Dark Souls Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ
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1) Introduction

Before you go any further, let me warn you: Dark Souls is an extremely difficult game. In part, this is because Dark Souls -- and Demon's Souls before it -- hearken back to the days of "old school" classic gaming, when you had a limited number of lives, and if you lost them, you had to start all over again.

Dark Souls hasn't quite forsaken the modern clichés of gaming to that extent: you don't lose your save file just because you died one too many times. But dying does cost you all of your souls, which are both your money and XP, as well as a new value called humanity. You still keep your items and your levels, and you do receive one chance to make it back to the place you died and recover what you lost.

The difficulty is not trite, however. It's not that the enemies have an unfair advantage: they're just smart little buggers. Many will block your attacks, countering your ill-timed blows will deadly ripostes. Others may not block, but will attack aggressively and demand blocking on your end to survive. To beat these guys, you need to be a smart little bugger yourself, studying each foe's tricks and weaknesses while perfecting your defenses and attacks. Dark Souls is tough, but this makes success (when it does come) all the sweeter.

Though I may try to butter it up with my masochistic love for this series, I don't want to deceive you. Dark Souls is a game about dying. You play as an Undead character to begin with, and you will almost certainly die many more times as you play the game. But Dark Souls is about learning from death as well. Enemy locations are not randomized, so if you're ambushed from around a corner in one life, you can bet that you're going to want to block (or dodge, or attack, or cast a spell, depending on your play style) as you come around that corner in the future. Dark Souls is much like an IQ test, an enormous exercise in pattern recognition and awareness. It follows, of course, to say that Dark Souls is a smart man's game.

I strongly recommend you buy the game, if you haven't already. I refuse to support piracy, especially when it comes to such an awesome and underrated game. I foolishly chose to rent Demon's Souls from Gamefly, only to spend as much to play it for months on end as I would if I had simply purchased it. By the end, I had completed the game twice with my main character and had nearly collected every rare item the game had to offer. I was addicted to the series. If you've played and enjoyed Demon's Souls, you should know better than to pass up this game. It was a first day purchase for me.

2) Changes from Demon's Souls

If you're not familiar with Demon's Souls... well, I pity you. Imagine this game, but with a different setting and a few minor gameplay differences. It's not so antiquated that it's not worth playing, I assure you. If you enjoy Dark Souls and can't get enough of it, try going back and playing the original Demon's Souls. You won't be disappointed.


  • Demon's Souls took place in the land of Boletaria. Under King Allant XII, the land entered into an age of prosperity. However, this proved to be a product of a dark ritual the king performed by channeling souls, unintentionally awakening an ancient demon called the Old One. The consequence was the appearance of a great fog and demons in the world that feasted upon men's souls, leaving those who survived soulless and mad. The other kingdoms learned of this plight and sent warriors to help Boletaria. Of these, one slain warrior was revived by the Maiden in Black, keeper of the Nexus, and sent back to Boletaria to slay the demons and retrieve their souls.
  • Dark Souls takes place primarily in the land of Lordran, a land liberated from the dragons using the souls of the Lords. In the waning days of the Age of Fire, the world is populated by the Undead, and the world lies on the brink of envelopment by darkness. One Undead, foretold of in prophecy, journeys from the distant Undead Asylum to Lordran, presumably to save the world from this darkness.

  • Instead of returning to the Nexus, players can now heal and level up at bonfires, and will likewise return to the last bonfire they rested at if they die. Resting at a bonfire now replenishes the player's Estus Flask, granting the player 5 healings per excursion. This can be increased by kindling. The Estus Flask can also be reinforced by the Fire Keeper with a Fire Keeper Soul to increase the healing it provides.
  • You can buy tools that will allow you to perform certain functions at your bonfire that would previously require NPCs, such as weapon repairing. There are still NPCs to serve these functions, however.
  • There are no Demons' Souls to collect, but there are still various ores to use to upgrade your weapons into awesome sauce. The improvement system has been upgraded to be easier to understand, and you can now improve armor the same way as weapons.
  • Enemies will no longer turn around and go back to their spawn points once they lose sight of you, but will continue to pursue you indefinitely once you've attacked them. This is compensated by the fact that resting at a bonfire resets all enemies, making it a safe haven to run to in times of danger.
  • New items include Gifts, items you can select for your character during character creation. Most can be found later in the game.
  • New and improved classes. Notable is the Depraved class, which starts you with perfectly even stats and no equipment beyond a club and a weak shield.
  • You can enjoy Dark Souls on Xbox 360 as well as PS3. Demon's Souls was a PS3 exclusive.

  • The "World Alignment" system has been thrown out. It has been succeeded by (in my honest opinion) a superior system. Now, performing various actions will add humanity points to your count in the upper left corner of the screen. As your humanity increases, you will get more item drops from enemies. However, you can also spend humanity to return to human form or kindle a bonfire. You will drop all of your humanity upon dying, along with your souls.
  • The Soul Form from Demon's Souls has been replaced with the Hollowed Form. Unlike Soul Form, being Hollowed doesn't cost you half your HP bar. However, it does have its disadvantages. You can't summon other players into your world, for example, and you can't kindle your bonfires to improve their Estus payout. As mentioned above, you can "Reverse Hollowing" at a bonfire to become human again at the cost of 1 humanity point. The advantage of Hollowed Form is that you can be summoned by Human players into their worlds.
  • Humanity can be received by using "Humanity" items found lying around, just as using the various "Soul" items grants you souls. These may be dropped by enemies, notably sewer rats. Humanity points can also be dropped by enemies. Humanity is granted for helping to defeat a boss in another player's world. Going to another player's world with a red stone and killing them also grants you humanity, but be warned: a new item allows the victim to put a hit out on you and make your life miserable. Also, you can only enter the world of a player if they are in Human Form.

  • In Demon's Souls, only sorcery spell slots depended on Attunement. Now, all spells (be they sorcery, pyromancy, or miracles) receive slots according to Attunement. A new type of magic has been added to the game: pyromancy. The MP system from Demon's Souls is gone. Spells now receive a certain allotment of uses per "day," which are replenished at bonfires. Obviously, there are new spells, though they are too numerous to name here.

  • 3) Gameplay Primer

    Here's where I tell you how to play the game. Though the game already does most of that for you.

    Basic Controls (360)
    A: Interact
    B: Backstep
    X: Use item
    Y: Change Weapon Style (Two-Handed <-> One-Handed) or Toggle Interaction
    RB: Light attack with right-hand weapon, cast spell if a magic item
    RT: Heavy attack with right-hand weapon
    LB: Block with left-hand weapon or shield, cast spell if a magic item
    LT: Attack with left-hand weapon, parry with shield
    LS: Movement
    RS: Camera
    Left: Switch left-hand weapon (primary <-> secondary)
    Right: Switch right-hand weapon (primary <-> secondary)
    Down: Cycle items (out of the 6 you can keep equipped)
    Up: Cycle spells (out of those you've prepared)

    Basic Controls (PS3)
    X: Interact
    O: Backstep
    [ ]: Use item
    /\: Change Weapon Style (Two-Handed <-> One-Handed) or Toggle Interaction
    R1: Light attack with right-hand weapon, cast spell if a magic item
    R2: Heavy attack with right-hand weapon
    L1: Block with left-hand weapon or shield, cast spell if a magic item
    L2: Attack with left-hand weapon, parry with shield
    LS: Movement
    RS: Camera
    Left: Switch left-hand weapon (primary <-> secondary)
    Right: Switch right-hand weapon (primary <-> secondary)
    Down: Cycle items (out of the 6 you can keep equipped)
    Up: Cycle spells (out of those you've prepared)


  • Press B/O and move the Left Stick in a direction simultaneously to roll in that direction, using a chunk of your stamina.
  • Hold B/O while moving to run, which will slowly consume your stamina. Press B/O while running to jump.
  • Click the Right Stick (R3) to lock on to an enemy. Your camera will focus on the target and you're movements to left and right will now strafe around this target. While locked on, you can move the Right Stick left and right to change targets, or click again to disable lock on. Useful when fighting one-on-one, but if you're engaging multiple foes, it can make it difficult to keep track of all of them. You'll also want to disable this if you're trying to run away.
  • Wielding a weapon in two-handed mode (Y/Triangle) increases the damage it deals by 50%. Also, wielding a weapon two-handed eliminates the penalty imposed for lacking the weapon's required skills. However, you'll have to temporarily sacrifice your off-hand item slot.
  • Press RB/R1 and push forward on the Left Stick simultaneously to kick. This doesn't damage enemies, but does knock them back slightly. Useful when an enemy is standing near a ledge... (With a rapier, you will instead swipe with your weapon and backstep simultaneously, which has its uses as well.)
  • Press RT/R1 and push forward on the Left Stick simultaneously to perform a leaping attack. This will close the distance between you and your target and deal more damage, but you'll be open for a moment while you fly through the air, so time this maneuver carefully.
  • Pressing RB/R1 immediately after performing a roll allows you to perform a special rolling attack, which is useful for closing in on enemies. You can do the same thing after a backstep for an evasive attack. Finally, you can press RB/R1 while running to launch a far-reaching sprinting attack.
  • If you parry an attack with your shield, you can quickly press RB/R1 to deliver a deadly counterattack.
  • If you are standing directly behind a humanoid enemy, press RB/R1 to initiate a (usually lethal) backstab attack.
  • Bows have a unique set of controls. First, to use a bow, you must wield it two-handed (an obvious requirement). You can do this by pressing the attack button once with the bow equipped, or if it is in your right hand, you can press Y/Triangle. Now you can aim (or cancel aiming mode) by pressing LB/L1, and fire with RB/R1 or RT/R2. LT/L2 will change the arrow type. Alternatively, if the enemy is within lock on range, you can lock on to them and fire without having to enter the cumbersome aiming mode.
  • While descending a ladder, press B/O to slide down quickly.
  • While falling, press RB/R1 to perform a plunging attack, damaging enemies around you when you land if you time it right. For large bosses, your character will impale them from above and deal significantly more damage than a regular falling attack... plus it looks awesome.
  • Notes

  • Remember that your stamina recovers more slowly while blocking. If you run out of stamina, you can be immobilized and hit for HP damage, so don't let this hit zero! You use stamina whenever you block a hit, attack, roll, or backstep.
  • Movement speed will be reduced depending on the weight you have equipped. At 25% of your limit, your movements will be slowed slightly. At 50%, you will notice a significant slowing. At 75%, you will be quite slow and unable to roll. At 100%, you will be overencumbered and barely able to move.
  • Save your "Soul" items for when you're at a bonfire or store and can use the extra souls right away. Otherwise, you could die and lose the souls you gain from using the item. You may want to follow a similar policy with "Humanity."
  • During a riposte or backstab attack, you are invincible, but the invincibility ends at the exact moment you regain control. This makes you less vulnerable when taking out a crowd one by one in this manner than you would expect to be.
  • Which hand you use to wield an item affects what you can do with it. For example, a shield wielded in your right hand will be used as a weapon, while one in the left hand can be used only to block and parry. Similarly, a weapon in the left hand cannot be used for a light attack, but it can now be used to block as well as deal heavy attacks. Magic implements function the same in either hand.
  • If you kill an enemy with a critical hit, you receive 20% more souls. Critical hits add a percent value to the attack's damage equal to the Critical stat of the weapon used, and are more likely to receive them when interrupting an enemy's attack or attacking from behind. A riposte or backstab is always a critical hit, as is a headshot with a bow.
  • Certain enemies and bosses have tails that can be severed if you attack that area enough. Sometimes, knocking off a foe's tail will result in an additional item drop.

  • 4) Character Creation


    First off, every class in the game is viable and useful in its own way. Even the Deprived arguably has its merits. That said, some are better suited for beginners, while some will be more satisfying for those who have already mastered this game and veterans of Demon's Souls.
  • Warrior
    Difficulty: * (Beginner)
    Stats: High STR and DEX; low ATN, INT, and FTH
    Equip: Longsword, Heater Shield, Standard Helm, Hard Leather Armor Set
    Desc: A balanced fighter. With both high Strength and high Dexterity, he'll deal out damage and be able to use most weapons, but with low Faith, Intelligence, and Attunement, he'll need some work if he's going to use magic. Notably, he starts with good armor and the Heater Shield, granting 100% nullification to physical damage while blocking.

  • Knight
    Difficulty: * (Beginner)
    Stats: Very high VIT; Low INT
    Equip: Broadsword, Tower Kite Shield, Knight Armor Set
    Covenant: Way of White
    Desc: The tank class. Starts with a lot of vitality and heavy armor, but as a consequence of his equipment he will be somewhat slow. He has decent stats all around in other areas, and can easily pick up some healing magic. Also a member of the Covenant of the White from the get-go, which supposedly makes connecting with friends easier and reduces invasions.

  • Wanderer
    Difficulty: ** (Easy)
    Stats: High DEX; Good RES; Low FTH
    Equip: Scimitar, Leather Shield, Wanderer Set
    Desc: A dexterity-based fighter. Focus on quickness rather than defense. The Scimitar is a great starting weapon, allowing him to quickly fell enemies before they can retaliate. Also well-suited to learn magic and already capable of using a bow. The wanderer's evasion-based play requires more skill.

  • Thief
    Difficulty: **** (Advanced)
    Stats: Very high DEX; Good INT; Low VIT, END, and STR
    Equip: Bandit's Knife, Target Shield, Thief Mask, Black Leather Armor Set
    Bonus Gift: Master Key
    Desc: The thief is a quick but physically weak combat class. His shield is weak when blocking and best for parrying, while his knife's high critical damage makes his ripostes and backstabs deadly. His good Intelligence, Faith, and Attunement make him well-suited to learn magic as well. He even comes with a free Master Key, so you can pick something else for your Gift. The thief is good in one-on-one combat, but out of his element when fighting multiple foes. Requires a lot of skill from the player, but can also be very rewarding.

  • Bandit
    Difficulty: ** (Easy)
    Stats: High STR and END; Good VIT; Low INT and ATN
    Equip: Battle Axe, Spider Shield, Brigand Armor Set
    Desc: A hard-hitter with high STR and heavy weaponry: that Battle Axe. Very strong in the early game, but weak defensively with poor armor and shield, though these are easily replaced. Requires significant investment to learn magic, though miracles will be a bit easier.

  • Hunter
    Difficulty: *** (Intermediate)
    Stats: High DEX; Good STR; Poor ATN, INT, and FTH
    Equip: Shortsword, Short Bow, Large Leather Shield, Standard Arrow x30, Leather Armor Set
    Desc: A versatile fighter. Notably starts with a bow and arrows, though you'll have to conserve those arrows until you reach the first merchant in the Undead Burg. While able to equip most basic weapons, he is best with DEX-based ones. Well-equipped to adapt to enemy weaknesses by using different weapons. Light armor means high mobility but low ability to take a hit. Needs work in the magic department if you want to do any casting, though.

  • Sorcerer
    Difficulty: **** (Advanced)
    Stats: Very high ATN and INT; low VIT, END, STR, RES, and FTH
    Equip: Dagger, Small Leather Shield, Sorcerer's Catalyst, Sorcerer Set
    Spell: Soul Arrow
    Desc: Starts with 30 uses of soul arrow, enabling him to fell enemies regularly with his magic. With a little more Attunement, he can stock another 15 uses. This guy is killer with magic, but a killee in melee. With low defenses and weapon skills, close quarters is not a situation a Sorc wants to be in. Soul Arrow's not much good at close range either. This caster is good for magic experts. Just watch your back, and if you get into trouble, use your high maneuverability to hightail it out of there.

  • Cleric
    Difficulty: ** (Easy)
    Stats: High FTH; Good STR; low END, DEX, and INT
    Equip: Mace, East-West Shield, Canvas Talisman, Holy Robe, Traveling Gloves, Holy Trousers
    Spell: Heal
    Covenant: Way of White
    Desc: Fairly free weapon selection makes the Cleric decent in combat. With his high Faith and decent Attunement, the Cleric is literally a Miracle worker. His exploration abilities are greater thanks to his Heal spell, allowing him to keep himself healed up beyond the use of his Estus flasks. The Heal spell is slower than an Estus Flask, so the latter is more feasible in combat. Though he can heal more easily than other classes, the Cleric's light defensive armaments mean that he is still relatively vulnerable to damage.

  • Deprived
    Difficulty: ***** (Masochistic)
    Stats: Average in everything
    Equip: Club, Plank Shield
    Desc: This class seems designed solely to challenge the player. You start with nothing but a basic weapon and shield, plus whatever gift you chose. That means no armor or magic. On the bright side, the Deprived's even stats mean he can use magic early and wield most weapons, and you'll be able to grow him in whatever direction you desire. Until you find some better equipment, though, he'll be at a significant disadvantage. Only recommended for true Dark Souls masters who can't get enough of this game's challenges.

  • 4.2) Gifts

    Selecting a gift isn't as significant as class choice, but it can still be useful. Every gift item except the Master Key can supposedly be found in-game.

  • Goddess's Blessing
    The Goddess's Blessing is a single-use consumable item that completely heals your HP and any status ailments you have. Can be useful if you get poisoned, as you won't have access to poison-healing items early in the game. Alternatively, you can save it for later in the game when you have more HP to regain from this effect. Not all that useful, as you get five free heals every time you spawn.
  • Black Firebomb (x10)
    This gift is made far sweeter by the fact that it actually comes with ten bombs, not one (though nothing in the gift selection screen seems to indicate this). These items can be lobbed at enemies and will explode into flame on impact. They are stronger than the more common Firebombs you will encounter early in the game. Good for taking down tough enemies and bosses more easily. You can use this to beat the Asylum Demon earlier than you normally would be able to, earning you his weapon as a bonus reward.
  • Twin Humanities
    Another single-use consumable item. This one gives you two free humanity points. You can also trade it to Snuggly the Crow for a Valuable Ring of Sacrifice. Kind of useful, I guess, but you can also get these for beating Black Phantoms.
  • Binoculars
    A reusable item that allows you to zoom in on distant areas. Cool idea, but I don't really recommend this one. Not only is it rarely useful in practice, but you can already get it early in the game, in the graveyard near the Firelink Shrine.
  • Pendant
    This item has no effect by itself. However, it apparently has some significance to the story. It can be traded to Snuggly for a Proof of Revenge. The game's director apparently recommends this gift. Among the various gifts, this is one of the most difficult to obtain through gameplay.
  • Master Key
    This item will open any "basic" lock, allowing you to freely access some hidden areas. The Master Key won't open every door, though, generally only those that lead to hidden goodies. Without this item, you would need to buy or find a key to open these optional doors. You can't find a Master Key in the game, and as far as gifts go, it's pretty handy. Do note that the Thief has this item in his starting equipment, so there's no point getting a second one.
  • Tiny Being's Ring
    This ring, when worn, will increase your total HP by about 5%. Contrary to what the gift menu seems to indicate, this item does not heal you whatsoever. The in-game item description, however, is accurate. As a result, this item isn't nearly as useful as it initially seems, but it's still somewhat useful.
  • Old Witch's Ring
    This ring allows you to communicate with the Daughter of Chaos. Without it, you will be unable to understand her. Alternatively, you can just get it through bartering with Snuggly.

