The Magic Circle: Gold Edition



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Back to where we met (Bronze): Remembered your first when it mattered.
    Finished the game? (Bronze): More like... Finished the "game"..
    Beat the boss? (Bronze): What kind of boss fight was that?.
    Starfather (Silver): Got enough of Starfather's speech to make a proper mixtape.
    Placeholder #99 (Bronze): Your Words Go Here.
    Cool story, Bro (Bronze): Pushed the button because you got bored.
    Couldn't take a hint (Bronze): Old Pro had to do it for you.
    Magnum Opus (Silver): You will be known as the person who made that thing..
    Fully Utilized (Gold): From this point on, you will have to exhaust your own content..
    An Act of Love (Bronze): This can only be....
    Leap of Faith (Bronze): The boundaries of this simulation have no hold on you..
    Quality Assurance (Silver): Hell hath no fury like a tester scorned..
    Master Scout (Bronze): Embrace the null state.
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