Dynamite Fishing World Games



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Apnoe Diving (Bronze): Sink with your ship!
    Fish From Hell (Bronze): Catch 666 Fish!
    Rumble in the Jungle (Bronze): Finish the Jungle cup!
    Pasta Carnage (Bronze): Finish the Venice cup!
    Fish and Loathing in Las Vegas (Bronze): Finish the Canyon cup!
    Snowball Fighter (Bronze): Finish the Frozen Frenzy Cup!
    Sunken Fish, Rising Sun (Bronze): Finish the Jade-green Japan Cup!
    Workaholic (Silver): Solve extra missions!
    Catch a Millionaire (Gold): Earn one million bucks with fish sales!
    Supreme Head (Gold): Defeat as many Boss Fish as possible!
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