  • 5)Walkthrough

    5.1) Northern Undead Asylum

    Starting Items:
  • Straight Sword Hilt
  • Black Separation Crystal
  • Darksign
  • Gift Item (plus a Master Key if you chose Thief)
  • Your Class's Armor Set (unless you picked Deprived)

  • Items:
  • Dungeon Cell Key (from the corpse in your cell)
  • Demon's Great Hammer (if you defeat Asylum Demon the first time he appears)
  • Your Class's Shield (from the corpse in the hall with the archer)
  • Your Class's Melee Weapon (from the place where the archer was standing)
  • Estus Flask (from the Undead Knight)
  • Undead Asylum East F2 Key (from the Undead Knight)
  • Your Class's Additional Item (if you have one: roof area)
  • Big Pilgrim's Key (reward for defeating boss)
  • Soul of a Lost Undead (outside, on a hidden ledge to the left)

  • Regardless of your character choice, you will begin the game in a prison cell. A body will be dropped in the room. Search this body for a Dungeon Cell Key, which you can use to open the cell door. That's one puzzle down.

    Note that you do not yet have all of your character's starting items. Currently, you have only your selected class's starting armor, any gift items you received, and a STRAIGHT SWORD HILT, which is quite possibly the worst weapon in the game.

    You also have the BLACK SEPERATION CRYSTAL, which allows you to remove other players from your world or return to your own, and the DARKSIGN, which can be used to return to the last bonfire (checkpoint) you used, but at the cost of all of your humanity and souls. This is the same thing that happens when you die, which is all too easy to do in this game already, so the usefulness of activating your Darksign is quite limited.

    The next hallway contains some automatic messages giving you a tutorial of the game's basic controls. It also contains a few enemies to practice on. These docile Zombies will not attack you, so take your time killing them. These guys drop 20 souls each. If you're not sure how to fight... well, the instructions are there on the floor, with onscreen "(A): Read message" prompts and everything. This is the easy part of the game, guys.

    Another interesting thing to notice is that if you take a look at your character's face (removing your helmet if necessary) you'll see that you look just like these creatures, because you're an Undead too. Good thing too, considering how much dying you'll be doing, but ideally you want to get back to human form to improve item drop rates, allow you to summon other players into your world, etc. Be warned: you'll lose your human form again if you die and be back at square one.

    You'll come to a room with another docile Zombie in the water and an exit to your right, leading to a ladder. At the top of the ladder, walk outside and you'll encounter a glowing sword stuck in the ground. Interact with it to light your first BONFIRE and get your first achievement or trophy, "Enkindle." Interact with the bonfire again to heal yourself, though I can't imagine how you could have taken damage by now unless you jumped back down after you climbed the ladder. Note that you can heal as many times as you like at a bonfire, but when you do, all of the common enemies you've killed will respawn (basically, you'll lose your progress). You also respawn here when you die.

    When you're ready, open the large double doors ahead and then RUN FOR YOUR LIFE to the doorway on the left wall. When you get to about the middle of this area, the Asylum Demon will drop down into the courtyard and start swinging his club around, which will deal heavy damage if it connects. You don't have the equipment to fight this guy yet, so don't even try. As soon as you pass through the left doorway, a portcullis will slam down, preventing you from going back that way. (I definitely do not recommend trying to beat the Asylum Demon with just your broken sword, but if you somehow manage to do it, you receive his weapon, DEMON'S GREAT HAMMER as a bonus reward. If you chose Black Firebombs as your gift, though, you can use these to take him down. Otherwise, maybe try on your second playthrough?)

    Down the hallway, there's another BONFIRE. Useful if that demon got a hit in on you. To the left there's another hallway, but this time there's a Zombie archer at the end. To get past him, you'll need to duck into a path on the left, where you'll see an item. This will be YOUR CLASS'S SHIELD. Go to your menu to equip the shield in your off hand (all Dark Souls characters are right handed, apparently).

    Note that, like in Demon's Souls, the game does not pause when you go to your menu, or when you press the Xbox Guide/Playstation Home button. The only 100% safe way to pause is to exit the game (which saves your location and the current world state) or rest at a bonfire.

    Using this, you can block the archer's arrows and make it down the hallway. The archer will run away, allowing you to pick up the item he was guarding: YOUR CLASS'S MELEE WEAPON. Again, what you get depends on your class. Now you can run up the stairs on the left and finish that bothersome archer, blocking his arrows with your shield and finishing him off with your melee weapon. Now that you're down with that nuisance, go ahead and "traverse the white light," removing the foggy barrier in front of you.

    Turn left as you come out and you'll see that you're now on the second floor of the area that contained the initial Bonfire. There's nothing you can do to the left due to a broken staircase, so head right, where there are stairs going both up and down. Feel free to go down the stairs and through a door to get back to the bonfire and heal. When you're ready, ascend the stairs BUT BE READY TO DODGE TO THE RIGHT as a heavy metal ball rolls down upon you. This will smash through the wall behind you and open up the cell of an Undead who has nearly become Hollowed.

    Turn around and enter the cell to talk to him. Answer "yes" and he will give you an ESTUS FLASK. This will give you 5 doses of healing, which you can refill simply by resting at any bonfire. You'll also get the "Estus Flask" achievement/trophy. He'll also give you UNDEAD ASYLUM F2 EAST KEY, allowing you to progress. You can kill this guy for a few souls without penalty. Note that if you return to this area later in the game, the knight will have become a Hollow, and you will be able to fight him, but it'll be a tough battle.

    For now, you can head up the stairs, where a lone Zombie with a sword awaits, again worth 20 souls. Use the key to open the door behind him. Here you'll see YOUR CLASS'S ADDITIONAL ITEM, if your class has one. Be careful, as there are two Zombies with swords and one with a bow just around the corner to your left. The white light leads to the boss area, but first head into the room ahead if you want to fight an Undead Soldier. This guy can block your attacks with his shield and tear you up with his swordplay, but if you can hit him when he's open and bring him down, he's worth a good 50S. Nothing else to do in here right now, so just head back.

    Prepare for your first boss battle before you traverse the white light. You'll be starting on a platform above the battle area, and if you jump from here and attack as you descend, you bring his health down by quite a bit. You'll want to have your melee weapon equipped to do this. You may want to press Y (Triangle) to equip your weapon two-handed first, which will increase the damage you deal. When you're ready, traverse the white light.


    The Asylum Demon is waiting in the courtyard below. Quickly leap down from this platform and press the weak attack button (RB) as you fall onto him, dealing an awesome cinematic blow that'll bring him down to a reasonable strength (even better if you switched to two-handed mode). Don't stand up here too long, though, or he'll smash the platform out from under you.

    Once you're on the ground, keep your distance and avoid his huge swings. When he attacks, take advantage of the opening to get up close and get in a few swipes, then quickly dodge away before he recovers. Avoid getting hit by rolling away from him when he gets ready to swing his weapon. If you can't dodge, at least attempt to block to mitigate the damage. A single direct hit can really hurt you and will most likely kill the more vulnerable classes outright. He can swing horizontally and vertically, or even fly up in the air and smash himself down, so don't get cocky.

    If you die, you can recover your lost souls by returning to the glowing spot where you died and pressing A. Try not to die twice in a row though, or you'll lose the hard-earned souls (and any humanity points) you were initially carrying.

    Once you finally bring this big guy down, you'll get no less than 1000S and BIG PILGRIM'S KEY. This will allow to open the next set of double doors ahead, bringing you to the outside. Congratulations on escaping the asylum!

    You're not quite done here yet, though. On a path the left, you'll find a corpse with SOUL OF A LOST UNDEAD, which is worth 200 souls if you use it, but be sure to save this for when you're about to level up so you don't lose these free souls.

    On the right of the path is a thin platform with a nest on it. Here you'll meet Snuggly the Crow, the replacement for Sparkly the Crow from Demon's Souls. Here you can barter with Snuggly by leaving certain items in her nest. Here's how it works: drop the offered item by Snuggly's nest, then save and exit the game. When you reload, your reward item will be waiting in the nest itself. Note that you can only trade each item once per playthrough.

    Trade Reward
    Pendant Souvenir of Reprisal
    Rubbish Titanite Chunk
    Sunlight Medal White Titanite Chunk
    Dried Finger Blue Titanite Chunk
    Bloodred Moss Clump Twinkling Titanite
    Purple Moss Clump Twinkling Titanite
    Blooming Purple Moss Twinkling Titanite x2
    Cracked Red Eye Ord Resist Curse Stone x2
    Humanity Ring of Sacrifice
    Twin Humanities Rare Ring of Sacrifice
    Prism Stone Demon Tianite
    Dung Pie Demon Titanite
    Pyromancy Flame Red Titanite Chunk
    Pyromancy Flame Red Titanite Scale
    Egg Vermifuge Dragon Scale
    Sunlight Maggot Old Witch's Ring
    Sack Demon's Great Hammer
    Skull Laturn Ring of Fog
    Ring of the Sun Princess Divine Blessing x2
    Xanathous Crown Ring of Favor and Protection

    The only one of these barter items you could conceivably have at this point is Twin Humanities, if you chose it as your gift. Anyway, when you're done here, head up to the end of the road for a scene. When the scene is over, you'll be in Lordran territory, and you'll earn the achievement/trophy, "Reach Lordran."

    5.2) Firelink Shrine

  • Humanity (well near the initial bonfire)
  • Firebomb x6 (rightmost arch, end of path)
  • Copper Coin (talk to Petrus twice)
  • Soul of a Lost Undead (middle arch, top of stairs)
  • Cracked Red Eye Orb x4 (chest in area at bottom of elevator shaft)
  • Morning Star ("")
  • Talisman ("")
  • Homeward Bone x6 ("")
  • Lloyd's Talisman x4 ("", overlooking the graveyard)
  • Soul of a Lost Undead (behind pillar outside shrine, via graveyard entrance)
  • Soul of a Lost Undead (second floor of shrine, at the far end)
  • After taking elevator from Undead Parish: Undead Asylum F2 West Key (roof, reachable from the tower)
  • After freeing Lautrec and speaking to him: Sunlight Medal
  • After freeing Laurentius and speaking to him without a Pyromancy Flame: Pyromancy Flame
  • Dropped by Fire Keeper when she is murdered: Dingy Robe, Dingy Gloves, Blood-Stained Skirt, and Black Eye Orb
  • Given by Siegmeyer, after helping him in Anor Londo: Emit Force

  • This is as close to a Nexus as this game has. It's where characters you meet will gather, and there's a BONFIRE in the center. You can talk to the man sitting near the fire for a little info, and possibly a comment on your appearance if you're in Hollowed Form.

    Starting now, you'll be able to do the following things at any bonfire: "Level Up," "Kindle," and "Reverse Hollowing." "Level Up" allows you to spend souls to improve your stats. For every stat point gained, your level also increases by 1. Press BACK/SELECT (depending on your console) to view what each stat actually does. Note that every level increases your defenses, so Resistance isn't as useful as it seems, and it doesn't even affect your Magic or Lightning Defenses. This boils down to a relatively small defense gain, while other stats seem far more useful. Resistance does help you resist poison, though, so keep that in mind.

    Focus on stats related to your play style: Endurance and Vitality are "vital" to pretty much any character, as they affect your Stamina Points and Hit Points respectively. Magic users will all need Attunement (a change from Demon's Souls), then Sorcerers and Pyromancers (to a lesser extent) need Intelligence while those who use Miracles will need Faith instead. If you use heavy weapons (big swords, blunt weapons, axes) focus on Strength, while if you use finesse weapons (light blades, polearms, and bows) you should prioritize Dexterity. Level up costs will increase with each level, so try not to waste points if you don't want to have to grind for souls.

    "Reverse Hollowing" makes you human again at the cost of one humanity point. In addition to making you a pretty smoothskin, being human improves drop rates, enables kindling, and allows you to summon other players into your world to help you. The other thing you can do to improve drops is to have a lot of humanity points. Note that having humanity is not the same as being human, and the item "Humanity" is not the same as humanity points. The item will add 1 to your humanity counter and heal you, but you may want to save these, as you do not lose items when you die like you do Humanity points.

    The other option, "Kindle," is only available when you're in human form. You can spend humanity to kindle or "power up" a bonfire, allowing you to get 10 Estus Flask uses each time you rest there instead of the usual 5.

    When you're done leveling, head up to the well and retrieve HUMANITY from the corpse. This item is note the same as humanity points (which are shown in the upper left of your screen). Rather, using the item gives you 1 humanity point and some healing. However, you can keep the item if you die, while you can lose the humanity points you receive from using it (much like "Soul" items).

    Next, head up the stairs and through the arch. You should see several more arches; go through the rightmost of them, which leads to 6 FIREBOMBS! This item, when used, will throw a bomb at your target for heavy fire damage. Make sure to lock on first (by clicking the right stick, remember?) or it won't be very accurate. It still has a rather limited throwing range.

    Go back and enter the next arch to the left of the rightmost one (in other words, the middle arch). Here you'll meet Petrus, who will simply brush you off initially. Speak to him a second time, and he'll offer you a COPPER COIN. Speak to him yet again, and he'll offer to enter you into the Way of White Covenant. He'll then teach miracles as well as the "Shrug" expression. Even if you refuse, you'll still get the achievement/trophy, "Covenant: Way of White." If you talk to Petrus through the menu, you will inquire about his Undead mission, which he will be reluctant to share. For a price equal to 100S times your level, Petrus will share his mission with you. This is obviously best to do now, before you get too high in level.

    Up the stairs to the right of Petrus, you'll find two things of note. At the top of the stairs, there's a corpse with SOUL OF A LOST UNDEAD (worth 200S), and on the level below, an empty elevator.

    You can jump down the shaft, but note that it will exit into a slightly harder area, and you'll probably want to run home to your bonfire quickly. On the bright side, there's a ton of useful stuff down here in various chests: 4 CRACKED RED EYE ORBS, which allows you to invade other players' worlds; MORNING STAR, a decent heavy weapon; TALISMAN, a Miracle implement; and best of all, 6 HOMEWARD BONES, which allows you to return to your last bonfire with souls and humanity intact.

    Near the chest with the homeward bone is a narrow pass between wall and rock, allowing you to get out of here. There's yet another chest down here with 4 LLOYD'S TALISMANS, an item that prevents local Estus healing for a time. This may seem useless, but remember that some enemies can use Estus too (often at the most annoying times).

    You can now jump down, but be ready to bolt up the stairs to your left. This will lead to a flooded shrine area, and by exiting via the front doorway, you'll find yourself back at the bonfire, where you can rest and cause the Skeletons following you to disappear. If you do end up fighting the Skeletons around here, be warned that they yield a whopping 0S when killed.

    Also, go back into the shrine (via the left arch) and exit through the graveyard entrance. Then pass under the arch on your left and look behind the pillar ahead near the edge, where you'll find a body with a SOUL OF A LOST UNDEAD. On the second floor of the shrine, there is another body with another SOUL OF A LOST UNDEAD. Again, these are all worth 200S.


  • Large Soul of a Lost Undead (near stairs to shrine area)
  • Large Soul of a Lost Undead (middle of graveyard, crumpled body by tombstone)
  • Caduceus Round Shield (semi-hidden ledge to the left)
  • Winged Spear (right at first fork)
  • Zweihander (right at second fork, or follow path from the first right)
  • Binoculars (follow path from second right to edge of cliff)

    If you're not comfortable fighting the Skeletons yet, or if your class just isn't well-suited to fighting multiple enemies early in the game, feel free to come back to this section later and move on to the bridge area.

    Down by the Skeletons, there's a body on the edge near the stairs I told you to run to. It's guards by two more Skeletons (a sword and shield guy and a greatsword guy), but it does have LARGE SOUL OF A LOST UNDEAD (400S), which is awesome. If you get into trouble, try luring the Skeletons up to the ledge by the shrine. That way, if you die, you can safely retrieve your souls.

    A little further into the graveyard, but still in plain sight of the stairs to the shrine, there is a crumpled corpse with yet another LARGE SOUL OF A LOST UNDEAD. I happened to run through as the Skeletons assembled themselves, and once I was behind them, they didn't notice me.

    On a ledge on the left (with one way down near this spot), you'll find an ambush of two more Skeletons, but you'll also find a CADUCEUS ROUND SHIELD (I don't remember there being any shields in Trauma Center...). These guys are pretty easy to kick off of this ledge if you're careful.

    There is are two forks in the graveyard path. Backtracking to the first fork, you'll find a WINGED SPEAR guarded by a Giant Skeleton. There is also a path that connects with the right path of the second fork. Here there are four Skeletons, one Giant Skeleton and a sword: ZWEIHANDER. I don't recommend engaging the giant skeletons in battle, but rather grabbing the items and fleeing. Continuing further to the edge of the cliff (with skeleton army in tow, no doubt), you can find a pair of BINOCULARS. Hopefully you didn't pick that as a gift item... for numerous reasons.

    The second left path leads to the Catacombs. Entering the Catacombs for the first time will give you 500S. I suggest you turn back now, as I will not be covering that area yet.


  • Soul of a Lost Undead (body guarded by Undead Soldiers)
  • Ring of Sacrifice (on the lower platform of the bridge, far end)
  • Soul of a Lost Undead (on bridge ledge)
  • Soul of a Lost Undead (inside bridge/aqueduct, by sewer rat)

    To get here, climb the stairs leading up from the bonfire area (toward the bridge, oddly enough). Here, one Armored Zombie (30S) will be waiting for you, and another will jump down from the stairs above. You'll see an Undead Soldier ahead, but do not approach him! The Armored Zombie above will hit you with a nasty Firebomb.

    Instead, ascend the stairs and take out that bothersome bomber by kicking him off the ledge while avoiding his firebombs. The Armored Zombie with an axe on the ledge and another with a sword up on the bridge stairs will likely join the fray. With these guys defeated, you can head down and fight the Undead Soldier unimpeded. Then you can take the SOUL OF A LOST UNDEAD from the body he's guarding.

    To get onto the lower platform on the bridge, you have two options, both likely to kill you. Option one is to try to jump the gap from the spot with the body. The other is to fall from above, on the opposite side of the bridge from where the firebomber was. Either way, if you get onto these hidden area, you can carefully strafe around the pillars and reach a RING OF SACRIFICE. This ring will keep you from losing your humanity and souls upon death one time, and then it will break. Save it for a truly dangerous situation, I suggest.

    The only way to get back on the cliffside is to run and jump the gap to the place where the Undead Soldier was. It would stink you have your bloodstain stuck on that bridge, so get a good running start.

    Now get up to the bridge proper via the stairs, beating the Armored Zombie up here if you haven't already. Go to the end of this little ledge for a corpse with, surprise, a SOUL OF A LOST UNDEAD. Next go into the bridge itself (maybe this is actually an aqueduct?). Turn left and kill the small Undead Rat here. Pillage the corpse it was chewing on for a... SOUL OF A LOST UNDEAD. A lot of these things around, aren't there? Now turn around and go down this tunnel. You can't open the gate here, so enter the doorway on your left. The stairs here lead to the Undead Burg area.

