Sports Champions 2


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Mr. Z (Platinum): Unlock all Bronze, Silver, and Gold Trophies.
      Strike! A Pose (Bronze): Accumulate 20 strikes in Bowling.
      Split Happens (Bronze): In Bowling, pick up a split spare.
      Pin Pal (Bronze): Complete a game of Bowling.
      You're A Piece Of Iron (Bronze): Win a single-player Boxing match without being knocked down once (Silver or higher).
      C-C-C-C-C-Combo! (Bronze): Land a 6-hit combo in Boxing.
      Upstart (Bronze): Complete a game of Boxing.
      Net Points (Bronze): In Tennis, score 10 points at the net in a single match.
      Double Deuce (Bronze): Win a Tennis game after going deuce twice.
      You Got Served (Bronze): Score two aces in a single Tennis match.
      Game-Set-Match (Bronze): Complete a game of Tennis.
      Straight Shooter (Bronze): Win a Silver difficulty level (or higher) Archery match without missing a shot.
      Arrowbics (Bronze): Last for 2 minutes in an Archery Challenge Mode match.
      Arrow Dynamic (Bronze): Get 3 split arrows in a single Archery match.
      Take A Bow (Bronze): Complete a game in Archery.
      Icy What You Did There (Bronze): During a race, cause another skier to crash.
      Frost And The Flurrious (Bronze): Pass another skiier after drafting behind them for at least 5 seconds.
      Two-Planker (Bronze): Complete a game of Skiing.
      Flipping Crazy (Bronze): Successfully land a jump with two forward flips and two back flips.
      To The Green (Bronze): In Golf, hit the ball onto the green from the tee.
      FORE! (Bronze): Complete a round of Golf with four players.
      What The Putt!? (Bronze): In Golf, make a putt over 40 feet.
      Tee Time (Bronze): Complete a game of Golf.
      Lesson Learned (Bronze): Complete a training stage in any sport.
      Party Monster! (Bronze): Complete more than 1 Party Play playlist.
      Profilin' (Bronze): Use two or more created Champions in a multiplayer game.
      Stylin' (Bronze): Customize an outfit for your Champion in all 6 sports.
      Fashion Forward (Bronze): Equip your Champion with an unlockable item.
      The Challenger (Bronze): Earn at least 2 stars on each Bronze Cup Challenge Mode.
      Star Bound (Bronze): Acquire 25 stars in Cup Play.
      Most Improved (Bronze): Improve your score in a previously completed Cup Play match.
      All Heart (Silver): Come back to win after being knocked down in a single-player Boxing match (Silver or higher).
      Unbowlievable! (Silver): In Bowling, get above a 200 point game in Silver difficulty or higher.
      Golf Carting (Silver): Win a game of Golf at each location in Free Play.
      Allstar (Silver): Acquire 100 stars in Cup Play.
      Legendary (Silver): Complete the Gold Cup in Boxing.
      King Pins! (Silver): Complete the Gold Cup in Bowling.
      Make Some Racquet! (Silver): Complete the Gold Cup in Tennis.
      Quiver With Joy! (Silver): Complete the Gold Cup in Archery.
      It's All Down Hill! (Silver): Complete the Gold Cup in Skiing.
      Clubbin' (Silver): Complete the Gold Cup in Golf.
      Sports Champions Champion (Gold): Complete the Gold Cup in all 6 sports.

    Additionally, there are two secret trophies:

      Secret trophy (Silver): Unknown.
      Secret trophy (Gold): Unknown.

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