Mantis Burn Racing



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    MBR Master (Platinum): Unlock all MBR trophies.
    Driven (Gold): Complete Season 3 in career mode.
    Geared Up (Gold): Win 150 gears in career mode.
    Master mechanic (Gold): Fully upgrade a Veteran Class vehicle.
    Around the block (Silver): Visit all of Sand Town's and New Shangri-la's tracks.
    Fly Guy (Silver): Spend longer than 5 minutes in total airborne.
    Garage space at a premium (Silver): Own all Light, Middle and Heavyweight vehicles.
    Journeyman (Silver): Reach XP level 50.
    Putting food on the table (Silver): Win a total of 150,000 in prize money.
    Seasoned Pro (Silver): Complete Season 2 in career mode.
    She's faster than she looks (Silver): Fully upgrade a Pro Class vehicle.
    Taking on the world (Silver): Come 1st in 15 online events.
    The bigger they are.. (Silver): Beat an online opponent with an XP level 25 higher than your own.
    (Weekly) challenge accepted (Bronze): Compete in a weekly challenge.
    Airborne Division (Bronze): Achieve 'Awesome' Air.
    Cheating, surely? (Bronze): Drive through 3 different shortcuts.
    Dune Hopper (Bronze): Travel a total of 50 miles in Lightweight vehicles.
    Excursion through the scenery (Bronze): Fall down 3 bottomless pits.
    Feel the need.. (Bronze): Reach 150mph in any vehicle.
    First tweaks (Bronze): Add an upgrade to any vehicle.
    Forwards is so overrated (Bronze): Achieve 'Awesome' Drift.
    Gears Galore! (Bronze): Achieve a full 6 gears in 15 career events.
    Heavy Metal fan (Bronze): Travel a total of 50 miles in Heavyweight vehicles.
    Heavy metal meets movable object (Bronze): Destroy a reinforced structure.
    I'll bring it back without a scratch (Bronze): Race online in a loaned vehicle.
    Just Cruisin' (Bronze): Travel a total of 50 miles in Middleweight vehicles.
    Leave them all behind (Bronze): Overtake 5 vehicles in less than 30 seconds.
    Make way, coming through! (Bronze): Win an Overtake event with zero contact with any other vehicle.
    Making roads (Bronze): Reach XP level 15.
    Miles under the bonnet (Bronze): Reach XP level 25.
    Mixing it up (Bronze): Install at least 1 of each type of upgrade.
    Mixing it with the big boys (Bronze): Fully upgrade a Rookie Class vehicle.
    MkII? Fiesta!! (Bronze): Level-up any vehicle to a Mk2.
    Move up to the bumper (Bronze): Achieve 'Awesome' Draft.
    No Claims (Bronze): Complete 3 consecutive events without smashing any trackside objects.
    Photo finish (Bronze): Win any Race event less than a second ahead of 2nd place.
    Progressing nicely (Bronze): Complete Season 1 in career mode.
    Punching above your weight (Bronze): Beat an online opponent with an XP level 15 higher than your own.
    Racing at a higher level (Bronze): Level-up any vehicle to a Mk3.
    Unplug their controller (Bronze): Participate in a local multiplayer event.
    Well that's embarassing (Bronze): Lap another vehicle in a race event.
    Wrecking the joint (Bronze): Achieve 'Awesome' Damage.
    You want to get in the boot? (Bronze): Stay in a continuous draft for over 6 seconds.
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