    5.3) Undead Burg

  • Large Soul of a Lost Undead (drop down behind barrels when you enter)
  • Rubbish ("", in area with four Zombies climbing the walls)
  • Humanity ("", on top of the wall near where you entered)
  • Soul of a Lost Undead (on first floor in the house with a white barrier)
  • Wooden Shield (room beneath the Undead Soldier sniper near the first bonfire)
  • Throwing Knife x10 (roof of house with white barrier, reach with ladder)
  • Light Crossbow (balcony above starting area, reach via barrier house roof)
  • Standard Bolt x15 ("")
  • Black Firebomb x5 (chest in house below bombers' balcony)
  • Soul of a Lost Undead (bombers' balcony, reach via ladder on nearby house)
  • Gold Pine Resin (Residence Key house, near sniper tower)
  • Titanite Chunk (dropped by the Black Knight)
  • Blue Tearstone Ring (guarded by Black Knight)
  • White Sign Soapstone (given by Solaire)
  • Drake Sword (dropped if you sever the Hellkite Dragon's tail)
  • Claymore (guarded by Hellkite Dragon)
  • Soul of a Nameless Soldier ("")
  • Havel's Ring (dropped by Havel the Rock)

  • When you reach the top of the stairs, you'll encounter a few Armored Zombies: one with a sword that will attack you, and an axeman a bit further off. Be careful as you approach the axeman, as a firebomber waits around the left corner. Yet another Armored Zombie, a swordsman, is inside the building on the left, who may take notice of you as you fight the firebomber.

    There are some hidden goodies to get in this area. There are three barrels stacked in a triangular fashion near the bridge. Smash them and drop down behind them to find a LARGE SOUL OF A LOST UNDEAD. Drop down again to enter a hidden area.

    When you land, two Zombies will climb up from your right and attack you. After killing them, go across the bridge and into the next room. On your right is an exit to another place where Zombies will climb up from the right and attack. However, you can kill the first two on the right easily by hitting their hands before they can climb up. You'll also find a body with RUBBISH in this area.

    Climb the ladder to get up to the wall above where you first entered this area. At the end, there's a corpse with HUMANITY, and a place to drop down back to where you started. Now you can go ahead and traverse the white light.

    You'll emerge into a two-story house. Down here on the first floor, there's a body with SOUL OF A LOST UNDEAD. Upstairs, you can't yet cross the broken platform to your left, so go up the stairs on your right. You'll get a glimpse of a dragon, but he'll fly away. You don't have to deal with him quite yet.

    Further along this wall, there are several enemies waiting to break through barricades. Three Armored Zombies will attack you here, and one particularly annoying Undead Soldier sniper will shoot at you with a crossbow as you fight them. Once they're beaten, you can go down to the room underneath where the sniper was standing to find a WOODEN SHIELD on the balcony.

    The area where you just fought connects to a rooftop guarded by two Undead Soldiers with spears. Before you head that way, though, you may want to go back to where the sniper was. There you'll find a bridge on the left leading to a room wiith a BONFIRE.

    If you used the bonfire, the enemies you just fought will be revived, but you will have a much closer checkpoint to return to if you die. When you start from this bonfire, the sniper and the first sword-user will be facing away from you, so if you move slowly, you can sneak up on one and get an easy backstab kill, though this will undoubtedly alert the other, and possibly the two Armored Zombies below as well.

    With this area clear, go to fight the Undead Soldiers (the path to their rooftop is on your left as you descend the sniper's stairs). These guys are very annoying, as they block all of your hits with their shields and will wait to strike until you lower your shield or try to attack them. When they do attack, you can quickly block to make them stagger and drop their defenses, or you can dodge and strafe around to backstab them.

    Smash the boxes by rolling to reveal a set of stairs leading down. There is one Armored Zombie axeman hiding behind some furniture in the back corner. When you approach, he will attack and smash through the furniture, which will also leave him open to an attack. The door directly in front of the stairs leads to a balcony with a merchant who will sell you a variety of useful items. Here you can get the Orange Guidance Soapstone for just 100S, allowing you to leave messages (hints for other players) and rate messages left by others based on their helpfulness.

    If your main weapon's condition is wearing out, you can buy some Repair Powder to fix it back up. Just make sure the weapon you want to repair is in your right hand when you use the item. You may want to hold off on buying the Repairbox, as you can buy it from Andre of Astora in the next area, Undead Parish, for 2000S instead of 3000.

    Other items you may want to save up for include the Residence Key, which will unlock two doors in Undead Burg: one optional area with a chest, which you can also access with the Master Key, and a home in the second area of Undead Burg with a sorcerer, which can only be opened with this key. A Heater Shield is another good investment if you don't already have a shield that gives you 100% protection from physical damage when blocking (not to mention its high fire protection, useful against firebombs). You can get various weapons including the Rapier and Spear, which allow you to attack while guarding, and the Short Bow, which will allow you to snipe foes from a greater distance than your lock on range. Don't forget to buy arrows to go with it, and equip them.

    Back in the house, near where the axeman attacked from behind the furniture, there is a second door, ultimately leading to four regular Zombies (armed only with swords) guarding a ladder. These guys are poorly defended, but their combined aggressive attacks can still be dangerous. You may be able to take some out from afar if you've invested in a ranged weapon of some sort.

    At the top of the ladder is a roof with 10 THROWING KNIVES. These items make for a good ranged attack option early in the game, and you can buy more from the merchant. Note that Throwing Knifes are equipped in the items slot, not the weapon slot (which means you can equip your shield, melee weapon, and throwing knives all at once). There's no way to aim these like with the bow, so they won't be very accurate unless you lock on first.

    From this rooftop, you should be able to see a doorway below: the one you couldn't reach before due to the broken walkway. You can reach it now with a running jump from this rooftop. If you make it, you'll land in the room above the place where an Armored Zombie was waiting for you before. Go upstairs to emerge onto a balcony. Turn right and go around the edge of this balcony for a LIGHT CROSSBOW and 15 STANDARD BOLTS. This weapon has a better damage range than the throwing knife, but will require a weapon slot. You still can't manually aim using the crossbow. When you're done here, you can drop down through the hole in the railing and make your way back to the bonfire, rebattling the enemies that will have reappeared if you've rested at a bonfire since your last encounter with them.

    Our next goal is the stone bridge leading away from the bonfire area. You may notice that there are no less than 3 Armored Zombies who will rain Firebombs down upon you as you cross. You have two options for dealing with these guys:

    1.) Snipe them with the Short Bow from a safe distance. You can hit two of them from the bridge side. The last one can be hit from the wooden bridge to the bonfire room.

    2.) If you lack a bow or arrows, just run across the bridge. This will allow you to evade the bombers for now, but the disadvantage is that they will then drop down and join the enemies attacking you in the next room, which will make things very difficult for you.

    In the room across the bridge, two Armored Zombies with axes await you. To make matters worse, an Undead Soldier will throw open the door and attack you as well. Hopefully you were at least able to eliminate the bombers, or they'll drop down and start throwing bombs through the door the knight just opened, adding up to a lethal dose of frustration. If you get overwhelmed, you can always back out of the room and across the bridge, forcing the enemies to come to you in a neat little line. If the bombers are still up on their platform, though, don't make the mistake of trying to fight while still on the bridge.

    When these guys are eliminated, go out the door that was opened by the Undead Soldier. There's a set of stairs and a house on the right. Start by clearing the house of the Armored Zombie within. Then go into the doorway to the left and open the chest for 5 BLACK FIREBOMBS, a real find. These babies are even more deadly than your run-of-the-mill Firebomb. The doorway to the right leads to an Armored Zombie on a balcony.

    Now head back outside and take the stairs to the side of the house. At the top, you'll encounter a group containing three Armored Zombies: a soldier, an axeman, and a bomber. Take out the bomber before they notice you with a ranged weapon if you can. When they are dead, there are no less than four directions you can go in: the ladder on the building behind you, the house ahead, the tower on the left, and the stairs leading down between the house and tower.

    First let's take the ladder. This lead to the roof of the house and the platform those bombers were attacking from (there may still be one up here if he didn't jump down or get sniped). There's a body up here with SOUL OF A LOST UNDEAD.

    Next, go back and climb the tower. There's a nasty sniper up here that was going to make things very difficult for you if you neglected to come up here and kill him.

    If you have either the Master Key or Residence Key, you'll be able to enter the nearby home. There's nothing of interest inside the building itself, but if you go around to the back, you'll find a chest with 3 GOLD PINE RESINS. This area also overlooks the stair path we're going to explore next, if you want to take a small shortcut.

    Whether you descend the stairs or take a shortcut through the home, you'll have no less than 3 Undead Soldiers with swords and one with a spear to deal with, all at once. You can try to lure them into fighting you one by one with ranged attacks, or you can use a little trick to kill them all at once. Simply run up the stairs behind the spearman. When the soldier at the top rolls a flaming barrel down the stairs toward you, simply drop down through the opening on the left. You will evade the barrel, and the enemies will all try to follow you and jump to their deaths. You can then drop down from this ledge to a small arch that will ultimately lead back up.

    Be careful in this lower area, as you will also see a Black Knight, who will be way stronger than you at this point. Fortunately, he's facing away from you, so you can slowly walk past his and not alert him. If you want to try fight him, you can sneak up and backstab him, but this won't be enough to kill him. He can really smash through your defenses, so avoid his attacks and try to get behind him for backstabs.

    Itherian suggested an alternate way of taking this guy down for archers: lure the Black Knight out, then go climb the ladder to the roof where the firebombers were. The Black Knight will be unable to climb the ladder. Then, if you stand on the far left of the bombers' platform, the Black Knight will stand underneath you, allowing you to lock on to him and bombard him with arrows. Make sure you bring a good supply of arrows, as he will block about half of your shots while he fidgets around trying to reach you.

    Once the Black Knight is beaten, he will drop a good 600S and a TITANITE CHUNK. You can also head back to his starting position, where you can pick up the BLUE TEARSTONE RING he was guarding. Alternatively, if you just want the ring but don't want to fight the knight, you can snatch the ring and then run for dear life back to the last bonfire.

    Either way, when you're ready, you can head up the stairs in the last area leading to a sizeable tower. The doorway on this level leads down to a really tough knight guarding the entrance to a new area, so I don't recommend that path just yet (that will be covered in the Darkroot Garden section). First, let's head upstairs to where there's another white barrier. Before passing through, smash the nearby pots. One of them contains a Crystal Lizard (1S), which you'll want to kill for a chance at rare loot. He'll try to run away and disappear, so don't let him escape! Be warned that Crystal Lizards will not respawn once you kill them, so you can only collect their valuable holdings but once. For more information, see the Crystal Lizard Location section.

    Through the barrier ahead is a boss area, and you won't be able to retreat once you enter (unless you use an item like the Homeward Bone). The battle doesn't start until you try to reach the other side of the will, however. First, take the ladder on the side of the white barrier doorway. There are two Undead Soldiers up here, one with sword and shield and the other has a crossbow. As soon as you come up the ladder, they'll attack, so be ready to dodge forward. Take both of these guys out, then slide down the ladder and approach the opposite tower until the boss appears.


    As soon as he leaps down from the tower, break off in a run in the opposite direction. Your goal is to climb back up that ladder before he can come along and knock you off of it. From the top of the tower, you can easily get in a plunging attack on him. Afterward, you can run to the other side to lure him away from the ladder, then head back to the ladder and repeat the process to bring the Taurus Demon down. Don't stay up on the tower too long though, or he'll jump up there with you, and you'll have to lure him back down.

    Alternatively, you can intentionally lure the demon up to the tower to give yourself a large space to fight him in. However, you may prefer fighting him on the wall, if you want to attack from a range with a bow or magic.

    You should be able to beat the Taurus Demon with just plunging attacks if you so desire. Be careful when passing him on the bridge, though; if he's making a side-to-side swing, he can hit you as you pass and even knock you off the wall in certain areas.

    When you defeat the Taurus Demon, you'll receive 1000S.

    Enter the tower that the demon jumped down from, then head down until you reach an area with a bridge and a large balcony. Go down to the balcony and talk to Solaire twice. The second time, answer yes to both his offers to receive WHITE SIGN SOAPSTONE, which will allow you to leave a summon sign and allow another player to summon you into his world. Solaire will also allow you to summon him in specific areas, if you see his golden summon sign.

    Before you cross the bridge, be warned that when you're about halfway to the enemies ahead, a dragon will fly over and scorch you all. To get past, you will want to be at full health, have a shield with good fire defense equipped, and run at full speed toward the enemies (if you are heavily equipped, you might want to lower yourself to 25% of your max equip load to maximize your speed). Avoid the archers and aim for the wooden staircase to the right of them. If the dragon reaches you first, try to throw up your shield to minimize the damage. You should be able to take one hit from his fire while all the enemies die, but run down the staircase immediately, as you probably can't take another hit like that.

    Once you get down, you'll have a chance to recover: the doorway leading downstairs will take you to a ladder. Knock this ladder down and slide to the ground to find yourself back at the bonfire from before. Now you'll be able to take a shortcut between this bonfire and the area just past the bridge with the dragon.

    The other door in the room below the bridge will allow you to pass under the bridge on the lower level. You can slowly near on the right side of the two pillars to backstab an Undead Soldier facing the left. Another Undead Soldier with a spear will come around the corner ahead, but you can easily kick him down when he lowers his guard.

    Now carefully walk along the path he came from to find an entrance to a room with 3 Undead Rats. (These guys are helpful because they can drop Humanity items.) Block and evade their attacks to avoid being poisoned, which would surely force you to head back to your bonfire or face a slow and painful death. Also be careful that they don't knock you back through the entrance and off the ledge. When the rats are exterminated, take the ladder to the left to reach Undead Parish.

    5.4) Undead Parish

  • Titanite Chunk (dropped by Black Knight)
  • Alluring Skull x4 (sniper bridge above Armored Tusk)
  • Large Soul of a Lost Undead (beam in Zombies' cellar)
  • Knight Shield (guarded by the first elite)
  • Basement Key (church side of Undead Parish gate)
  • Halberd (outside front of church)
  • Fire Keeper Soul (guarded by Heavy Knight)
  • Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier (second floor of church)
  • Humanity (third floor of church)
  • Titanite Shard (dropped by Heavy Knight)
  • Gargoyle Tail Axe (dropped if you sever the first Bell Gargoyle's tail)
  • Demon Titanite (dropped by Prowling Demon)

  • When you come to the top of the ladder, you can either exit through the doorway or head up the spiral staircase to the top of the tower where a Black Knight awaits, this time with a greatsword. You can come back to the Black Knight later if you wish, but it's possible to kill him now, so I'll give a few pointers in case you intend to do so.

    The greatsword gives him high range and damage, so dodge at all costs. The best way to evade most of his attacks is to circle around him to the right (his shield side) while blocking in case he nicks you with his strike. This should allow you to consistently get around to his back after he attacks for an easy backstab. If you get hit once, there's a good chance he'll hit you again before you recover and kill you, so be very careful. If he does a vertical swing, he can even hit you if you're on the stairs below. If you beat him, your reward is, again, 600S and TITANITE CHUNK.

    Whether you took the Black Knight on or not, you'll be fighting another tough enemy in the next area at the bottom of the tower: a giant plated boar called Armored Tusk. The entrance to the Armored Tusk's battle arena is guarded by an Undead Soldier with a sword. Within, there are 6 Undead Soldiers guarding the boar: 1 on your right with a spear, 1 in front of the boar with a sword, 1 behind the boar with a sword, 2 with crossbows on the bridge above, and 1 with a spear on the area connected to the bridge.

    Of these, you can fight the one on the stairs and the one to your right without alerting the Armored Tusk. If he is alerted, he will charge at you and tear right through your defenses. Furthermore, he is heavily resistant to both physical and magic attacks. To beat him, first go up the stairs to the right, where he won't be able to reach you. Take out the spearman and the two snipers up here, then grab 4 ALLURING SKULLS on the far end of the bridge. By now, the Undead Soldier will likely have spotted you and will shortly come up the stairs to fight you. When he's dealt with, it will just be you and the boar.


    One way to hurt this boar is to throw down an Alluring Skull right underneath the bridge. He will be lured to that point, allowing you to jump down on him for a plunging attack. Alternatively, if you either don't want to use the items or run out, you can try luring him into the alcove created by the stairs leading down, then roll out of the way. While he cumbersomely turns himself around, you can climb the stairs going up and you'll be on a platform two levels above him: again, just high enough for a plunging attack.

    An alternate method is to stab this boar in the back: the one place where there's a tiny hole in his armor. Just get him to charge at you and roll out of the way at the last possible moment to get him to turn his back to you. With this method, though, you run the risk of getting kicked in the face by his hind legs if you hang around behind him too long.

    One other possible method is simply to bait the boar into charging into the fire by standing near the flame and rolling out of the way at the last possible second. The boar will die much more quickly by the flame than by your melee weapons.

    Yet another method of killing him is to get up on the snipers' bridge and shoot at the boar with the bow, aiming for his spine, which will evidently net you a good bit of damage. This is the safest way to fight him by far, if you have a bow and a decent supply of arrows. Beating the Armored Tusk will yield 500S and possibly a Fang Boar Helm.

    With that annoying piggy beaten, you can head down the stairs into the alcove mentioned earlier. A regular Zombie will run away from you, but be on guard: he's luring you into an ambush by two of his colleagues on your left and right. Two more Zombies await upstairs, and a third in a slightly lowered section. This last Zombie is guarding a body with MYSTERY KEY. This will allow you to free Lautrec of Carim in the church.

    Up the ladder, there are two more Zombies. Also, if you turn around, you'll see a corpse with an item that you can reach by very carefully walking to it across a wooden beam. The corpse holds LARGE SOUL OF A LOST UNDEAD. There's another ladder to mount when you make it back to the platform. The area at the top contains a white light barrier for you to traverse.

    You'll find yourself on a bridge in familiar area. If you look down below, you can see the area where you fought Armored Tusk just below you. Go ahead and cross the bridge, whereupon you will come to a fork. Head to the right first to encounter your first Elite Undead Guard. These enemies will give you 100S and occasionally drop useful items, but they can be more of a pain than the Undead Knights with spears.

    You'll have to battle the Elite in a narrow passageway, preventing you from getting behind him. Furthermore, he is heavily defensive and will block most of your attacks. On the bright side, he is initially facing away, so you can easily sneak up and backstab him to make the fight easier. If an Elite points his rapier toward you while blocking, do NOT attack or he will parry the hit and get a riposte on you for deadly damage; instead, kick him to force him out of this stance. The trick is to bait him into attacking, then block the hit and hit him before he can dodge away. As he tends to jump away when you try to hit him, you can eventually get him to retreat into the circular area he guards, where you'll be able to trap him and prevent him from backstepping or get behind him for a backstab after he misses. Your reward for beating him is a KNIGHT SHIELD, which notably offers 100% physical protection.

    Next you can return and take the opposite path. This will lead to a room with an Undead Soldier with spear in hand. Through the doorway, you'll encounter a pincer attack: an Elite on the left, and another spear-toting soldier on your right. If you back through the hallway you just came through, you can force them to come at you single file and make this battle much easier.

    There will be a side passage heading left, but continue on the path forward for now as it will shortly lead to a bonfire. First you must battle three Undead Soldiers (two with swords, one with a crossbow), then take the path on your right. After a long bridge, descend the stairs to find a BONFIRE and a bridge to Sen's Fortress, which is currently sealed. Below, however, you can meet Andre of Astora, the first blacksmith of the game.

    Andre offers a host of useful services. First you can buy items: a host of weapons, Titanite for upgrading weapons, and some items allowing you to replicate Andre's other services in the comfort of your own bonfire. If you wanted to buy a repairbox, it is now just 2000S, same price as the Smithboxes. You don't have any embers with which to "Modify Equipment," but you can "Reinforce Weapon" or "Reinforce Armor" with Titanite Shards and a few souls. I recommend reinforcing your favorite equipment to prepare for the battles ahead. Andre will also repair your worn items at a cost of souls. You wouldn't want your equipment to break, would you? (Andre will also teach the "Hurrah!" gesture.)

