Summer Stars 2012


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Platinum (Platinum): You've earned all trophies.
      A warm welcome (Bronze): Start the game.
      Enjoy the silence (Bronze): "Calm down" the commentator.
      First insight (Bronze): Complete the interactive tutorial in any discipline (single player).
      Ultimate understanding (Bronze): Complete the interactive tutorial in each discipline (single player).
      Comeback (Bronze): Win a Fencing bout after trailing at least 5:9 points (single player, normal).
      Close call (Bronze): At Fencing, score a point on a simultaneous attack (single player, normal).
      Flawless victory (Bronze): Win a Fencing bout without getting hit (single player, normal).
      Sniper (Bronze): Hit the bullseye 8 times in a single Archery event (single player, normal).
      Head in the clouds (Bronze): Trampolining: Achieve perfect timing for each of the first 5 jumps (single player, normal).
      Acrophobia (Bronze): Win at trampolining without making use of intermediate jumps (single player, normal).
      Purist (Bronze): Win a mountainbike race without performing tricks (single player, normal).
      Firm in the saddle (Bronze): Win a mountainbike race without crashing (single player, normal).
      Wheel on fire (Bronze): Perform a perfect start at Mountain Biking (single player).
      Down to earth (Bronze): Crash 3 times in a mountainbike race and still win (single player, normal).
      Trick cyclist (Bronze): Mountain Biking: Combine an advanced trick with another trick during 1 jump and land(single player).
      Versatile (Bronze): Perform all basic tricks and tweaks within one mountainbike race (single player).
      Perfect performance I (Bronze): Swimming: Perform a perfect start, turn and finish within one race (single player, normal).
      Perfect performance II (Bronze): Triple Jump: Achieve perfect hop, step, jump and posture within 1 attempt (single player, normal).
      Perfect performance III (Bronze): High Jump: Run up with perfect steps only and maintain a perfect posture within 1 attempt (normal).
      Awesome angle (Bronze): Attain a perfect angle 3 times in a row in a Javelin event (single player, normal).
      Terrific timing (Bronze): Throw with perfect timing 3 times in a row in any Throwing event (single player, normal).
      Changed my mind (Bronze): 400m Sprint: Achieve best intermediate time but finish in 4th place (single player, normal).
      Tough luck (Bronze): Hurdles: Be 1st before the last hurdle, crash into only this last one and lose (single player).
      Cool running (Bronze): Win a 100m sprint with a Jamaican team and beat the world record (single player, normal).
      Tour de force (Bronze): Get awarded with 5 rewards at once (single player, normal).
      Gold collector (Gold): Obtain a gold medal in each discipline (single player, normal).
      You must be cheating! (Silver): Break the world record 3 times in the same discipline (single player, normal).
      You rule the world! (Bronze): Set up a new world record in each discipline (single player, normal).
      Run like hell (Silver): Run a total of 6666 meters in the career.
      Bigger than Ben (Silver): Accumulate a jumping height of 9630cm in a career (Pole Vault, High Jump).
      First steps (Bronze): Win your first gold medal and buy your first skill in a career.
      One at a time (Bronze): Buy one skill for each sport in a career.
      Specialized (Bronze): Buy all skills for any sport in a career.
      Skillful (Bronze): Buy 30 different skills in a career.
      Warm up (Bronze): Level up 1 skill to level 3 in a career.
      Gifted (Bronze): Level up 7 skills to level 3 in a career.
      Jack of all trades (Silver): Buy all skills and fully upgrade each in a career.
      Specialist (Silver): Win all special challenges in a career.
      Who's the boss? (Silver): Win all One On Ones in a career.
      Go Pro (Bronze): Qualify for the Pro League (career).
      Pearl Cup (Bronze): Win the Pearl Cup (career).
      Advanced athlete (Silver): Qualify for the Champion League (career).
      Junior Champion (Silver): Obtain gold in each event of the Junior League (career).
      World Tour Finals (Silver): Win the World Tour Finals (career).
      Level 5 (Bronze): Reach Level 5 with your team in a career.
      Level 20 (Bronze): Reach Level 20 with your team in a career.
      Level 35 (Silver): Reach Level 35 with your team in a career.
      Level 50 (Silver): Reach Level 50 with your team in a career.
      What's next? (Gold): Win a gold medal in each event of a career.

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