Tokyo Jungle



  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      King of the Jungle (Gold): Survive 100 years in SURVIVAL.
      Tokyo Jungle (Silver): Complete STORY and view the true ending.
      Jungle Man (Silver): Survive 45 years in SURVIVAL.
      Can-Do Creature (Silver): Finish all challenges in single playthrough.
      Master of Shibuya (Bronze): Complete "The Return of the Tosas."
      Underdog (Bronze): Complete "Shattered Pride."
      Jungle Boy (Bronze): Survive 30 years in SURVIVAL.
      Pedigree (Bronze): Survive for 10 generations in SURVIVAL.
      Furry Fashionista (Bronze): Wear a complete series of clothing.
      Jungle Baby (Bronze): Complete the tutorial.
      World Debut (Bronze): Enter the online rankings.
      First Mate (Bronze): Mate with a female in SURVIVAL.
      First Hunt (Bronze): Defeat an animal in SURVIVAL.

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