    When you're ready, head back up to the church. You'll have to fight the Undead Soldiers again if you used the bonfire. Now, you can enter the church from here and skip over the Elite Undead Guards to fight the Heavy Knight, but first let's head back over the wooden section of the bridge to where the last Elite you fought was (or is). Deal with him and the Undead Soldier on the opposite side if necessary, then take the path on your right that you skipped before.

    An Elite will come running out of the church as you arrive. Deal with him, but be careful not to take the fight into the chruch where more Elites await. In this area, you can pull a lever to raise the gate leading back to the beginning of the Undead Parish area. You can also collect two items: a BASEMENT KEY on the stairs by the gate and a HALBERD on the far side. The Basement Key will allow you to enter the lower area of the Undead Burg.

    You can now enter the church and fight the Elites. One with be waiting to your left to ambush you, but you can draw him out without alerting the one ahead of you so that you don't have to fight both at once. When you're ready, engage the Heavy Knight. Before you start fighting, make sure to lure him away from his initial area, or a spellcasting enemy called the Channeler will be shooting at you from above while you're trying to fight.


    This particular Heavy Knight wields a mace and tower shield, giving him both offensive and defensive prowess. His attacks can really hurt you if you fail to block them, but it'll be hard to return the favor with his constant guarding. This guy's too big to backstab, and while you can parry his hits (except his shield bash), you can't get a riposte either. Thus, the battle is a slow process of baiting his attacks, avoiding them, and then counterattacking. What's really annoying is that he'll chug an Estus Flask at about 1/3 of his HP, and while this leaves him open to attack, you're attacks most likely won't interrupt him. Thus, the only way to stop his healing is to finish him off first. When he goes down, he's certain to leave you with a parting gift: TITATINE SHARD. That and 700S.

    More importantly, he was guarding a FIRE KEEPER SOUL. This item, when given to a Fire Keeper, will reinforce your Estus Flask, allowing you to get more healing from them. Don't try to "use" the soul from your menu! You'll just consume it for souls and lose your chance to upgrade your Estus Flask.

    By taking the elevator on the left wall of the church, you can return to Firelink Shrine. The Fire Keeper is here, just downstairs from the bonfire. Talk to her, and she'll reinforce your Estus Flask to Estus Flask+1, which will now heal 400 HP instead of 300. If you didn't explore the Graveyard before, this is a good time to do it.

    The addition of the elevator has also made it possible to reach another item in the Firelink Shrine area. Take the elevator up and roll of the platform onto the top of the building you were just in (this is easier to do on the left elevator). Head to the mountainside on the right, and look toward the tall building to your left. There's an extension you can jump to, allowing you to reach the building. If you head downstairs and around the ledge onto a nearby roof, you can get UNDEAD ASYLUM F2 WEST KEY. You can also go back up the stairs to reach the crow's nest. If you curl up into a ball and wait, the crow will take you to Undead Asylum. You can then come back and forth freely to trade items with Snuggly. Watch out for the Zombies though: they have torches now, so you probably won't want to go too far in just yet.

    When you've taken care of business in the shrine, head back up to the church. When you exit the elevator, there'll be stairs on your left with a white barrier, leading up to an Elite with a rapier. Further on, the hall will enter into a room with a bunch of Zombies and one Channeler. (You can also fight the Channeler by sniping him from below. He'll shoot back at you even if you're outside his normal range, unless you get a headshot!) Note that the Channeler will not respawn. The Zombies pose as much a threat as the Channeler, so lure them into the hallway to reduce the number you must fight at once.

    There'll be three exits to this room. The left on the far wall leads to a LARGE SOUL OF A NAMELESS SOLDIER (1000S), while the right will lead up the next boss. The one on the same wall as the entrance will lead upstairs to an Elite. Follow this path around further to reach a container with a body, with HUMANITY inside. There's also a breakable door, while leads upstairs to the imprisoned Knight Lautrec of Carim. You can open this gate with the Mystery Key. Talk to him inside, and he will promise you a gift (you can get it from him at Firelink Shrine).

    Head back to the room with the Channeler and go up the ladder in the right room. Go up another ladder to reach a white barrier leading to the Gargoyle boss. If you're in Human Form, you'll see Solaire's summon sign, allowing you to summon him to help you in the coming battle.


    Walk to the center of the roof to make the first Bell Gargoyle appear. He tends to swing side-to-side with his halberd, so dodging backwards will allow you avoid most of his hits. He can also fly up in the air, in which case you can still hit him with knives or a crossbow. Try to hit his tail as much as possible, as knocking it off will cause it to drop a GARGOYLE TAIL AXE. Make sure to pick this up!

    When the first Gargoyle gets down to about half its HP, a second Gargoyle will show up, and both will start breathing fire. The advantage is that you will have an opportunity to get behind them and hit them while they're doing so. If you have Solaire with you, he may either keep the other Gargoyle busy or help you take down the one you're fighting. Note that the second Gargoyle does not have a tail. Beating both Gargoyles will earn you 1500S. You'll also get a Sunlight Medal if Solaire survived the battle.

    Now climb a couple of ladders to the top of the tower and pull the lever there to ring the bell. This will earn you the achievement/trophy "Ring the Bell (Undead Chruch)." When you return to the bottom, you'll meet Oswald the Pardoner, who will pardon transgressions against your Covenant in exchange for souls. You can also abandon a Covenant with his services. He'll teach you the "Well! What is it!" gesture as a bonus.

    Now head back to the area where you first encountered Solaire, just before the bridge with the dragon. Here you can use the Basement Key to open the door that was previously inaccessible, allowing you to explore the lower area of the Undead Burg.

    5.5) Undead Burg, Part 2

  • Twin Humanities (corpse at end of torch Zombie path)
  • Sorcerer's Hat (in the same room where you find Griggs)
  • Sorcerer's Cloak ("")
  • Sorcerer's Gauntlets ("")
  • Sorcerer's Boots ("")
  • Sorcerer's Catalyst ("")
  • Mail Breaker (first group of assassins, in the house on the right)
  • Large Soul of a Lost Undead (alcove on left, before second Assassin ambush)
  • Thief's Mask (second group of assassins, in the second house on the right)
  • Black Leather Armor ("")
  • Black Leather Gloves ("")
  • Black Leather Boots ("")
  • Target Shield ("")
  • Large Soul of a Lost Undead (end of alley, near entrance to The Depths)
  • Key to Depths (dropped by Capra Demon)

  • Descend the ladder, then go up the stairs and open the door to unlock a shortcut to a more accessible area of the Undead Burg. When you descend the stairs, you'll encounter 3 Undead Attack Dogs. These little monsters will leap at you with enormous speed and jump away just as quick, giving you few opportunities to hit them. You can kill these guys easily, however, by luring them into the fire by the stairs.

    Instead of continuing forward, jump down to the right and head down this path instead. You'll hear a man crying for help behind a door that you can only open with the Residence Key bought from the merchant (no using the Master Key this time). Free this Griggs of Vinheim and talk to him; he'll now return to Firelink Shrine where he'll teach sorceries. Also break a barrel in the room for SORCERER'S HAT, SORCERER'S CLOAK, SORCERER'S GAUNTLETS, SORCERER'S BOOTS, and SORCERER'S CATALYST.

    Continuing down this back path, you'll encounter some torch-wielding Zombies. Be warned that they have a new rushing attack, and they have fire attacks that can hurt you even if your shield nullifies physical attacks. At the end of your path, your reward is a corpse with TWIN HUMANITIES.

    Now return to the main path where you fought the dogs. Walking past the doors on the left and right will cause Undead Assassins to leap out of them. These enemies are highly defensive, and will frequently block and evade your attacks. When they extend their knives toward you, do not attack, as they are certain to parry and leap on your back to slit your throat (basically a backstab attack). Naturally, they'll do the same thing if you turn your back to them. Keeping your distance isn't completely safe, as they can throw knives at you.

    The first door on your right, where one of the assassins came from, contains MAIL BREAKER. If you continue forward, you'll encounter another 3 houses with Undead Assassins inside, as well as 2 Undead Attack Dogs. You may want to lure them away from this area so that you won't constantly be hit by throwing knives by the Undead Assassins in the distance while you're trying to fight in melee.

    In an alcove on the left, you'll find LARGE SOUL OF A LOST UNDEAD. In the second building on the right, you'll find THIEF'S MASK, BLACK LEATHER ARMOR, BLACK LEATHER GLOVES, BLACK LEATHER BOOTS, and TARGET SHIELD.

    Ahead, you'll see a white barrier leading to the Capra Demon boss, but you'll probably want to wait on that. First, head down the stairs on your right.

    As you come down, you'll see an Undead Assassin ahead. Be warned that another one is waiting behind a wall on the left to ambush you. You'll see stairs leading up on your left and an item ahead: LARGE SOUL OF A LOST UNDEAD. The door to the depths on the right can't be opened without first slaying the Capra Demon, so take the stairs up. You'll encounter a lone Zombie archer shooting down the stairs at you. When you get up, you'll find yourself back in the aqueduct you came through when you first entered Undead Burg. You can open a door at the end to create a shortcut back to Firelink Shrine.

    In this shortcut, there is also a female merchant on the other side of the bars, and she sells several items that the male merchant doesn't offer. Notably, she sells moss, which is the status healer in this game. She's marginally useful now, but her mosses will be invaluable in the poison-riddled Blighttown.

    When you're ready (hopefully healed up at the Firelink bonfire) go back to the white barrier to fight the Capra Demon.


    This guy's fight is made considerably harder by the presence of 2 Undead Attack Dogs. His first attack will always be unblockable and deadly, so run to the stairs on the left and pray he doesn't hit you, or you'll most likely die and have to try again. From the top of the stairs, you can walk out onto an arch that the Capra Demon has trouble reaching (though you are by no means invincible while standing up here). You can now take out the two dogs by yourself, which will make the fight considerably easier.

    The difficulty of this fight comes largely from the fact that you have to fight the Capra Demon in a space that's no bigger than his attack range. From the top of the archway, you can shoot the Capra Demon with magic or ranged weapons, or make a plunging attack from above.

    The Capra Demon will usually slowly approach the stairs, then run at you for his unblockable attack where he swings both swords down. If he does this, roll off the arch, then ascend the stairs again and get back on the arch while he follows you down. Using this technique, you should be able to avoid getting hit entirely once those pesky dogs are gone. Beating this demon will net you the KEY TO DEPTHS and 1200S. If it wasn't obvious to you, this key will open the door to The Depths.

    Before you go to The Depths, note two things. First, doing so will make Knight Lautrec disappear from Firelink Shrine, so go get the reward he offered: a SUNLIGHT MEDAL. Second, because Lautrec will disappear, you'll lose your chance to learn an optional bit about Petrus. You've probably noticed that his party has arrived, and that he will soon depart with them.

    Go speak to Petrus's comrades and hear all their dialogue (you'll know you've done this when they start repeating themselves). They will all depart after this, and when Petrus says that he is about to leave, he will no longer be there when you return. After you leave and come back a few times, however, Petrus will reappear. Talk to him to hear his thoughts on Rhea, then go talk to Lautrec to hear some information on Rhea. Finally, you can talk to Petrus to learn the truth of the matter. This is only possible until you enter The Depths and Lautrec disappears. Though it is by no means essential, the information you gained here will make a later event more understandable.

    Note that you should generally speak to NPCs as many times as you can until they start repeating themselves, or you may miss certain NPC events (I'll try to warn you if I know one is missable, like Petrus's event that requires Lautrec).

    The other thing you can do now is try to bring down the red dragon on the bridge. You can do it whenever you want, but this is the last section covering Undead Burg, and it is entirely possible to beat him now, so I'll tell you how to do it. Make sure you have a bow and a good supply of arrows.


    You'll notice that once you pass a certain place on the bridge, he'll breathe fire all over the bridge and probably kill you in one hit. To prevent this, you can hide in the alcoves on either side of the bridge, which block the fire.

    First, you'll want to take off his tail to get the bonus drop, Drake Sword. To do this, go down to the lower section of the bridge (whereby you initially reached Undead Parish). From the right side of this level, you should be able to shoot his tail. After taking 200 damage, the tail will come off and leave a DRAKE SWORD.

    To beat the dragon itself, you can shoot at its head from the right alcove (the one by the staircase). Every time you shoot, run out onto the bridge to attack you, but you can avoid him by descending the staircase until he goes away. Note that you should make sure you have enough arrows to bring him down (he has a little over 2000 HP), as he'll be fully healed if you leave the area to restock your arrows. Once he gets down to about 2/3 of his max HP, however, he'll enclose himself in his wings while he's up on the tower and heal himself. Hopefully, you'll be able to whittle him down faster than he can heal up.

    Alternatively, if you've already beaten the Titanite Demon and reached Darkroot Basin, there is a glitch that will kill the dragon with a single arrow. Activate the bonfire at the bottom of the basin, then run back to the Titanite Demon's chamber, up through Undead Parish, and head for the tower where the Black Knight with the greatsword was. From here, if you followed the right path, you'll be able to see the dragon. Shoot it once, and it will leap down onto the bridge... but because the bridge isn't loaded, the dragon will fall right through it and die! You can recover its souls by heading down the ladder at the bottom of the tower.

    Your reward for beating him is 10000S.

    If you beat the dragon, you'll also be able to pick up a CLAYMORE and SOUL OF A NAMELESS SOLDIER (600S) that he was guarding, and you'll be able to open the gate to more easily access Undead Parish, along with a BONFIRE. When you've taken care of everything you intend to do first, go ahead to the door leading to The Depths.

    5.6) The Depths

  • Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier (after you come down the first stairs)
  • Large Ember (in chest behind first Butcher)
  • Soul of a Nameless Soldier (first sewer room, with slime booby trap)
  • Greataxe (first corner with 5 Undead Rats)
  • Sewer Chamber Key (corner with 4 Undead Rats)
  • Soul of a Nameless Soldier (in tunnel before Channeler fight)
  • Large Titanite Shard (behind pillar, near Channeler)
  • Soul of a Nameless Soldier (in tunnel just before Giant Undead Rat fight)
  • Spider Shield (above Giant Undead Rat, reachable by Butcher's chute)
  • Humanity (dropped by Giant Undead Rat)
  • Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier (Basilisk lair)
  • Humanity (tunnel in Basilisk lair)
  • Ring of the Evil Eye ("")
  • Barbed Straight Sword (dropped by Kirk)
  • Heavy Crossbow (right before Gaping Dragon fight)
  • Heavy Bolt x11 ("")
  • Standard Helm (Gaping Dragon battle area)
  • Hard Leather Armor ("")
  • Hard Leather Gauntlets ("")
  • Hard Leather Boots ("")
  • Dragon King Greataxe (dropped if you sever the Gaping Dragon's tail)
  • Blighttown Key (needed to progress, dropped by Gaping Dragon)

  • Once you come down the stairs, there's a LARGE SOUL OF A NAMELESS SOLDIER right here on this floor. On the next floor down, you'll encounter a couple of Zombies. There are 5 more Zombies down the next set of stairs (some wielding torches), so don't let yourself get surrounded; keep the fight on the stairs if necessary.

    When you descend the stairs, you'll be greeted by an old friend: the Undead Attack Dog. You'll also see a guy cutting meat on the table ahead. This is not an NPC, but a Butcher! If you approach him, he and a nearby Undead Attack Dog will become aggressive. I didn't have much trouble with the butcher. Just evade when he swings his cleavers at you, then run behind him and backstab him a couple of times. You might also try ranged attacks (or magic) after evading. Behind the area where the butcher was is a chest with LARGE EMBER. This is a big deal: the ember, when given to Andre, will allow you upgrade weapons further, to +10 instead of +5.

    From here, you can walk down into the water. There are 2 Undead Attack Dogs and a Zombie here, but thankfully they won't attack until you draw near (though the water will slow you down). You can climb up through a hole in the wall. Just your luck, though: a Butcher drops down to fight you in this corridor. Deal with him, then go through the door on your left. Here, the pyromancer Laurentius of the Great Swamp is trapped in a container, and he rants about how he'll be eaten for lunch. Free him by rolling into the barrel containing him to avoid damaging him. He'll be grateful and head to Firelink Shrine when you leave. When he gets there, he will give you a free PYROMANCY FLAME if you don't have one already. If you do have one, you can trade it to Snuggly the Crow before you first talk to him to get his Flame for free. Laurentius will also teach you pyromancy spells and upgrade your Pyromancy Flame.

    Now head back to the area with the second Butcher and go on to a small room with a tantalizing item on your left. BE CAREFUL! There is a Slime on the ceiling waiting for you to go for this item so it can drop down on you and kill you. Foil this beast's plot by shooting it down if you can, or otherwise walk under it and immediately roll away. Once it's on the ground, the Slime is a slow attacker and it's not very hard to avoid or block his attacks. However, it's defense is high, so it'll take a while to bring down, and all that hard work nets you exactly 0S. On the bright side, he was guarding that SOUL OF A NAMELESS SOLDIER, which is worth 800S.

    In the next room, all you have to worry about is one little Torch Zombie. In the hallway afterward, though, there are no less than 6 Slimes on the ceiling and one more Torch Zombie waiting for you at the end. Don't let the slimes gang up on you, but try to take them out one at a time. This is another good time to have the Master Key, as it'll open the door ahead, which leads to a +BONFIRE+. Otherwise, you'll need the Sewer Chamber Key, which is coming up soon, so hang in there.

    Head down the stairs into a chamber from which you can see a Giant Undead Rat just outside. Bet you're excited to fight that thing. There's a ladder here that leads down to a shortcut, but you'll have to open a door from the other side first, so it does no good now. For now, continue until you encounter 5 Small Undead Rats munching away, ignoring you. Kill them all, then take the GREATAXE from the corpse one was nibbling on.

    Ahead is an evil box that will burst open to reveal an Undead Rat when you approach, so you should literally be on your guard. Ahead and down the stairs you'll find another 4 distracted rats munching away. If you needed it, you can grab the SEWER CHAMBER KEY from the body on the other side of the bars now and head back to the bonfire room. There is a tunnel from this corner, next to the stairs, which leads to a network of tunnels.

    In this network of tunnels, there are a couple of drains that will drop you into the middle of the Basilisk nest, which you don't want to happen. You can always jump over them, but I'll try to lead you on a path around them. Thus, instead of going right as you come in to the tunnel network, head straight and pick up a SOUL OF A NAMELESS SOLDIER. Continue on to reach an open area with 3 Large Undead Rats downstairs, 2 more to the left, and a small one to right. The problem is that there's also a Channeler to the left who will shoot at you with magic and buff up the rat's strength to deadly levels. When you dispose of the rats, you can take him down in melee relatively easily, and he won't come back any more once you finish him off. Your reward, hidden behind a column at the end of the Channeler's path, is a LARGE TITANITE SHARD.

    On the right, you can reenter the tunnel system. Take the first right, kill a rat, then take the first left and fight another rat. Now take a right, and you've avoided all the drains without missing items or enemies. There's a SOUL OF A NAMELESS SOLDIER here, and just ahead, the entrance to the Giant Undead Rat's lair.


    You'll notice that this guy has an axe stuck in his eye, which might explain why he's so ornery. The moment you enter, he'll rush at you and smack you around, likely breaking your guard in seconds.

    You can, however, take advantage of the fact that he cannot fit through the area you just entered through. By popping out of the doorway and sniping him, you can whittle him down and avoid damage entirely, though it gets annoying as he'll quickly run back to his starting location (outside your range from the doorway) the moment you leave his sight.

