The X-Factor


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Boot camp (Bronze): Qualified for Boot camp.
      Judges' house (Bronze): Qualified for the Judges' house.
      On air (Bronze): Qualified for the Live shows.
      Focused (Bronze): Rehearse 1 song in same career.
      Serious (Bronze): Rehearse 8 songs in the same career.
      Professional (Bronze): Rehearse 15 songs in the same career.
      Viewers' favourite (Bronze): Finish a Live show in first place.
      Narrow escape (Bronze): Escape a final showdown.
      Brilliant (Bronze): Answer quiz correctly 3 times in the same career.
      Omniscient (Bronze): Answer quiz correctly 8 times in the same career.
      Solo (Bronze): Perform 1 song in Solo mode.
      Duo (Bronze): Perform 1 song in Duet mode.
      Battle (Bronze): Perform 1 song in Battle mode.
      Competition (Bronze): Complete 1 Competition.
      Bronze disc (Bronze): Get a minimum of 6 000 points.
      Star (Silver): Finish 3 Live shows in first place during the same career.
      Real star (Silver): Win the competition in Star mode.
      Piece of cake! (Silver): Win the contest without ever being in the final showdown.
      Guardian angel (Silver): Win the contest after being in the final showdown at each stage.
      Jack-of-all-trades (Silver): Perform all the songs in Solo mode.
      Harmony (Silver): Perform all the songs in Duet mode.
      Silver disc (Silver): Get a minimum of 10 000 points.
      Addict (Silver): Sing at least 2 hours.
      Keen music lover (Silver): Sing 50 songs.
      Fashion victim (Silver): Wear all customisation items.
      Superstar (Gold): Win the competition in Superstar mode.
      Gold disc (Gold): Get a minimum score of 15 000 points.
      Crazy night (Gold): Sing at least 3 hours.
      Warm-up artist (Gold): Sing 100 songs.
      Grand slam (Gold): Unlock all game tracks and customisation items.
      The X Factor (Platinum): Complete all the other trophies.

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