Yakuza: Dead Souls



Note: This game is also titled Ryu Ga Gotoku: Of The End.

  • Completion bonuses

    Successfully complete the game to get 1 million yen, the Dead Souls and Extra Hard difficulties, and New Game+ mode.

  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Akiyama Trophy (Silver): Land 100 head shots with Akiyama.
      Majima Trophy (Silver): Defeat 100 enemies using Heat Sniping with Majima.
      Goda Trophy (Silver): Destroy 100 wield-able objects with Goda.
      Kiryu Trophy (Silver): Defeat 100 mutant variants with Kiryu.
      Zombie Hunter (Bronze): Defeat 100 zombies.
      Zombie Collector (Bronze): Defeat each type of mutant variant.
      Recycler (Bronze): Collect 100 items in battle.
      Old-School (Bronze): Defeat 10 zombies using wield-able objects.
      Road Rage (Bronze): Run over 10 zombies with a forklift or bulldozer.
      Nice Try (Bronze): Shoot down an enemy projectile with a Heat Snipe.
      Steamed Vegetable (Bronze): Kill a Hermit with fire while it is still armored.
      Oh, the Humanity! (Bronze): Successfully Heat Snipe a gas tanker.
      Golden Brown (Bronze): Defeat 50 zombies with fire.
      My Eyes! (Bronze): Daze 50 zombies with stun grenades.
      Heavily Armed Bank (Bronze): Amass over 10 million yen.
      Substory 4 (Bronze): Finish 4 substories.
      Substory 20 (Bronze): Finish 20 substories.
      Substory 40 (Bronze): Finish 40 substories.
      Kamurocho Spelunker (Bronze): Initiate the Kamurocho Subterranea mission.
      Start of Something Good (Bronze): Befriend your first Perfect Partner character.
      Social Butterfly (Bronze): Have all 14 partner characters available.
      Mission Complete! (Bronze): Clear a directive from Hasegawa.
      Hasegawa's Right Hand (Bronze): Cumulative point total from Hasegawa's directives hit 5,000.
      Vigilante Gourmet (Bronze): Order from every restaurant at least once.
      Getting Some Action (Bronze): Fight zombies together with a hostess.
      My First Mod (Bronze): Mod one weapon or piece of armor.
      A Weapon Freak is Born (Bronze): Create at least one weapon from each category.
      Official Sponsor (Bronze): Fully upgrade Kamiyama's truck.
      All Units, Report! (Bronze): Train at Gary's Boot Camp with all four protagonists.
      Life of the Party (Bronze): Play every song at karaoke.
      Lounge Lizard (Bronze): Play darts and pool five times each.
      Outdoorsman (Bronze): Go golfing and fishing once each.
      Indoor Sportsman (Bronze): Go batting, bowling, and play table tennis three times each.
      Pro Gambler (Bronze): Play each Japanese gambling game once.
      Casino Master (Bronze): Play each casino game once.
      Welcome to SEGA (Bronze): Play each game in Club SEGA.
      Pachinko Wizard (Bronze): Obtain the "trophy" prize at the Volcano Prize Exchange counter.
      Brainiac (Bronze): Win at mahjong and shogi once each.

    Additionally, there are 11 secret trophies:

      Platinum (Platinum): Earn all other trophies in the game.
      Part I Complete (Bronze): Complete the four chapters of Part I.
      Part II Complete (Bronze): Complete the four chapters of Part II.
      Part III Complete (Bronze): Complete the four chapters of Part III.
      Part IV Complete (Bronze): Complete the four chapters of Part IV.
      Thanks for Playing! (Gold): Complete the Final Chapter.
      The True Ending (Silver): Complete Extra Hard Mode.
      Savior of Kamurocho (Gold): Complete Dead Souls Mode.
      Amon's Vanquisher (Gold): Defeat Amon.
      Unsurpassed Power (Silver): Reach the maximum character level.
      Underground Kings (Silver): Clear 50 floors in the Endless Subterranea.

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