    Also, remember that chute behind the Butcher I told you not to use yet? Now's the time to use it. You'll drop down to the ledge above the rat's domain, where you can find the awesome SPIDER SHIELD and, presumably, snipe the Giant Undead Rat. You should also be able to perform a plunging attack from this height. Killing the rat nets you 400S and a guaranteed HUMANITY.

    When you're done with the rat, or if you simply want to run away from him, head to the end of this area and slide down the water into the lower levels.

    Where you come out, you'll see two paths. The one to the right leads to the boss and Blighttown, while the one to the left leads to an optional area filled with nothing but Basilisks. There are some items (and a boatload of souls) to get on the left path first, but before you go, I must warn you that Basilisks are very different from any enemy you've faced thus far, and they can make life very easy or very difficult for you.

    First the good news: Basilisks have no physical attacks, and weak defenses. This means you can wield your weapon two-handed to bring them down faster. Now the bad news: Basilisk breath will turn you to stone and kill you instantly if you stand in it for more than a second or two, and if you're right in front of the basilisk when he exhales, you'll probably die. Before unleashing their deadly breath, Basilisks will either puff up like bullfrogs or jump up in the air and shoot a little squirt of breath, both indicators to keep your distance.

    Finally, the ugly news: if you're turned to stone, you'll face a fate worse than death. You'll be cursed when you revive, which will permanently halve your health until you get it cured (by either using an item that cures Curse or visiting the Pardoner and paying humanity). To avoid being cursed by Basilisk Breath, you'll want to be in Human Form, which increases curse resistance. Finally, to end things on a good note, Basilisks drop 200S apiece when killed. There are approximately 10 Basilisks in this area, and they respawn, so this can really help you save up to beat Gaping Dragon.

    Kill the first enemy, then take the stairs on the left path and head through the narrow doorway on the right. There'll be 2 Basilisks on the left, and one on the right. From here, head left (into the lair of 3 more Basilisks) for a LARGE SOUL OF A NAMELESS SOLDIER. Now turn around and go through the tunnel (fighting 3 more Basilisks) to reach a hidden area with some impressive treasure, HUMANITY and the RING OF THE EVIL EYE.

    At some point during this exploration, you may be invaded and attacked by a certain Red Phantom: Kirk, the Knight of Thorns. You will be notified that your world has been invaded with an on-screen message, and attacked shortly after. This works similarly to when another player invades your world, except that Kirk is computer-controlled. Fight him like any other NPC, blocking and countering his attacks and backstabbing if you see fit. Note that Kirk's unique armor causes him to deal damage just by rolling into you. When he goes down, he should drop BARBED STRAIGHT SWORD, though I'm not certain at this time whether this is guranteed drop.

    When you're done with those pesky Basilisks, head back out of the lair and follow the opposite path, where you'll encounter a mixed-size group of 4 Undead Rats. In the next area, you'll find 2 Undead Rats and 3 Slimes (one on the ceiling). Across from where you entered is a shortcut that will let you return to the ladder area near the bonfire once you open the door from this side. Also in this area, near the Blighttown entrance, is a merchant named Domnhall of Zena, who notably sells Gold Pine Resin, which temporarily buffs your weapon with lightning damage. Dragons are stated to be weak to lightning, and you ARE about to face a dragon...

    Finally, by the right Undead Rat, there's a path leading up to a huge arena. Turn sharp to the right and head downstairs to approach the Gaping Dragon's lair. When you descend, pass the second set of stairs and pick up the HEAVY CROSSBOW and 11 HEAVY BOLTS. If you've acquired the White Soapstone from Solaire and freed Lautrec, you can summon both to your aid to fight the Gaping Dragon. Trust me, you'll need them.


    You may notice that this dragon's entire body is a giant mouth full of many lairs of teeth. One of his attacks is to drop that thing onto you, so don't stand directly in front of him. Don't stand to the side either, or he'll swipe you with his claws. You can stand behind him to attack his tail, but if he notices you doing this, he can hit you with a tail swipe too. You WILL want to cut his tail off though, so that he'll drop DRAGON KING GREATAXE.

    If you ever end up in front of him, break your lock on and run away immediately or he'll eviscerate you. You usually don't need to be locked on (as there's no blocking most of his attacks), so you may not want to even lock on in the first place to maximize your running away ability, though this will make camera control a bit more tricky.

    Note that when the dragon slams his mouth down, he may decide to change into his charging mode and charge forward if someone is in front of him when he lands. If so, good news for you: you can follow behind and swipe at his tail without concern, until he finishes folding his body back up. He also occassionally will spit acid that will cover the whole stage: get out of this stuff as quick as possible, as it will corrode your armor and weapons as well as slow you down.

    By this point, Lautrec and Solaire will likely have gotten themselves killed, so the dragon's attention will be fully on you. He has few ranged attacks, though, so you can pretty safely keep your distance and run for the corpse on the left side of the arena, which holds STANDARD HELM, HARD LEATHER ARMOR, HARD LEATHER GAUNTLETS, and HARD LEATHER BOOTS. If you don't feel comfortable being exposed for a second while you pick these up, you can just wait until after the battle.

    Your best bet is to attack him from a range where he can't reach you, but be careful you don't walk backwards and fall off the edge. If you run out of ranged options, you can use my technique. Get just close enough that he slams his mouth down, then run away. Stand in front of him for a second so he'll decide to charge, then run to the side and out of his path. Then you can run up and hit him for one or two combos from behind. Without his tail, he won't be able to tail swipe effectively, so he'll have to turn around to hit you when he recovers. He will turn around by flying up in the air and trying to land on you, so run the moment he flies up.

    Bringing down this very difficult foe will grant you 25000S (!) and BLIGHTTOWN KEY. Pat yourself on the back for this one.

    Head back to Domnhall (the merchant) and you'll be able to use the key you just earned to open the double doors next to him, leading to Blighttown. Make sure you pack mosses to cure poison and toxic, as you'll be encountering plenty of both. You may also want to skip ahead and revisit Undead Asylum. Using the Undead Asylum F2 West Key, you can open the door there that was locked before, allowing you to reach the Rusted Iron Ring, an item that will allow you to move at full speed even in the swamps of Blighttown.

    5.7) Blighttown

  • Soul of a Proud Knight (down the ladder near the first Blowdart Sniper)
  • Iaito (roof near bonfire area, reachable by jumping from a nearby ledge)
  • Shadow Mask (ledge behind platform with two bridges)
  • Shadow Overcoat ("")
  • Shadow Gauntlets ("")
  • Shadow Leggings ("")
  • Soul of a Proud Knight (platform below the Shadow Set)
  • Soul of a Proud Knight (near the edge on the right, following the previous item)
  • Blooming Purple Moss Clump x3 (ladder down near bonfire)
  • Humanity (across rickety bridge from previous area)
  • Soul of a Proud Knight (after bonfire area, where there are two ladders leading down)
  • Eagle Shield (in the same area as the last item, take the right ladder)
  • Power Within (guarded by Parasite Wall Hugger)
  • Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier (on ramp leading to lower level of chamber)
  • Whip (when descending in the chamber, drop down to a platform below near the exit)
  • Wanderer Hood (on dead end platform with Cragspiders)
  • Wanderer Coat ("")
  • Wanderer Manchette ("")
  • Wanderer Boots ("")
  • Falchion ("")

  • When the doors to Blighttown open, you'll come to an enormous hole in the floor, so don't blindly charge in an fall to your death. Instead, head around to your left, where you can slide down a very long ladder to get into the core of Blighttown. Follow the wooden path until you encounter an ogre-like creature, the Infected Barbarian. This enemy swings a hefty club that can poison you, but fortunately he's rather slow and easy to get behind for a backstab. He'll usually drop Dung Pies when killed, which will inflict toxic damage on both you and your target. Not that great, but how useful do you expect fecal material to be? You'll encounter a total of 3 Infested Barbarians here.

    Also in this area are enemies called Infected Ghouls. These guys are fast and deal poison damage as well, so they can be a deadly combination with the barbarians. The ghouls also have a very close-range but deadly attack where they willl leap forward a step, grab you, and chomp your head off. You'll want to avoid this attack, as it will most likely kill you. There are 2 Ghouls up ahead.

    You'll also want to look out for a Blowdart Sniper coming up. This guy is extremely dangerous, and will be lurking just past the Ghouls. The Sniper attacks are silent, long-range, and highly toxic: just a couple of hits and you'll be taking heavy residual damage for some time. He'll shoot at you from outside your visual range, but once you reach him, he'll be no match for you in melee. Luckily, Blowdart Snipers don't respawn after they die. Near the first Sniper is a ladder leading down to three Ghouls and a SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT (2000S).

    Just ahead you'll come upon a ledge on your left, from which you can jump to reach a weapon, IAITO. This is a difficult jump, but if you make it, you'll be able to jump down to the location of this area's bonfire. There are also two bridges, one stable and one unstable, leading to the next platform. As many as 4 Ghouls will attack you here, crossing the bridge if they see you from the opposite side. Across the bridge, there is a path behind the wooden wall leading to a set of SHADOW MASK, SHADOW OVERCOAT, SHADOW GAUNTLETS, and SHADOW LEGGINGS, which will give you good protection against poison. You can jump down to the platform below to find . Further ahead, you'll encounter a couple of Ghouls and another SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT hanging off the very end of the ledge to the right. You can roll or jump to reach the nearby bridge from here. Now head left and activate the BONFIRE on the bridge.

    Now, if you had taken the ladder from the area of two bridges, you'd end up on a different path. To get back to an item on that path, use the ladder between the bonfire and the Undead Attack Dogs on the next bridge. You'll see a Ghoul facing away on the platform, making for an easy backstab kill. There's another Ghoul humorously trapped in a pot; he can't escape unless you free him yourself, so he's no threat. Take the path back to several Ghouls you fought before on the bridges. Here you'll find a ladder leading back up to that area and a corpse with LARGE SOUL OF A NAMELESS SOLDIER. There's also a broken floor you can fall through, but you can just go back to the bonfire to reach the same area without taking falling damage.

    From the bonfire, head backward (or forward, if you've just respawned) to a ladder leading down. There are 2 Ghouls at the bottom. You can also go out on a limb to recover 3 BLOOMING PURPLE MOSS CLUMPS, which cure toxic. There's a rickety bridge here that will move underneath you as you cross, so take it slow. On the other side, head down the ramps for 2 Flaming Attack Dogs (think small Undead Attack Dogs that breathe fire) and another limb to walk out on for HUMANITY.

    Now, head back to the bonfire and head forward (again, this is backwards based on the direction you face when you respawn). On the bridge ahead, there are a Ghoul and 2 Flaming Attack Dogs waiting for you. The Ghoul above will also drop down if you didn't kill him previously. If you're having trouble fighting the Flaming Attack Dogs, the most important thing is to avoid their fire breath. Whenever one of them suddenly stops moving, he's most likely charging up this attack, so get your distance or get behind him to avoid the flames.

    Past these guys, there are two more Ghouls and then a ladder on your right. This will take you down to an area with a SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT and two more ladders. There will probably be Ghouls ascending both ladders, so deal with them first. Then go down the right ladder and follow the path to an item, watching out for yet another Ghoul around the corner on the left. Head to the end of the path and pick up the EAGLE SHIELD.

    Now go back up and take the other ladder down. You should have noticed a large monster affixed to the wall by now. This is the Parasite Wall Hugger. Though I'll put him down as a mini-boss, he's humorously easy to beat if you have ranged weapons or magic.


    This nasty creature will attempt to crush you with its bulbous head if you get close. This attack will bring your Stamina, and then your Health, down very quickly. Fortunately, this seems to be his sole attack, and as he is affixed to the wall, he cannot pursue you if you stand just outside his attack range. From there, you can pelt him with spells, bolts, or arrows without fear of harm. This pathetic beast will drop 1000S when killed. You can also collect the Pyromancy, POWER WITHIN, that he was guarding.

    Slaying the Parasite Wall Hugger opens up a path that you can only pass through from the other side. It certainly would suck to pass through it with the Parasite Wall Hugger lurking there, but now that it's gone, we can make our way to that area. Ascending the rather tall ladder on this level will take you to the top of that chamber, where one Ghoul waits. There's then a ladder that takes you back down and out of the tunnel the Parasite was guarding.

    Returning to the tall ladder leading up, you should see a ramp leading down with a LARGE SOUL OF A NAMELESS SOLDIER on it. Take the ramp to reach a lower level of the chamber, guarded by a Ghoul and a Barbarian. Descend the ladder here, and look down and to your left as you walk across the next wooden platform. You should see a corpse with an item below; drop down here to pick up a WHIP.

    Drop down again and you'll come to the area exit, where you'll need to pass through a white barrier. When you come out, there will be a ladder on your right leading back up (though you didn't miss anything) and a Cragspider on your left. The Cragspider has a weak melee attack, but his fire breath can be highly dangerous. If you get behind him, he can drop fire bombs on you too. Fortunately, he attacks slowly and is easily interrupted while charging up his fire breath. There's a second Cragspider beyond this one.

    After descending a series of ladders, you'll encounter a path with 3 more Cragspiders. At the end of the path are WANDERER HOOD, WANDERER COAT, WANDERER MANCHETTE, WANDERER BOOTS, and a FALCHION. Also, you'll probably begin to face Giant Mosquito attacks at this point. These enemies are weak, but they are hard to hit in melee. They can also poison you, and they respawn indefinitely, making for a huge annoyance. There's nowhere safe you can stop with these guys around other than the upcoming bonfire.


  • Large Soul of a Proud Knight (in swamp, to the right of the starting point)
  • Dragon Scale (in chamber connected to bonfire tunnel)
  • Green Titanite Shard (below branch leading to Great Hollow)
  • Plank Shield (in room leading to Great Hollow)
  • Twin Humanities (behind illusory wall in room leading to Great Hollow)
  • Large Titanite Shard (back corner with all the leeches)
  • Server ("")
  • Large Soul of a Proud Knight (in swamp, across the swamp from the bonfire)
  • Tattered Cloth Hood ("")
  • Tattered Cloth Robe ("")
  • Tattered Cloth Manchette ("")
  • Heavy Boots ("")
  • Posion Mist ("")
  • Great Club (in upper-right corner of swamp, guarded by 2 Barbarians)
  • Large Soul of a Proud Knight (in swamp, to the right from the bonfire)
  • Large Titanite Shard (against a pillar, near 3 Barbarians and the waterwheel)
  • Butcher Knife (dropped by Maneater Mildred)
  • Humanity (dropped by Maneater Mildred)
  • When you come down to the swamp area, there will be another 3 or 4 Cragspiders waiting for you. Just off the platform to the right is a LARGE SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT (3000S), but be wary! Stepping in the swamp will start to fill your poison bar rapidly, so run through as quickly as you can, and rest on land to let your poison level go back down. Just a little further to your right is a chamber entrance with a BONFIRE. Further in the chamber, you can find a chest with a DRAGON SCALE, a rare upgrade item used to improve draconic weapons.

    When you exit the bonfire tunnel, you'll have quite a lot of exploring to do in this swamp. From the bonfire, I'll take you clockwise around the swamp, so that you can stick to the land as much as possible. First, you'll have to get past the system of wooden platforms you came down from, as well as the accompanying cragspiders. Past here, you'll see a branch leading up, guarded by 3 Giant Leeches.

    Giant Leeches can gang up on you and deal some serious damage, but if you're patient and eliminate them one by one, you'll find them slow and not particularly threatening. Behind the branch and a pillar, you'll find 2 Leeches guarding a GREEN TITANITE SHARD. Up on the branch itself, you'll find a corpse with a PLANK SHIELD. However, a hidden wall behind it reveals a chest containing TWIN HUMANITIES. This path leads to the Great Hollow. While the Great Hollow is essentially an optional area at this point, there are lots of Crystal Lizards to kill for items and Basilisks to kill for souls, and it leads to Ash Lake, where there's a Hydra to battle and a covenant to join. First, however, continue collecting the items in this area.

    Exit the hollow entrance and head left, into an alcove with as many as 13 Leeches. In this area, you'll find a LARGE TITANITE SHARD and the SERVER weapon.

    Across from the bonfire tunnel, there's an alcove with a single leech guarding a LARGE SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT and a set of TATTERED CLOTH HOOD, TATTERED CLOTH ROBE, TATTERED CLOTH MANCHETTE, HEAVY BOOTS, and the POISON MIST Pyromancy. Just around the corner from here are two Barbarians with boulders guarding a GREAT CLUB.

    To the right of the bonfire is a LARGE SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT near a pillar, guarded by a Cragspider. There is also a LARGE TITANITE SHARD by the next pillar over, near another 3 Barbarians with boulders. At some point while you're in this area of the swamp, you'll be invaded by the NPC Red Phantom, Maneater Mildred. She's fairly easy if you can lure her into the bonfire chamber so you don't have to worry about poison or enemies while you fight her. As with most humanoid opponents, my recommended strategy is to evade her attacks and backstab her. The prizes for victory are a BUTCHER KNIFE and HUMANITY.

    Your item collection in Blighttown isn't quite done, though. Near the location of that last item, you should be able to spot a spinning waterwheel with a wooden platform leading up to it. Ascend this platform and climb the ladder, then stand in front of the wheel where the small wooden platforms are going up. Drop down onto one such platform, ride it to the top, and step off when you reach the upper level.

    Upper Level


  • Soul of a Proud Knight (on upper ledge in chamber with Snipers)
  • Fire Keeper Soul (guarded by dogs at bottom of chamber, below the previous item)
  • Key to New Londo Ruins (near entrance to the Valley of Drakes)
  • Remedy (across the branches and past the Cragspider)
  • Crimson Robe ("")
  • Crimson Gloves ("")
  • Crimson Waistcloth ("")
  • Tin Banishment Catalyst ("")

  • From this platform, ascend the ladder to encounter a Cragspider lurking just behind another ladder. Instead of taking the path behind the spider, continue up the ladder. You'll quickly be under attack from the Blowdart Sniper ahead, who you can run to while blocking and knock over the edge with ease. You may be attacked by a couple of Giant Mosquitoes that followed you from below, but once you dispatch them, no more should come after you while you're up here.

    Around the corner is where the trouble starts: Blowdart Snipers will be attacking from all directions, making it very difficult to eliminate individual foes. Furthermore, should you fall from here, you'll land amidst numerous Flaming Attack Dogs, so watch your step. You may end up having to pick off the Snipers over the course of several lives, as they fortunately do not respawn.

    Around the first corner on the left is a SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT. Below is the treasured FIRE KEEPER SOUL, which means another upgrade for your Estus Flask. You can get the advantage against the Flaming Attack Dogs guarding it with a plunging attack, but you'll still have to fight your way through the path on the left to reach a ladder leading back up.

    If you return to the area where you fought the first of these Blowdart Snipers, you'll see a ladder. Climb the series of ladders all the way at the top to find a chest with a KEY TO NEW LONDO RUINS inside. On your left is a path to the Valley of Drakes, an optional area that you can take a shortcut through using this key, allowing you to enter New Londo and use the elevator there to reach Firelink Shrine. The Valley of Drakes will be covered in detail in a later section.

