Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 2

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ



  • Play as Super Sonic

    Successfully complete all special stages, and collect all seven Chaos Emeralds. Then, collect 50 rings and press Triangle to turn into Super Sonic.

  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      The Adventure Begins (Bronze): Clear SYLVANIA CASTLE ZONE, Act 1.
      Rolling Combo! (Bronze): Activate the Rolling Combo with Sonic and Tails.
      Metal Sonic Falls (Bronze): Defeat Metal Sonic in SKY FORTRESS ZONE, Act 1.
      A Golden Wave (Bronze): Defeat all bosses as Super Sonic.
      All Stages Cleared! (Bronze): Defeat the final foe and watch the ending.
      Tag Partner (Bronze): Upload a Multiplayer score or time.
      I Love Tails (Bronze): Play as Tails 50 times.
      Ring Collector (Bronze): Beat Special Stage 1 after collecting every Ring.
      Endurance Race (Silver): Clear all stages without returning to the World Map.
      All Chaos Emeralds Found! (Silver): Collect all seven Chaos Emeralds.
      Proof of Speed (Silver): Clear SYLVANIA CASTLE ZONE, Act 1 in one minute or less.
      All Red Star Rings Found! (Gold): Defeat the final foe after collecting every Red Star Ring.

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