Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Godseeker (Platinum): Obtained all of the trophies.

Additionally, there are 42 secret trophies:

    Ambition with Bounds (Gold): Finish the story for a second time.
    Fully Loaded (Gold): Complete the Skill Board for each officer.
    Walking the Path (Gold): View the Path of Destiny event scenes for each officer.
    An Unstoppable Force (Silver): Defeat 1,000 units with Zhao Yun.
    Cunning Strategist (Silver): Activate Synchro Mode three times in a single turn.
    Equal Opportunity (Silver): Activate Synchro Mode with five different unit types.
    Grizzled Veteran (Silver): Develop one unit to its maximum level.
    Item Collector (Silver): Collect all of the items in the game.
    Lightning Round (Silver): Win a battle in a single turn.
    On a Rampage (Silver): Defeat 15 units in a single Synchro Mode session.
    One Versus a Thousand (Silver): Defeat 20 units with a single officer.
    Penny Pincher (Silver): Save 1,000,000 Gold.
    Tested under Fire (Silver): Complete all of the free battles in the game.
    Weapon Collector (Silver): Collect all of the weapons in the game.
    A Fog of Chengdu (Bronze): Complete Chapter 9.
    Assembly at Chibi (Bronze): Complete Chapter 8.
    Dangerous Beauty (Bronze): Perform a Synchro Attack with a unit containing five female officers.
    Date with Destiny (Bronze): Watch a Path of Destiny event scene.
    Dawn at Changshan (Bronze): Complete Chapter 1.
    Earth, Water, and Xiapi Castle (Bronze): Complete Chapter 5.
    Five Tiger Generals (Bronze): Perform a Synchro Attack with a unit containing Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei.
    Head on a Swivel (Bronze): Attack in all four directions at once.
    Last Man Standing (Bronze): Lose all but a single officer in one of your units.
    Like a Raging Lion (Bronze): Activate Synchro Mode.
    Luoyang in Flames (Bronze): Complete Chapter 2.
    Natural Phenomenon (Bronze): Utilize the power of the Orb.
    No Surrender (Bronze): Retry a battle after being defeated.
    No Way Out (Bronze): Be surrounded by the enemy on all sides.
    Out with the Old (Bronze): Complete Chapter 10.
    Peach Garden Oath (Bronze): Perform a Synchro Attack with a unit containing Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Ma Chao, and Huang Zhong.
    Quick on Your Feet (Bronze): Activate Synchro Mode twice in a single turn.
    Rapid Advancement (Bronze): Perform an EX Attack.
    Regret in Xu Province (Bronze): Complete Chapter 3.
    The Best Offense (Bronze): Complete a turn with five officers using the Defend command.
    The Final Blow (Bronze): Increase your Synchro Attack damage bonus to 100%.
    The Sun Family (Bronze): Perform a Synchro Attack with a unit containing Sun Jian, Sun Ce, Sun Quan, and Sun Shangxiang.
    The Three Kingdoms (Bronze): Perform a Synchro Attack with a unit containing Cao Cao, Sun Quan, and Liu Bei.
    The Young Tiger in Jiangdong (Bronze): Complete Complete 6.
    Total Mastery (Bronze): Complete all of the training scenarios.
    Unparalleled Might (Bronze): Defeat an enemy with Lu Bu.
    Virtue Rises in Xinye (Bronze): Complete Chapter 7.
    Wei's Five Generals (Bronze): Perform a Synchro Attack with a unit containing Zhang Liao, Yue Jin, Yu Jin, Zhang He, and Xu Huang.
    Xiapi in Enemy Hands (Bronze): Complete Chapter 4.
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