    You can now leave that Blowdart Sniper-infested chamber and return to where you fought the Cragspider in this area. Follow that path and walk across the branches to find a ladder and another Cragspider. Follow the straight path first to reach a trove of goodies: the REMEDY spell, MASK OF THE SEALER, CRIMSON ROBE, CRIMSON GLOVES, CRIMSON WAISTCLOTH, and BANISHMENT CATALYST. Remedy will cure your bleeding, poison, and toxic for 4 uses. The crimson armor set will protect you well from most damage types, and your new catalyst will double as a weapon! The ladder you passed leads only to a Cragspider.

    You're essentially done here, so you can return the swamp now. With all ancillary exploration completed, don your best fire-resistant armor and shield, then head to the area guarded by the 3 Barbarians with boulders. You can avoid the Barbarians themselves and sprint up to the hole at the top of the mound, which will take you to a very brief area, Quelaag's Domain, which will shortly lead to a boss.

    5.8) Quelaag's Domain

  • Soul of Quelaag (dropped by Quelaag)
  • Pyromancy Flame (speak to Eingyi while egg-burdened and with no Pyromancy Flame in your inventory)
  • After entering Chaos Servant Covenant: Great Chaos Fireball
  • After reaching Chaos Servant+2: Chaos Storm

  • In the spider nest, you'll encounter a new enemy: the Egg Carrier. These slow-moving, docile creatures are unlikely to harm you. They do have an attack that causes a maggot to latch onto your face and plant an egg that will grow there, preventing you from wearing a helmet and stealing half your souls. Obviously, you don't want that, so avoid the Egg Carrier's grab if you anger it. If you kill the Egg Carrier, the nightmare isn't over yet. It'll spawn 5 Vile Maggots, which are small fast enemies that gang up on you and kill you in no time at all. When you head to fight Quelaag, you should leave these guys alone so you don't have to use your precious Estus Flask. Just run past them, and they won't bother you.

    If you are in Human Form and have defeated Maneater Mildred, her summon sign will appear near the boss arena. By all means, summon her if you have the opportunity. Afterward, enter the white fog to begin the battle.


    Quelaag is a pretty disgusting fusion of spider and woman. As her attacks deal fire damage, you'll want to evade rather than block most of the time. Her primary attack is spitting lava with her spider head, leaving that area of the battlefield unusable. This attack takes a while to complete, allowing you to avoid it and get a few hits in before she moves again.

    Quelaag's second favorite move is a sword of fire that she attacks with from atop the spider body. You can backpedal to get outside this attack's range, or get behind Quelaag to attack her while avoiding her sword. Only block this move if you can't dodge it.

    The most frustrating attack in Quelaag's arsenal is a roar that deals fire damage to everything around her. You might be far enough away that it won't hit you, but otherwise, you'll need to block to mitigate the damage or face instant death. Only when Quelaag goes to roar is it crucial that you switch to defense.

    If your attacks aren't hurting Quelaag, you've probably reached the point where you need to upgrade your weapons. This probably means running back to Andre after dying in this battle. Getting back to him is much easier if you go through the Valley of Drakes shortcut to New Londo Ruins, which takes you to Firelink Shrine, which has an elevator to Undead Parish. Trying to go back the way you came is far more likely to get you killed over and over and over again.

    When you do manage to bring Quelaag down, you'll get 20,000S and the SOUL OF QUELAAG. Don't consume this soul, as it can be used to ascend equipment into powerful rare weapons: a curved sword into Quelaag's Furysword or a katana into the Chaos Blade. If you want to collect both weapons, you'll have to get Quelaag's soul again in New Game+.

    With Quelaag beaten, you can now enter the chamber and ring the second Bell of Awakening. This will earn you the achievement/trophy, "Ring the Bell (Quelaag's Domain)". While you're here, head downstairs and break the illusory wall to reveal a hidden passage. Don't make the mistake of attacking the Egg Carrier here! He's actually an NPC named Eingyi. He'll ask if you are a servant, to which you should reply "yes." If you for some reason said no, you will be able to try again after you reset the conversation by leaving, dying, etc. Once you are accepted, he will also sell you Egg Vermifuge to cure you if you become an egghead.

    If you speak to him with an egg on your face, you'll unlock the full complement of his services: Pyromancy Flame reinforcement, more spells, and, if you don't have a PYROMANCY FLAME on you, he'll give you one for free.

    Eingyi will allow you to see the Daughter of Chaos. Though she cannot be understood without the Old Witch's Ring, you can still benefit from her functions as a Fire Keeper and Covenant Giver. The Fire Keeper in Firelink Shrine, by the way, will have been murdered when you return there, so if you want to upgrade your Flask, now's the time. Also, regardless of whether you accept or decline, receiving the offer to join her covenant will earn you the achievement/trophy, Covenant: Chaos Servant. If you do join the Covenant, she will give you the Pyromancy, GREAT CHAOS FIREBALL. You will then be able to pay humanity to rank up in her Covenant. Once you pay 20 humanity points to reach rank 2, she will grant you the Pyromancy, CHAOS STORM. Being at rank 2 in this Covenant will also unlock a shortcut from Demon Ruins to Lost Izalith. Keep in mind that you can only be a member of one Covenant at a time.

    Now that both Bells of Awakening have been rung, your next objective is Sen's Fortress, which contains the entrance to the city of Anor Londo. First, however, you may wish to return to Firelink Shrine. There you will find DINGY ROBE, DINGY GLOVES, BLOOD-STAINED SKIRT, and BLACK EYE ORB, an item that will allow you to take revenge on the Fire Keeper's killer, but only when used in the hall of Anor Londo.

    You can also meet Kingseeker Frampt in the old flooded temple. This guy is a Primordial Serpent, and he gives you a little more information about what's going on in the game world. Apparently, you need to seek out something called the Lordvessel in Anor Londo, which is why you need to head through Sen's Fortress. More importantly, Frampt is the only means of "selling" items in the game: you can feed them to him, and he will break them down into souls. You may want to do this with redundant item drops from enemies; after all, how many Broken Straight Swords can you possibly need? You should also trade in bronze, silver, and gold coins (NOT Sunlight Medals!), excess Dung Pies (200S apiece), and whatever else you don't want or need. Frampt can also break down pieces of Titanite into smaller pieces of the same type.

    If you talk to the Pyromancer here after meeting the Daughter of Chaos (or presumably Quelaana of Izalith), he will leave to seek her out the next time you leave his presence. Buy what you can from him before then, because the next time you see him, he'll have become a Hollow in the Blighttown swamp area.

    You can optionally revisit the Undead Asylum now, where you can fight the Stray Demon. There are other areas to explore as well: Darkroot Garden, Darkroot Basin, The Great Hollow, Ash Lake, and New Londo Ruins. However, exporing these areas is not yet required. Your main objective is currently Sen's Fortress.

    5.9) Sen's Fortress

  • Soul of a Brave Warrior (entrance, by Serpent Soldier on right)
  • Demon Titanite x4 (dropped by Prowling Demons)
  • Scythe (room on lower floor with a Prowling Demon)
  • Soul of a Brave Warrior ("")
  • Large Soul of a Proud Knight (at top of stairs from lower floor)
  • Titanite Chunk (dropped by Giant)
  • Large Titanite Shard x2 (room after bridge section, guarded by Serpent Mage)
  • Soul of a Hero (behind wall with a Serpent Warrior resting on it, breakable by enemy or a boulder)
  • Ring of Steel Protection (at top of outdoor boulder path, in room guarded by another Serpent Mage)
  • Lightning Spear (dropped by Mimic)
  • Covetous Gold Serpent Ring (at bottom of boulder tunnel, after boulders have piled up and smahed through the opposite wall)
  • Large Titanite Shard x2 (room after third bladed bridge, guarded by Serpent Soldier)
  • Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring (after third blade bridge, drop down into a hole)
  • Flame Stoneplate Ring (when you reach the roof, go right)
  • Large Soul of a Brave Warrior (same platform as the drop to the bonfire)
  • Large Titanite Shard x2 (upstairs from previous)
  • Ricard's Rapier (dropped by Ricard)
  • Rare Ring of Sacrifice (chest in tower guarded by Ricard)
  • Divine Blessing ("")
  • Sniper Crossbow (below broken walkway, near Giant dropping boulders)
  • Sniper Bolt x12 ("")
  • Titanite Chunk (dropped by the annoying Giant)
  • Core of an Iron Golem (dropped by Iron Golem, of course)

  • Sen's Fortress is home to several new enemies. The most common foes will be the Serpent Soldiers and Serpent Mages. The soldiers are armed with shields and swords, and can attack with their snake heads as well as their blades. Mages will have cobra heads and shoot electric blasts at you. Both can be backstabbed.

    To reach Sen's Fortress exit the door on the level above Andre of Astora and cross the long bridge. At the end, if you've rung the Bells of Awakening, the gate will be open. (Otherwise, Siegmeyer of Catarina will be moping on the steps.) In the middle of the entrance is a pressure plate that will unleash an arrow trap upon you from a slit in the stairs ahead, so avoid stepping on it (unless you lure an enemy in front of it first, as these traps can hurt them as well as you). At the top of the stairs, there will be a Serpent Soldier on your left and another on your right. A SOUL OF A BRAVE WARRIOR can be found near the latter foe.

    In the next room, you'll have to carefully cross a thin bridge while bladed pendulums pass back and forth over it. You'll need to time your movements carefully, and getting knocked off will cause you to fall into a pit filled with Prowling Demons below. To make matters worse, a Serpent Mage will shoot at you from the bridge above as you cross, and while you can block to reduce your damage, it is quite unlikely that you have a 100% electric resistant shield at this point in the game. Taking him out with a bow or magic will probably be the easiest solution. Another Serpent Soldier awaits when you pass under the Mage's bridge.

    After crossing the first bridge, you can drop down to a platform with three Serpent Mages and perform a plunging attack. From here, you can drop down onto the mucky lower floor, which will slow you down unless you wear the Rusted Iron Ring, an item you can find when you first revisit Undead Asylum. You'll need that ring too, as there are no less than four Prowling Demons, which are guaranteed to drop 4 DEMON TITANITES. One Prowling Demon is in the first room, one is in a passage beneath the Serpent Mages' platform, and two more are in a second, connected room. Prowling Demons have great range with their polearms, but their slow movements give you time to get behind them, where their wide swings cannot hurt you. From afar, they will either leap up in the air and stab you with their weapons, or they will shoot lightning blasts at you.

    In the passage where one of the demons lurks, you can recover a SCYTHE and a SOUL OF A BRAVE WARRIOR. To get back up to the first floor, return to the first room and locate some steps leading out of the sludge to a small room with a ladder. Ascend the ladder to find a place to jump down to the first floor, where there is also a LARGE SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT.Before you drop down, hit a destructable wall up here to reveal a path with a ladder leading up to a Giant on the roof, who will drop a TITANITE CHUNK and 3000S when slain. The Giant is actually pretty easy, if you avoid his attacks. To get behind him, just run between his legs. He has a stomp attack to watch out for, and occasionally he will frenzy and throw a storm of punches while quickly racing forward. If you keep your distance, though, the attack will leave him open for a very long time.

    Once you reach the other side, take the path up to the left to reach the bridge the mage is (or was) on. Carefully avoid the pendulums here again, then take out the Serpent Mage if he's still alive. Be careful of another pressure plate in the room he was guarding, but be sure to pick up 2 LARGE TITANITE SHARDS in this same room before advancing.

    In the next room, you'll cross a bridge with a Serpent Soldier resting on the wall below. He won't attack if you don't strike first. There's a passageway behind the wall he rests on, which you can open later by rolling a boulder into this area, or by getting him to hit it with his weapon. On the other side is a SOUL OF A HERO in a cage, which you can open with the Master Key or Cage Key (which you can find later in the level). You can also open another cage to free the NPC, Big Hat Logan, with the same key. After freeing him, he will return to Firelink Shrine, where he will teach sorcery.

    As you exit, you'll spot a Serpent Warrior outside. As he comes to attack you, however, a boulder will roll down from the left and most likely kill him. Boulders will continue to roll down the path outside, so you'll need to time your movements to reach the upper area.

    The path further into the fortress is on the left, but if you stop here to avoid a boulder, you can get up to the top of the path, guarded by a Serpent Mage. In the room behind him is a RING OF STEEL PROTECTION, a very useful accessory that will significantly increase your physical defenses.

    If you drop down to the ledge below from near this room, you can pick up a SHOTEL. Drop down again to reach a ledge where Siegmeyer of Catarina will be pouting, this time about the boulder trap obstructing his path. There's also a few more Serpent Soldiers down here, on the thin end of the ledge. Past these enemies, you can get back up to the boulder path where it drops off near the bottom.

    Once you reach the room on the left of the boulder path, beware of the pressure switch in the corridor ahead; the arrow trap it unleashing will come from behind you, while all the ones until now have fired from in front of you. The next room contains a Serpent Soldier and the entrance to a labyrinthine twisting tunnel through which boulders regularly pass. At the bottom is a path to a room with a Mimic, a powerful enemy that disguises itself as a chest and eats you alive if you attempt to open it. To defeat the Mimic, attack the chest instead of opening it, and then avoid getting close enough for it to use its bite attack. The Mimic will drop LIGHTNING SPEAR, a very powerful weapon that deals lightning damage, the bane of many a dragon.

    Outside the mimic room, the boulders will be falling into a chasm at the end of the tunnel. After a certain number of boulders roll by, they will fill the chasm, and the last boulder will smash through the wall on the opposite side. Enter here to find another spectacular accessory, the COVETOUS GOLD SERPENT RING, which will increase enemies' item drop rates by 200%.

    To progress to the upper level, use the elevator in the Mimic's room, but be sure to get off at the first stop, because a spiked ceiling is the next. Once you get up, ascend the stairs, then descend the thin stairs by the wall and head up to where all the boulders are coming from: a rotating boulder direction device.

    Once you reach the upper room, you'll be able to turn the central device to redirect the boulder trap. If you consider its original position to be "pointing south," you can point the boulder east to send it down the hallway back to the room with the resting serpent, which will will kill him and destroy the wall if you haven't done so already. Direct the boulders north, and they'll simply return to firing on the path Siegmeyer occupies. Pointing the trap west will effectively disable it and shoot boulders out the window. After adjusting the boulders' path, you will find that Siegmeyer has moved on from his original spot.

    After adjusting the boulder trap as you see fit, take the small stairs leading to a hallway from this room. There'll be a pressure plate that will activate a bunch of arrow traps in front of it, but you'll be fine if you simply step back after pressing it. Continue to another thin walkway covered in swinging blades. If you sprint right after the last blade passes and jump forward at the end, you can make it across in one go. Head left, past the stairs, to reach a Serpent Soldier guarding 2 LARGE TITANITE SHARDS.

    The path opposite the stairs, also guarded by a Serpent Soldier, leads to a hole you can drop down into to reach a secret platform with the SLUMBERING DRAGONCREST RING. This item will make your footsteps completely silent, so enemies can no longer hear you sneaking up on them even if you run. You can then drop down to the first bladed bridge and work your way back to your original location.

    Back at the stairs we kept avoiding before, you can now climb them and kill the Serpent Mage up there. Now you'll have to cross an ultra-thin platform (practically a tightrope) with bladed pendulums moving back and forth over it. First, take out the Serpent Mage to your left, whose spells will knock you off the platform. Any ranged attack will do. With him out of the way, cross the bridge with care, then take note of the two pressure plates here that trigger arrow traps. Avoid them and head through the fog on the right (the left path leads back to the Serpent Mage).

    Past the fog, you'll be on the roof. Take the right path first, which leads to two Elite Undead Guards and a chest with FLAME STONEPLATE RING, which increases your Flame DEF by 50. Now head back to where you entered the rooftops, and take the stairs on the left instead. Here you'll be beset by gigantic firebombs from above, so avoid the explosions and keep on the move (lucky we just got that fire ring, huh?). Once you reach the second level, there's a broken wall. Drop down from there to reach a BONFIRE. I'm sure you'll be thankful for that.

    On the same platform where you can drop down to the bonfire, there's a LARGE SOUL OF A BRAVE WARRIOR, which you can grab while dodging explosions if you're quick. Same goes for the 2 LARGE TITANITE SHARDS on the next level up. From here, you can head around the side of the castle to end the explosions, but you'll have to face a Heavy Knight. Take the ladder down and ascend the tower to face Undead Prince Ricard on the stairs. Slay him to obtain RICARD'S RAPIER. You can also ascend to the tower he guarded to acquire RARE RING OF SACRFICE and DIVINE BLESSING, an item that fully heals you and cures any ailment.

    Return to the area where you were bombarded and take the thin platforms leading toward the Giant dropping boulders in the distance. Go left and drop down (making sure you can survive the fall) to find a SNIPER CROSSBOW and 12 SNIPER BOLTS, both of which have longer range than the average variety. Drop down to end up back where you fought the first Elite of the area. Return to the place where you dropped down and jump across instead to reach the Crestfallen Merchant, who will sell some advanced tools: The Black Firebomb, the Green Blossom (which increases stamina recovery), several forms of Titanite, many different weapons, ammunitions, and armors, and some rings to protect against lightning and magic. You can also find a Serpent Mage guarding the CAGE KEY downstairs, which will allow you to free Big Hat Logan.

    Either jump back to the long platform or backtrack to it, then continue on the intact path. There'll be a fork: the left path leads only to an Elite, while the right leads toward the boss of the area. You'll have to go along a narrow bridge, where you'll be beset by the bomb-throwing Giant and an Elite sniper, the latter of which you can kill when you reach the end of the path. In the next room, you'll see the fog leading to the boss. There's also a spiral staircase leading up to the Giant who keeps throwing bombs at you. I anticipate that you'll want vengeance on the Giant first. To sweeten your revenge, he drops a TITANITE CHUNK.

    Before you enter the fog, you may want to revive to human so you can use the summon sign across the nearby bridge to summon the one-time ally, Black Iron Tarkus, to aid you in the coming battle. When you're ready, traverse the white light and begin the battle.

    Iron Golem

    The Iron Golem is a truly massive foe. Keeping your distance may seem like a good idea, but it's not. He can slash the air with his axe and fire a blade of wind at you. The best strategy is actually to stick close to his feet. When he goes to attack, as with the Giant, you can roll between his legs to evade and stay behind him during his attacks.

    The Golem's response if you manage to stay behind him like this is to try to kick you with his heel, so watch out for that attack. More alarmingly, if you're really close, he can reach down and grab you, then throw you on the ground (or out of the arena), both of which will probably kill you.

    After you hit one of his feet enough, the Iron Golem will begin to wobble, and be temporarily unable to attack. Continue attacking until he falls down, which will further lengthen his recovery time. If you're fighting on the narrow bridge part of the arena, it's possible for him to fall off the bridge and die instantly, which will make the battle a lot easier, though this method still requires significant skill and luck.

    Defeating the Iron Golem will earn you a whopping 30,000S and CORE OF AN IRON GOLEM (even if the Iron Golem fell to his death). After the battle, examine the ring of light in the center of the arena, and you'll be transported to Anor Londo, which will earn you the achievement, "Anor Londo."

    5.10)Anor Londo

  • Demon Titanite (guarded by two Sentinels in the first room)
  • Crystal Halberd (dropped by Mimic)
  • Twinkling Titanite (chest opposite the Mimic, guarded by two more Sentinels)
  • Demon Titanite (outside elevator room)
  • Great Magic Weapon (on chandelier in church)
  • Black Iron Armor Set (corpse on bottom floor of church)
  • Greatsword ("")
  • Black Iron Greatshield ("")
  • Ring of the Sun's Firstborn (bonfire room)
  • Soul of a Hero (near the Silver Knight bowman on the left)
  • Head down the stairs to face your first enemy in Anor Londo: a sentinel. This large, slow-moving knight will only animate when you grow close. He delivers powerful attacks, but it's fairly easy to get behind him and attack him when he swings. Ultimately, he's not especially tough, and drops just 500S. Go through the door and turn left to encounter two more Sentinels guarding a chest, which contains DEMON TITANITE. Exit through the archway in this room.

