Back To Bed


Easy "A Dog, a Whale and a Clock Walks Into a Hole..." trophy

Bob must be woken by a dog, an alarm clock, a whale train, and a manhole all in the same game session to get the "A Dog, a Whale and a Clock Walks Into a Hole..." trophy.

Easy "Grown Attached" trophy

You must spend ten minutes of continuous unpaused game play in a level. To do this easily, begin any level, and allow the game to idle, without allowing the game to auto-pause or your screensaver to trigger. Bob will fall down repeatedly for ten minutes. Note: Avoid levels that will cause Bob to wake up because of a whale train, a dog, or a manhole.

Easy "Smart Guy, Huh?" trophy

Do not touch the islands to the left in Level 8 to get the "Smart Guy, Huh?" trophy.

Easy "Speedrunner" trophy

Before attempting this, first restart the game. Then, each level must be completed in the same game session. Failing or retrying a map is allowable.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Understanding the Basics (Bronze): Complete the first 3 levels to learn the basics of the game.
    Deeper Into the Dream (Bronze): Help Bob through the first dream world.
    Back to Bed (Bronze): Get Bob safely to the end of the last level.
    Déjà vu (Bronze): Complete the first dream world in nightmare mode.
    So Much Easier the First Time (Bronze): Complete the game in nightmare mode.
    No Time to Explain! (Bronze): Skip five cut scenes.
    Open Sesame (Bronze): Open a door in nightmare mode.
    Grown Attached (Bronze): Spend 10 minutes in one level.
    If at First You Don't Succeed (Bronze): Retry a single level 5 times.
    A Dog, a Whale and a Clock Walks Into a Hole... (Silver): Allow Bob to be woken by a dog, an alarm clock, a whale train and a manhole.
    Groundhog Night (Bronze): Make Bob walk over the edge 10 times in a single level.
    Speed Runner (Silver): Complete levels 1 - 30 in under 45 minutes.
    The Button is Stuck! (Bronze): Use the fast forward function for a combined 5 minutes.
    Checkmate (Silver): Scare five chess pieces.
    Just Five More Minutes (Silver): Send 10 wheel clocks over the edge.
    Now You are Thinking With... (Bronze): Walk through portals 30 times.
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