baseball submissions.
      Snowball fight beginner (Bronze): Win at Martial Arts on the Snow and Battle Royale - Beginner.
      Sub-story 10 (Bronze): Finish 10 sub-stories (Regardless of proper completion).
      Sub-story 30 (Bronze): Finish 30 sub-stories (Regardless of proper completion).
      Sub-story 50 (Bronze): Finish 50 sub-stories (Regardless of proper completion).
      Sub-story complete (Silver): Defeat Amon.
      Tackler (Bronze): Successfully land 50 Meteor Tackles.
      The Chosen One (Bronze): Clear the Victory Road event for the first time.
      The dragon that supports from afar (Bronze): Send Asagao 5,000,000 (500 man) yen via the ATM.
      The end of fate (Bronze): Defeat Shirakawa in the final battle with him.
      To live is to never run away (Bronze): Clear NORMAL mode without once changing it down to EASY.
      Veteran driver (Bronze): Successfully complete 10 taxi missions with Kiryuu.
      Watch out for cars (Bronze): Get hit by a moving car in the cities.
      Welcome to Nagasugai (Bronze): Visit Nagasugai for the first time.
      Yamaoroshi defeated (Bronze): Defeat the Yamaoroshi in the Another Drama story.
      You are a princess (Bronze): Defeat T-SET in the Princess League finals.
      Yume, Kanaeshi Mono (Platinum): Unlock all of the trophies in the game.

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