    Here you'll come upon a wide, bare path. On your left is a room with a BONFIRE and a Fire Keeper, the Lady of the Darkling, who you can actually speak to. If you continue straight from whence you came, you'll encounter two Sentinels guarding two chests. Be warned, however, that the chest on the right is a Mimic, and you should attack it instead of opening it. The mimic drops a CRYSTAL HALBERD, a very powerful but fragile type of weapon. The other chest contains TWINKLING TITANITE. The path outside, guarded by a Sentinel, leads to the Duke's Archives, which you cannot yet reach, as it is sealed by a golden light.

    Go to the platform across from the bonfire and descend the elevator. Go down the stairs and outside, where a Gargoyle will attack you. Severing the Gargoyle's tail will yield the same weapon as the Bell Gargoyle (the Gargoyle Tail Axe), but it will also eliminate the Gargoyle's tail attack. Note that this Gargoyle also spits lightning instead of fire. Note that the bridge the Gargoyle guards is currently unusable, so we'll have to find a way around.

    After the fight, drop down on the right of the stairs you came from and follow the path to a chest with DEMON TITANITE. Go under the tunnel beneath the stairs and look for a roof extension leading to the nearby church. Walk along this thin roof and drop down to the balcony to reach the church.

    Circle around this floor to kill the two Painting Guards that appear. These enemies are human in shape, wielding dual swords and throwing knives. Next, ascend the nearby ladder. You'll have to cross a network of beams while fighting three Painting Guards and trying not to get knocked off. Fortunately, the enemies are easy to kick down to their deaths. When you reach the chandelair, strike the chain to cause the chandelier, along with its item, to fall to the ground, allowing you to recover it later. At the end of the beams, take the ladder down. Take out the last Painting Guard on the stairs, and traverse the light.

    Get on the moveable platform in the middle of the area and push the lever. This will complete the bridge that was guarded by the Gargoyle, creating a path to the castle and, on the lower section of the platform, an entrance to the bottom floor of the church. Go down there first to fight numerous Painting Guards and collect the GREAT MAGIC WEAPON sorcery from the destroyed chandelier. In the back corner is a corpse with BLACK IRON HELM, BLACK IRON ARMOR, BLACK IRON GAUNTLETS, BLACK IRON LEGGINGS, a GREATSWORD, and a BLACK IRON GREATSHIELD. If you've received the Peculiar Doll, you will be able to enter the painting on the wall, taking you to the Painted World of Ariamis. However, I will not yet be covering that area. If you do choose to enter the Painted World, be warned that you may not exit it until you have completed that area.

    Lowering the rotating platforma a second time will align the top level with the lower floor of the church and the bottom level with a room containing a BONFIRE and a RING OF THE SUN'S FIRSTBORN.

    Realign the moving platform with the bridge to the castle, where you'll have to fight another Gargoyle. When the monster is slain, head up the stairs to fight two Sentinels, then head right. Head down the stairs to fight three Bat Wing Demons. Lure them into fighting you one at a time, using ranged attacks to goad them if needed. All of this enemy's attacks will deliver electricity damage, so choose a shield that's strong against the electric type. From this ledge, there is a ramp leading down to a platform with two Bat Wing Demons. When you go up the next ramp, you'll be beset by Silver Knights with giant bows. Proceed quickly to avoid their arrows, and you'll be able to approach them and kick them off their ledges. The one on the left also has a roof path leading down to a SOUL OF A HERO. Head around to the right and drop down from the ledge to the balcony below, then traverse the white light.


  • Sunlight Medal x3 (guarded by Silver Knight, room opposite the bonfire)
  • Occult Club (dropped by Mimic in secret fireplace trove)
  • Havel's Armor Set (chests in secret fireplace trove)
  • Havel's Greatshield ("")
  • Dragon Tooth ("")
  • Gold Coin (dropped by Mimic on upper level)
  • Silver Coin x5 ("")
  • Soul of a Hero (room behind stairs on upper level, guarded by Silver Knight)
  • Tiny Being's Ring (given by Siegmeyer for helping him out)
  • Silver Knight Armor Set (chest guarded by Silver Knights, in shortcut back to first floor)
  • Demon Titanite x2 (dropped by Prowling Demon)
  • Titanite Chunk (ledge near Giant Blacksmith)
  • Hawk Ring (chest behind the Giant Blacksmith)
  • Dragonslayer Greatbow (ledge outside castle window)
  • Dragonslayer Arrow ("")
  • Souvenir of Reprisal (received for defeating Lautrec after invading with the Black Eye Orb)
  • Fire Keeper Soul ("")
  • Ring of Favor and Protection ("")
  • Humanity x5 ("")
  • Leo Ring (only dropped by Ornstein if you kill him first)
  • Soul of Smourgh (only dropped by Smourgh if you kill him last)
  • Soul of Ornstein (only dropped by Ornstein if you kill him last)
  • Favor Set (outside Gwynevere's chamber)
  • Lordvessel (given by Gwynevere)
  • Ring of the Sun Princess (join the Princess's Guard covenant)
  • You'll now be inside the castle. The door on your left leads to a BONFIRE. Resting here is none other than your ally Solaire, whom you can chat up while you're here. In the room on the right is a lone Silver Knight guarding a chest with 3 SUNLIGHT MEDALS.

    Behind the main stairs are two things: a Silver Knight, and a room on the left with an illusory wall in the fireplace. Go down the stairs in the fireplace to find a trove full of treasure, but attack all of the chests down here before opening any, for one chest is actually a Mimic, which drops an OCCULT CLUB when killed. The other chests contain DRAGON TOOTH, HAVEL'S GREATSHIELD, HAVEL'S HELM, HAVEL'S ARMOR, HAVEL'S GAUNTLETS, and HAVEL'S LEGGINGS.

    Now go back and head up the main stairwell. At the top of the stairs are two more Mimics. One has a GOLD COIN, and the other has 5 SILVER COINS. In one of the rooms behind the stairs, there's a Silver Knight guarding a SOUL OF A HERO. In the hallway are another two rooms, and at the end, a Silver Knight with a bow on the balcony. One room is locked; the other leads to a bedroom. The bedroom is connected to a room with a Silver Knight and a staircase leading up.

    At the top of the staircase, you'll emerge on the roof. There's a Silver Knight standing out here, and as he has a bow, you'll want to eliminate him first thing. Next take out the one guarding the opposite set of stairs. Follow the stairs down to meet Siegmeyer, who is stuck once again. Kill the three Silver Knights outside and then speak to him to receive the TINY BEING'S RING. Now unlock the door to this room before heading back up.

    Take the main stairway from the roof to reach a catwalk above the starting floor. The door on the right leads down to two Silver Knights and the SILVER KNIGHT HELM, ARMOR, GAUNTLETS, and LEGGINGS. You can also open the door here to create a shortcut to the first floor. In the opposite room is a Prowling Demon that'll drop 2 DEMON TITANITES. Yay!

    After exploring, head up the stairs at the end of the catwalk. When you enter this hall, go around to the opposite set of stairs leading down and kill the Silver Knight with a bow there, then go down to the ground floor and concentrate on the Royal Sentinels. Clear out the enemies below, then push the lever to create a shortcut back to the level's inception.

    You can also exit through a passage on the top floor that will lead you to a Giant Blacksmith and allow you to open a door leading back to the castle gates, once you deal with the four Bat Wing Demons here. The demons are also guarding a TITANITE CHUNK on the ledge. There's also a chest behind the Giant Blacksmith with the rare HAWK RING, which you can get by rolling between the Giant and the wall and squeezing yourself behind him to open the chest. Furthermore, in the main chamber of the castle, there's a window on the top level that's broken out. By exiting this window and climbing down to a ledge, you can jump from this ledge to a terrace with a DRAGONSLAYER GREATBOW and DRAGONSLAYER ARROW.

    Now that all that's done, go to the main hall and use the Black Eye Orb to invade the world of Knight Lautrec, murderer of the Fire Keeper. Lautrec has two companions, a lancer and a spellcaster, but the greatest threat is Lautrec himself, for his attacks are unblockable. Eliminate the frail spellcaster first, then focus on avoiding Lautrec and killing the spearman. When it's just Lautrec, strafe to avoid his attacks get behind him for a backstab. For your effort, you will receive a SOUVENIR OF REPRISAL, the FIRE KEEPER SOUL, the RING OF FAVOR AND PROTECTION, and 5 HUMANITIES. Be sure to use that Fire Keeper Soul to revive the Fire Keeper in Firelink Shrine.


    Behind the white light in the main hall, you'll have to face not one but two bosses. This will make the battle much harder, as you'll have to separate them and fight one while keeping an eye out for the other. The worst mistake you can make it to get between them; instead, use the pillars (or pillar stumps, if they're damaged) to block one bosses path to you while you get a hit or two on your main target. Don't bother damaging both at once, as when one goes down, the other becomes more powerful and will be fully healed.

    The order in which you defeat these two is an important choice. If you slay Ornstein (the human-sized one) first, he will drop the LEO RING, but Smourgh (the big guy) will become charged with lightning. Defeating the supercharged Smourgh will then net you the SOUL OF SMOURGH. On the other hand, if you first kill Smourgh, he will drop nothing, and Ornstein will be powered up and grow to an enormous size. When the giant Ornstein falls, he will drop the SOUL OF ORNSTEIN. Additionally, if you don't tell the character Patches that you are a cleric, he will become a merchant as sell the armor of whichever boss you slew last, Ornstein or Smourgh. Whichever option you choose, be sure to switch and kill them in the opposite order if and when you play through the game a second time.

    The difficult part of this fight is getting the two separated so you can focus on damaging your target. Smourgh is usually big and slow, making it easy to dodge his giant hammer swings. The other benefit is that there's a lot of him to hit. He does have one annoying move that he'll always use right when you get Ornstein alone: whenever he's far away from you, he'll run at you full speed and knock you into the air with his hammer. The best way to prevent him from doing this is to make sure there's a pillar in his way, as he'll get stuck on it during his run.

    Ornstein usually walks at a slow pace, and his spear attacks aren't nearly as heavy and difficult to block as Smourgh's hammer. The problem with Ornstein is that some of his attacks are lightning charged, so you'll still take some damage even if you block with a normal shield. At long range, Ornstein may fly toward you to impale you with his spear, but his favorite ranged move is to throw lightning bolts at you.

    Defeating this dynamic duo will grant you 30,000S.

    After the fight, take the elevator on either side up to the BONFIRE. While you're up on this level, go around to the back corner to find HELM OF FAVOR, EMBRACED ARMOR OF FAVOR, GAUNTLETS OF FAVOR, and LEGGINGS OF FAVOR. Now head up through the door into the royal chamber, when you will meet Gwynevere. She'll give you the LORDVESSEL, which allows you to warp between bonfires that have Fire Keepers. You'll also receive the achievement/trophy, "Lordvessel." You can also join her covenant (or simply offer to join) for the achievement, "Covenant: Princess's Guard." Joining will also gain you the RING OF THE SUN PRINCESS.

    Before you proceed any further, be warned that now is your first and last chance to join the Darkwraith Covenant. To do so, you must first go to Darkroot Basin and defeat Sif, then use his ring to enter the Abyss and fight the Four Kings. After that, with the Lordvessel in your possession, speak to the Primordial Serpent, Darkstalker Kaathe, and he will offer to let you join the covenant. If you speak to his brother, Kingseeker Frampt, at any time after acquiring the Lordvessel, you will be forced to side with Frampt and Kaathe's covenant will no longer be available. On the other hand, siding with Kaathe will anger Frampt and cause him to disappear.

    When you do head back to Firelink, speak to Siegmeyer and say "yes" when he asks if you opened the gate to Sen's Fortress. He'll be so grateful that he'll give you the miracle, EMIT FORCE. He'll journey to Blighttown next, where he'll be in need of your help again. However, if you want to earn a Titanite Slab, you'll want to leave him in his current pickle until you've met his daughter, Sieglinde, in the Duke's Archives.

    Note that you only get one opportunity to buy spells from Logan at Firelink Shrine. Once you speak to him, he will leave for the Duke's Archives the next time you leave the area. Don't fret, however; any spells that Logan only sells in Firelink will also be sold by Griggs after Logan departs.

    6.1) Undead Asylum, Part 2

  • Crest Shield (dropped by Hollow Oscar)
  • Rusted Iron Ring (Undead Asylum F2 West, requires key of same name)
  • Titanite Slab (dropped by Stray Demon)
  • Peculiar Doll (guarded by Black Knight in hall above Stray Demon arena)
  • Red Titanite Chunk (dropped by Black Knight)
  • To return to the Undead Asylum, you must first have activated the elevator in Undead Parish. Take the elevator up from Firelink Shrine, and as you pass the roof of the elevator room, step off onto it. Now go around to the right, where there's a cliff. From this cliff, you can jump to a stone projection from the tower, which will lead you up into it. Now ascend the stairs to reach the crow's nest, then curl up in a ball there for a while. After about 20 seconds, the crow will come and take you to Undead Asylum.

    The first thing you'll notice is that the area is now populated by Torch Zombies, and they're significantly more powerful than they were the first time around. You also notice that you can trade with Snuggly again, according to the chart in the first chapter. To trade an item, drop it in her nest and exit the game. Load the game, and you'll find that your item has been replaced with the item you were trading for. This can only be done with one of each item per game (including one regular Pyromancy Flame and Quelanna's ascended Pyromancy Flame). Some trades are more worthwhile than others, you'll find.

    There are two new areas to explore here. First, if you step into the center of the arena where you fought the Asylum Demon, you'll fall through the floor and drop into the arena of his brother, the Stray Demon. Before you fight him, you can go around the edge of the arena to avoid the fight, then head back up to the second floor. Watch out for the old boulder trap, which is now reset. The other thing you have to worry about here is Oscar, Knight of Astora, who has been revived as a Hollow. Defeating him will yield his CREST SHIELD.

    In the room where the first Undead Soldier was, you can now unlock the gate with the Undead Asylum F2 West Key. This leads to the top of the broken stairway that was previously unreachable, with a RUSTED IRON RING to collect. This item will give you full freedom of movement even in water, swamps, or tar.


    Though he is stronger and more durable, the Stray Demon's attack pattern is essentially the same as the Asylum Demon's. The Stray Demon does introduce one new move that makes the fight quite a bit harder: a firey explosion that deals fire damage and tears right through your guard. You can tell he's about to perform this move when he signals with his weapon, which is your cue to get your distance from him. When he raises his hammer over his head to attack, this swing will also generate an explosion.

    Focus on getting behind him to attack as with the Asylum Demon, but if he initiates his explosion attack, abort your assault and dodge away. Though he's powerful, he retains his predecessor's slowness, so there'll be a window of opportunity to attack after his final swing. Defeating the Stray Demon yields 20,000S and the highly sought after TITANITE SLAB.

    After defeating the boss, you can exit his arena via a ladder. The ladder takes you to the entrance to a hallway. Head right to find another ladder leading back up, but head left, and you'll find a Black Knight guarding an item, the PECULIAR DOLL, which is needed to access the Painted World of Artemis. The knight himself drops a RED TITANITE CHUNK instead of the normal, colorless kind.

    6.2) Darkroot Garden

  • Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier (after the first ledge)
  • Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier (in pass, guarded by three bushes)
  • Partisan (pass in forest area before Moonlight Butterfly fight)
  • Soul of the Moonlight Butterfly (dropped by Moonlight Butterfly)
  • There are two ways to access Darkroot Garden. The main way is to defeat (or sneak past) Havel the Rock, a powerful knight at the bottom of the tower that preceded the Taurus Demon boss fight in Undead Burg. Havel has a tremendous weapon that will smash right through any normal guard, and a nigh-impenetrable defense with his tower shield and heavy armor. On the bright side, he's slow, so the easy solution is to evade his attacks and backstab him a few times until he dies. Alternatively, using magic, fire, or lightning damage will prove far more effective than physical damage in this encounter. He will drop HAVEL'S RING, an invaluable item that increases your maximum equip load by 50%.

    The second way to get into Darkroot Garden is by cutting through Darkroot Basin. Check the corresponding section for information on that area. This guide will assume that you're entering from the Undead Parish, but the two entrances are very close together here, so the difference is minute.

    When you emerge from the tower, head through a narrow pass. Here you'll face the Demonic Foliage, which is basically an evil shrub. At medium range, his only attack is Vine Whip, which is easily blocked. However, if you get up close, he can perform a bite attack and eat you, which will obviously cause a lot of damage. Ahead, you'll have to fight two more evil shrubs near a ledge. Hopefully, you're thinking what I'm thinking, which is that you can easily kick these veggie fiends to their deaths in this positon. On the negative side, you can easily be knocked off too. Past the second enemy, you'll find a LARGE SOUL OF A NAMELESS SOLDIER.

    After defeating the Foliage, you'll come to a stone gate, which can only be opened with the Crest of Artorias, which is sold by Andre of Astora (the blacksmith) for a whopping 20,000S! Save your money, as there's another way to get past this obstacle later on in Darkroot Basin. However, there is a wall to the left of the door that you can smash to reveal a BONFIRE.

    Instead of fretting about that locked door, let's head down into the garden via the path on the right. As you descend, you'll notice a small clearing with a LARGE SOUL OF A NAMELESS SOLDIER surrounded by three bushes. Who would guess that they are actually Demonic Foliage waiting to ambush you? Once you've defeated (or ignored) these tricky plants, traverse the white light ahead.

    You'll be in a forest area, populated by the familiar Foliage as well as a new enemy, the Great Stone Knight. This guy is a slow, hard-hitting statue, but with a trick up his sleeve: he can cast a spell that slows you down to his level whenever you come near him. You'll want to either interrupt this move or run away until it wears off, because once you're trapped in its invisible field, this knight suddenly becomes a whole lot tougher. The other enemy that shows up here is the Tree Lizard, a two-headed lizard with snakelike necks that sticks to trees and camoflauges itself, then bites you if you pass it. In my experience, the Tree Lizards are far less of a concern that the Stone Knights.

    There's a small pass in this area leading to a dead end with a PARTISAN, which is a polearm weapon. The other point of note is the tower, which leads up to the Moonlight Butterfly boss fight. Make sure you're packing a shield with decent magic defense, as well as some kind of ranged weapon.


    You'll have to fight this flying foe from a nearby bridge, so a long-range attack method is ideal. This frail enemy floats like a butterfly, but it stings like a bee. Actually, it's various magic projectile attacks are far worse than a bee sting. The butterfly's favorite move is to shoot homing magic missiles at you, which move very quickly. With enough magic defense, you can block, but it's better to dodge them completely.

    The butterfly has several other magic attacks that it occasionally uses in place of its needle-like missiles. It's second favorite is a slow-moving energy ball that floats toward you, and is more powerful but more easily evaded than the normal attack. The Moonlight Butterfly's rarest and most deadly attacks are seldom seen. The first is an energy beam that sweeps across the bridge in front of the butterfly, but this can be evaded by distancing yourself from the beam's radius. When the butterfly flies over the bridge, it will drop an energy bomb on you, so keep your distance whenever it passes over you.

