Broken Bots



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Multikill (Bronze): Kill 10 enemies.
    Massive Kill (Bronze): Kill 50 enemies.
    M-M-M-M-Monster Kill (Silver): Kill 100 enemies.
    Mine! (Bronze): Capture the enemy flag.
    Flag Master (Bronze): Capture 10 flags.
    Hillbilly (Bronze): Score a hill point for your team.
    The hills have eyes (Bronze): Score 100 hill points.
    Zap! (Bronze): Cause a malfunction with an EMP.
    Drop it like it's hot (Bronze): Drop a turret near your flag.
    Can't touch this (Bronze): Absorb enemy bullets with your shield.
    Survivor (Bronze): Survive 10 waves in survival mode.
    Sabotage (Bronze): Hack the enemy generator.
    Reboot (Bronze): Cause a massive malfunction.
    Victory! (Bronze): Win 10 games.
    Veteran (Bronze): Play 50 games.
    Bullseye (Bronze): Snipe an enemy from a great distance.
    Miner Inconvenience (Bronze): Trigger an enemy mine.
    Number One (Bronze): Obtain the highest score at the end of a game.
    Tis but a scratch (Bronze): Kill 10 enemies while malfunctioning.
    Diversify (Bronze): Play on every team.
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