The Book Of Unwritten Tales 2



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Master of Unwritten Tales (Platinum): You have unlocked all trophies of "The Book of Unwritten Tales 2".
    Stop the drop (Bronze): Survive the fall.
    Master Mechanic (Bronze): Finish the tutorial.
    The Great Escape (Silver): Escape the Elfburrow.
    School's Out (Silver): Master your first day of school.
    Dirt Devil (Bronze): Finish the cleaning tasks of the headmaster.
    Bibliophile (Bronze): Make the library reappear.
    Exterminator (Bronze): Free the school of kobolds.
    Sobered Up (Bronze): Get Nate sobered up.
    Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum (Silver): Steal the lamp and flee.
    Keymaster (Bronze): Receive the key to the city gate.
    King of DIY (Bronze): Build your own golem.
    Mix Master (Bronze): Mix the magic ink.
    It's aliiive! (Silver): Animate your golem.
    Electrified (Bronze): Restore the electricity.
    You've got a friend in me (Bronze): Strengthen a friendship.
    Back to life (Bronze): Bring back a friend.
    Master of Disguise (Bronze): Disguise convincingly.
    Mass Production (Silver): Help the zombies with the slate production.
    Savior of Princesses (Bronze): Rescue Ivo.
    Let there be light (Bronze): Illuminate the dark cave.
    Liberator (Bronze): Free your leader and your noble steed.
    Parting ways (Silver): Find Rémi and learn more about Wilburs staff.
    Seeker of the Truth (Bronze): Fulfill the oracle's wishes.
    Sulking Companions (Silver): Free your team mates.
    Awoken (Bronze): Obtain the Spark of Life.
    Don't blink! (Bronze): Obtain the Red Pirate's compass.
    Klaatu verata... erm! (Bronze): Obtain the Book of the Dead.
    Found and Lost (Silver): Win the battle, but not the war.
    Bug Hunter (Bronze): Chase off the spider in the Darkwood.
    Fearless (Silver): Beat the Fear.
    Team Timmy (Bronze): Turn Timmy back to normal.
    Ghost Whisperer (Bronze): Invoke the arch mage.
    Last gnome standing (Silver): Return unscathed from the castle.
    Rescued (Gold): Prevail against evil.

Additionally, there are 16 secret trophies:

    Fisher Queen (Bronze): Receive the hat of the Master Fisher.
    Surprise! (Bronze): Find out what's wrong with Ivo.
    Enlightened (Bronze): Be enlightened five times.
    File Muncher (Bronze): Read all student files.
    Time Traveler (Bronze): Solve the time travel side-quest.
    Drunken Master (Bronze): Hit all the symbols in the Drunken Punch minigame.
    Math Magician (Bronze): Ask the right math problem at the first go.
    By a hair (Bronze): Escape despite the surprising twist.
    Servant of the Gods (Bronze): Solve the tasks of all four gods.
    I am the law! (Bronze): Issue all four laws.
    Pokerface (Bronze): Beat the Red Pirate at poker.
    Eyecatcher (Bronze): Let Nate wear the "special" outfit.
    King of Games (Bronze): Win the Nim game without cheating.
    Ghostbuster (Bronze): Obtain the ghost detecting device.
    Yes, master? (Bronze): Obtain the Igor outfit.
    To the bitter end (Bronze): Watch the entire end credits.
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