The Four Kings Casino And Slots


Tin foil hat

Select the second chat tab (game chat), which is marked with a "G". Then, enter "rigged" in that chat window to unlock a tin foil hat for your avatar.

Easy "Big Wheel Keeps On Spinnin'" trophy

Bet the lowest amount (50 chips) on 1 at the small bets Big 6 Wheel. Repeat the process nine additional times.

Easy "Blackjack Marathon" trophy

Approach a Video Blackjack machine. Each round costs 400 chips, and you must play 100 rounds (not hands). You must have 40,000 chips to cover the worse-case losing scenario. Continue playing Video Blackjack as many times as required to get the "Blackjack Marathon" trophy.

Easy "Goose Egg" trophy

Play Keno on a machine and select the "10" button. Start the game and repeat the process until you do not get any correct number.

Easy "It's Not Easy Being Green" trophy

Bet on both red and black, then repeatedly spin until green is hit. You will lose only the chips you bet when you get green.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Casino Connoisseur (Bronze): Receive RP from each game on the main floor.
    All in a day's work (Bronze): Complete all daily quests in a day.
    Why so serious? (Bronze): Have the Big 6 Wheel land on the Joker.
    Goose Egg (Bronze): Match zero numbers in Instant Keno when picking 10.
    Rocket in my Pocket (Bronze): Win a hand with pocket rockets (Pair of Aces) in Poker.
    Big Win (Bronze): Win at least 10,000 chips in one spin in Crazy 888 Slots.
    Déjà vu (Bronze): Roll 7 twice in a row on a come out roll in Craps.
    What does the I stand for? (Silver): Achieve VIP 2.
    Bingo was his name... Oh (Silver): Win a Bingo game.
    I barely know her (Silver): Win a full table poker game.
    Blackjack Marathon (Silver): Play 100 rounds of Video Blackjack in one sitting.
    Reach for the Stars (Gold): Reach Global Tier 40.
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