    Ocassionally, the butterfly will land on the bridge. This allows melee attacks to hit it while it charges up its most powerful attack, an energy explosion. To stop it, you either need to damage it enough to knock it off the bridge, or if you can't accompish that, run away just before the attack goes off.

    The Moonlight Butterfly will drop a mere 3,000S, but it also drops the valuable SOUL OF THE MOONLIGHT BUTTERFLY, which can be used to ascend one of two powerful weapons. To get the other weapon that can be forged with this soul, you'll have to wait until New Game+.

    To advance further in Darkroot Garden, you'll need to either purchase the overpriced key from Andre or defeat the Hydra in Darkroot Basin.

    6.3) Darkroot Basin

  • Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier (near lakeside area)
  • Leather Armor Set (ledge near Crystal Lizard)
  • Longbow ("")
  • Feather Arrow x16 ("")
  • Grass Crest Shield (near bonfire room, guarded by Black Knight)
  • Blue Titanite Chunk (dropped by Black Knight)
  • Aside from coming through Darkroot Garden, the primary way into the Darkroot Basin is to defeat (or sneak past) the Prowling Demon below Andre's workshop. The Prowling Demon is very versatile, with a long polearm and lightning magic too. Though he has a tail, it cannot be severed, and it can actually hit you during some of his attacks. The price of his wide-reaching swings is that they won't even hit you if you're right underneath him, and his finishing strike takes so long that you'll have plenty of time to move out of its range. This provides an opportunity to take him down. The Prowling Demon drops 1,000S and DEMON TITANITE.

    As you descend from the tower, you'll spy a nearby LARGE SOUL OF A NAMELESS SOLDIER. You'll also notice numerous Crystal Golems around. These are strong, slow foes, and you can take advantage of their lengthy attacks to hit them many times while they recover, though their high defense means it will take a good number of hits to bring one down. Don't get too close to the lake, or the Hydra will attack you with a deadly volley of water blasts.

    Up on the cliffside, there is a path leading up and one that leads down. Take the path up to find a Crystal Lizard, who you should kill for his valuable one-time loot. Drop down from near the Lizard's location to collect LEATHER ARMOR, LEATHER GLOVES, LEATHER BOOTS, a LONGBOW, and 16 FEATHER ARROWS. This bow is preferable to the paltry shortbow, if you have the attributes to handle it. If you continue to follow the path up, it leads to the beginning of Darkroot Garden.

    The path that leads down will take you to a Black Knight with a spear, guarding a GRASS CREST SHIELD, an awesome shield that absorbs almost all physical damage, but more importantly, it speeds up your stamina recovery. The Black Knight also drops a BLUE TITANITE CHUNK when slain, which is very nice. Unless you don't want his drop, be careful not to knock the knight off the ledge. If you continue down, you'll come across a BONFIRE and an elevator leading to the Valley of Drakes. To advance further in Darkroot Basin, you'll need to defeat the Hydra.

    6.4) Valley of Drakes

  • Brigand Armor Set (on bridge, guarded by Wyvern)
  • Spider Shield ("")
  • Red Tearstone Ring (ladder near gate to New Londo Ruins, guarded by three Wyverns)
  • Humanity (on ledge, guarded by Wyvern)
  • Astora's Straight Sword (guarded by Undead Dragon)
  • Dragon Crest Shield ("")
  • Soul of a Proud Knight ("")
  • Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier (ledge, by entrance to New Londo Ruins)
  • Witch Set ("", after completing The Depths)
  • Assuming that you're emerging from the Darkroot Basin elevator, the first foe you'll encounter will be a Wyvern. These draconic enemies breathe lightning instead of fire, which most shields won't completely protect against, so you'll want to evade their breath attacks rather than blocking. At close range, Wyverns use an extremely fast bite attack you'll want to guard against. The Wyvern will also occasionally fly up in the air and either swoop down on you or breathe lightning. Usually, the Wyvern will stick the landing, but every now and then, the Wyvern will fall to its death. Note that Wyverns have a very, very small chance to drop the elusive Dragon Scale items.

    The next Wyvern is on the bridge, guarding a body with BRIGAND HOOD, ARMOR, GAUNTLETS, and TROUSERS, as well as a SPIDER SHIELD. Across the bridge are three more Wyverns. Fighting more than one at a time can be suicidal, so lure them out onto the bridge and fight them one at a time. When all three are dead, climb the ladder on the right to collect the RED TEARSTONE RING, which increases your attack by 50% when you're health is at 20% or less. Note that this door can only be opened from the other side, in the New Londo Ruins.

    Around the ledge where you fought the first enemy is another Wyvern guarding HUMANITY. Continue along the ledge to come upon an Undead Dragon.


    The Undead Dragon is a monster in melee combat, thanks to his sweeping claw attack and noxious breath. If you have only melee weapons, then go get your hands on some long-range magic, or a bow, or something, because fighting him at range is so much easier.

    The thing about the Undead Dragon is that he can't move from the cliffside. Thus, you can safe stand just outside the reach of his breath and pelt him with arrows or spells. I recommend pyromancy or fire arrows from the female merchant in Undead Burg, as the dragon is weak to fire.

    Beating the dragon here yields 3,000S and sadly, no Dragon Scale. The one in the Painted World of Ariamis gives much better drops, and is still just as easy. However, this dragon does yield some desirable loot in the form of the items it was guarding: ASTORA'S STRAIGHT SWORD, DRAGON CREST SHIELD, and SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT.

    Past the Undead Dragon's resting place is a bridge leading to a couple of ledges. One ledge leads to Blighttown, while the other leads to the New Londo Ruins. To open the latter door, you'll need the Key to New Londo Ruins from Blighttown. On this same ledge, you can also collect a LARGE SOUL OF A NAMELESS SOLDIER near the gate to the ruins. If you've cleared the Abyss, a body should appear here with WITCH'S HAT, WITCH'S CLOAK, WITCH'S GLOVES, WITCH'S SKIRT, and BEATRICE'S CATALYST.

    6.5) Painted World of Ariamis

  • Humanity (on body suspended by rope)
  • Soul of a Proud Knight (stairs where Engorged Zombies first appear)
  • Soul of a Brave Warrior (basement of first building, with Snow Rats)
  • Soul of a Proud Knight (roof of first building)
  • Dried Finger (ledge on first building, drop down from roof)
  • Soul of a Brave Warrior (upper floor of second building)
  • Egg Vermifuge ("", opposite side)
  • Painting Guardian Clothing Set (basement of second building)
  • Large Soul of a Proud Knight (outside exit from second building)
  • Soul of a Brave Warrior (behind the tower)
  • Red Sign Soapstone (top of tower)
  • (drop down from previous item)
  • Dragon Scale (dropped by Undead Dragon)
  • Large Soul of a Proud Knight (on bridge, guarded by Undead Dragon)
  • Bloodshield ("")
  • (hanging body, drops into graveyard on lower level)
  • Ring of Sacrifice (on wall above graveyard)
  • Large Soul of a Proud Knight (battlefield on ledge)
  • Soul of a Proud Knight x2 ("")
  • Acid Surge ("", hidden near wall behind partition)
  • Barbed Whip (dropped by Jeremiah)
  • Soul of a Brave Warrior (underground, room with Wheel Skeletons)
  • Soul of a Proud Knight ("")
  • Annex Key (tunnel behind a hidden wall, near the crank)
  • Fire Surge (dropped by Engorged Zombie, at exit from hidden tunnel)
  • Vow of Silence (in annex, on path up)
  • Mask of Velka (path toward tower in annex)
  • Black Cleric Set ("")
  • Dark Ember (on path down from annex)
  • Velka's Rapier (behind wooden wall in annex area)
  • Priscilla Dagger (dropped if you sever Priscilla's tail)
  • Soul of Priscilla (dropped by Priscilla)
  • Xanthous Set (near exit of world, after beating Priscilla and Dark Phantom Jeremiah)
  • You can access this area from the lower floor of the church in Anor Londo, by lowering the rotating platform to complete the bridge and taking the stairs down to the church's lower entrance. To enter, you'll also need the Peculiar Doll, meaning that you must have returned to Undead Asylum to retrieve it. Be warned that once you enter the Painted World of Ariamis, you must complete the entire area to escape. Make sure you bring a bow and a good supply of arrows to fight the Undead Dragon.

    Upon arriving, cross the bridge to reach the snow-capped mountain ahead. At the top of the stairs is a BONFIRE. Upstairs from here are three Zombies and a locked gate. Over by the stairs on your right, look for a body hanging from a rope, with the familiar glow of an item. Shoot the rope with an arrow to cause the body to drop, earning you its HUMANITY. Now go up the stairs. At the top are a few Zombies, but just around the corner are some Engorged Zombies, which explode in a toxic-inflicting blood splatter when killed. In the same place where they appear, you'll find a SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT.

    Upstairs, there'll be a bridge to your right and a house on your left. Enter the house and go down to the basement to kill a couple of Snow Rats and pick up SOUL OF A BRAVE WARRIOR. Now go outside and circle back around this building to reach an alternate path, located at a junction before the appearance of the Engorged Zombies. You'll have to fight some Zombies to ascend to the roof of a building, where there's a corpse with a SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT. Two Crow Demons will probably attack you, but if you're lucky, they'll accidentally fly off the roof to their deaths while you're fighting them. Drop down from this roof to the balcony below for a DRIED FINGER.

    Now head across the bridge to where a Zombie archer is shooting at you. Take him out, then turn your attention to the enemies approaching you. This building is filled with Engorged Zombies! You'll want to kill them with backstabs or fire to avoid their toxic suicide attack. Like with all groups of strong enemies, it can help to split them up too. If you get cornered in the area where the archer was, you can jump down to the basement from here to escape a sticky situation.

    On the balcony on the lower floor, cut the rope here to drop a body with an item to the ground level. On the opposite side of the building, take the stairs and then enter an alcove with another set of stairs to reach the upper level. Go to the end of this platform and jump across to the next, where you can find SOUL OF A BRAVE WARRIOR. On the other end of this floor is an EGG VERMIFUGE. Take the ladder here to reach the basement, with two Snow Rats and a chest containing PAINTING GUARDIAN HOOD, PAINTING GUARDIAN ROBE, PAINTING GUARDIAN GLOVES, and PAINTING GUARDIAN WAISTCLOTH.

    Back on the lower floor of this building, take the exit by the stairs we took previously. Outside is a LARGE SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT, but watch out for the Zombie who'll climb and attack you when you approach it. Now turn around and approach the tower ahead. Drop down and get behind the tower to collect SOUL OF A BRAVE WARRIOR. From here, you can jump across the chasm leading back to the basement to a safe landing platform that will take you back up to the second building's lower floor.

    When you try to ascend the tower, Crow Demons will attack you. These enemies can punch you with their wings or fly toward you. Despite this, they're surprisingly slow, and you can easily get behind them and hit them during both of these attacks. At the top of the tower is RED SIGN SOAPSTONE. Drop down to the ledge beside the stairs for SOUL OF A BRAVE WARRIOR. On the bridge adjacent to the tower is an Undead Dragon. When you approach the bridge, the Undead Dragon will slide toward you and breathe poisonous breath in your direction.


    If you want to fight him in melee, the Undead Dragon's claws and vile breath will prove a daunting challenge. However, if you want to fight at range, you'll discover that the Undead Dragon has no ranged attacks, nor can he move from his resting place. In other words, if you have enough arrows and stand just outside his attack range, he's humorously easy. Watch out for his billowing breath, though; its range is longer than you think, and you can get trapped on the bottom level by it. Therefore, I recommend you shoot him from the stairs instead. The Undead Dragon has a weakness to fire damage, so pyromancy and fire-elemental projectiles will bring him down that much faster.

    If you don't have any arrows, well, I did try to warn you at the beginning of this chapter. Surely you have some means of ranged attack? Pyromancy maybe? If you get close enough to avoid his breath, he'll attack with his claws and bite, the latter of which is highly deadly. You might be able to make melee work if you can dodge his attacks (good luck blocking). Really, though, it's an unnecessary burden to take upon yourself unless you have no other choice.

    Upon being defeated, the Undead Dragon will drop 5000S and a DRAGON SCALE.

    After slaying the dragon, you can pick up the LARGE SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT and the BLOODSHIELD from the bridge. The latter item has a special effect that increases your resistances to bleeding, poison, toxic, and curse, which will make it useful when you face foes with those types of attacks. A disgusting growth obstructs further passage across the bridge, so you'll have to return later. For now, head down the stairs leading to the tower basement. A locked door down here bars passage, so turn around and traverse the light on the opposite side.

    In the next room, there is a large group of enemies called Phalanx, a throwback to an early enemy in Demon's Souls. Except they're pink and zombie-ish now... Anyway, the Phalanx have shields that will block all of your attacks, and their spears can be either stabbed at you or thrown, giving them considerable range. To defeat a Phalanx army like this one, get on one side of the army and block while the army focuses on you and throws spears at you. Then, when they're all facing you, run around to the back of the army and hit the monsters from behind while they slowly struggle to turn their gooey bodies around. After the battle, open the gate leading back to the bonfire.

    In the graveyard, collect HUMANITY, then ascend the stairs to get the RING OF SACRIFICE on the wall. On the ramparts outside, you'll encounter numerous Zombies, but also numerous items: LARGE SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT and 2 SOULS OF A PROUD KNIGHT. Hidden in the corner by the city wall is the pyromancy, ACID SURGE. After taking thse items and coming to this location in Human Form, you will be invaded by a Dark Spirit: Xanthous King Jeremiah, a foe with a barbed whip and powerful pyromancy. Killing him will yield the BARBED WHIP, humanity, and quite a few souls.

    The last thing to do is to go up the stairs leading up to a small doorway. On the left, there's a SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT guarded by four hidden Zombies. Ahead is the path leading down to the underground area. At first, it looks like this area is safe, but frankly, it's not. There are Wheel Skeletons in here, and each one can do a spinning attack that can guard break you and then kill you in one move. Dodge these wheeled monsters, then kill them while they recover. Obviously, you'll want to try to fight them one at a time. When all nine Wheel Skeletons are slain, you can recover SOUL OF A BRAVE WARRIOR and SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT.

    Turn the crank to open the passage in the tower, then look for a dirt wall nearby an strike it to dispel it. This thin tunnel network is filled with Wheel Skeletons, which doesn't bode well for you. Lure them into junctions so that you can avoid them. The left path leads only to a Skeleton and a ladder to the well in the courtyard. The right path, obscured by more illusory walls, leads to a Skeleton and the ANNEX KEY, which will open the annex in the courtyard. The last path, the one forward, will lead to a Skeleton, and then to an Engorged Zombie who, when slain, will drop the FIRE SURGE pyromancy.

    Now go back to the courtyard and find a small wooden door that can only be opened with the Annex Key. When you come out, turn around and head up the stairs toward an anrgy Engorged Zombie who shoot you with fire blasts. Knock him down, then fight any Crow Demons that land down here. After that, collect the VOW OF SILENCE miracle up here. Down the stairs leading to the tower, you can collect the MASK OF VELKA, BLACK CLERIC ROBE, BLACK MANCHETTE, and BLACK TIGHTS.

    Back at the beginning of the annex area, head along the walkway and fight three Engorged Zombies, then collect the DARK EMBER at the bottom. Give this to Andre the next time you see him, as it will allow him to ascend divine weapons into occult weapons. From the same point, the right path (blocked with a breakable wooden wall) will lead to VELKA'S RAPIER.

    When you're ready, head to the tower basement and go through the opened door onto the lower bridge. You'll fight several Zombies, and once you slay the last one in sight, four will climb up from below and ambush you. The greatest threat here, however, is a Heavy Knight with a greatsword, making his attacks powerful enough to easily shatter your guard. Keep your distance and wait for an opening to attack, then quickly back off. This enemies will respawn, and he will always drop Large Titanite Shards when killed, and sometimes a Tower Shield to boot. Traverse the white light to encounter Priscilla the Crossbreed and a ledge you can jump from to escape the Painted World.


    If you don't want to fight Priscilla, don't attack her, and she won't hurt you. You can simply speak to her if you choose and then walk right past her to the exit. If you do want to battle, however, read on.

    First off, use Priscilla's initial pacifism to get behind her with a powerful weapon and attack her tail as many times as you can before she becomes enraged. Hopefully, this will sever her tail, granting you PRISCILLA'S DAGGER. Otherwise, try to sever her tail during the fight.

    Priscilla's main attack is to slice with her scythe, which inflicts bleeding. You'll take a significant chunk of damage if your bleeding bar fills up, so avoid getting hit. Try to dodge instead of blocking, as even then some bleeding damage can get through. Her next attack is a lethal mist blast that covers a wide area and deals strong unblockable damage. Don't stand in its area of effect, needless to say. Her last and most deadly trick is to turn invisible. She can continue to attack you while you are unable to lock on to block. Watch for her footprints in the snow, then approach her and hit her a few times to end the invisibility.

    Defeating Priscilla will earn you many rewards: 30,000S, the SOUL OF PRISCILLA, and the achievement/trophy, "Defeat Crossbreed Priscilla." Jump from the ledge to leave the Painted World.

    Upon your return to the Painted World, if you defeat both Jeremiah and Priscilla, you will find a body near the jumping ledge with XANTHOUS CROWN, XANTHOUS OVERCOAT, XANTHOUS GLOVES, and XANTHOUS WAISTCLOTH.

    7) Crystal Lizard Locations

    These infernal geckos were the bane of every Demon's Souls completionist. Certain rare ores were only dropped by these guys, and they could disappear forever if they escaped in certain cases.

    To my knowledge, there is no item in this game that can only be received from Crystal Lizards. Furthermore, it seems that each Lizard will reappear if it escapes, as long as it does not die. It's well worth it to hunt down and kill these little guys, as they drop some very helpful upgrade materials. Here's a list of the places you can find Crystal Lizards, for your reference:

  • Undead Burg (barrel near white light barrier leading to Taurus Demon)
  • Darkroot Basin (near the slope opposite the Hydra in the waterfall)
  • The Catacombs (drop from bridge on right after pulling first lever)
  • The Catacombs x2 ("")
  • Tomb of the Giants (along the slope as you exit the darkness)
  • The Great Hollow x2 (jump down to the branch on the right just after the initial bonfire)
  • The Great Hollow x3 (follow the path around from the last area, random)
  • The Great Hollow (near bend in the main branch after starting point)
  • The Great Hollow (jump down from Basilisk Nest)
  • Lost Izalith (passage connecting Demon Firesage area w/ Prowling Demon area)
  • Duke's Archives (stairs before first battle with Seath)
  • Crystal Cave x3 (jump down from second Crystal Golem platform and look back)

  • 8) Version History


  • Walkthrough expanded - Sen's Fortress, Anor Londo.
  • Optional areas added - Undead Asylum Part 2, Darkroot Garden, Darkroot Basin, Valley of Drakes, and Painted World of Ariamis.
  • v1.03

  • Walkthrough expanded - Blighttown and Quelaag's Domain.
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  • Walkthrough expanded - Undead Burg Part 2 and The Depths.
  • Guide converted from txt to html format.
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  • Gameplay Primer expanded.
  • Gifts section expanded.
  • Walkthrough expanded - Undead Burg and Undead Parish.
  • Crystal Lizard Locations added.
  • Asylum Demon boss tips added.
  • Differing item name translation reconciled.
  • Factual error regarding "infernal geckos" corrected.
  • Spacing and typographical errors corrected.
  • v1.00

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