Blue Estate: The Game



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Entered the Dragon (Bronze): Complete level 1 in solo mode.
    This thing of ours (Bronze): Complete level 1 in co-op mode.
    Sik, Bro (Bronze): Kill Kim Bong Sik, without getting hit by his projectiles.
    Robbed the grave (Bronze): Kill Teniu the Grave, dodging all the crates.
    Bloodchopped (Silver): Kill Bloodshot avoiding all his melee attacks and slapping his face everytime you can.
    Made man (Bronze): Complete the last level in solo mode.
    A good earner (Silver): Find and shoot all the hidden objects in the game in solo mode.
    Headhunter (Bronze): Perform 3,000 headshots in solo mode.
    Nutcracker (Bronze): Perform 200 nutshots in solo mode.
    Wiseguy (Silver): Get a 4 Star global ranking at the end of all levels in solo mode.
    Capo (Gold): Complete the last level in Crazytrain difficulty.

Additionally, there are two secret trophies:

    Down boy (Bronze): Kill 20 enemies with a chihuahua on your leg in solo mode.
    Keep quiet (Bronze): Kill the screaming enemy in all levels in solo mode.
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