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System: PS4
Dev: Sony
Pub: Sony
Release: November 15, 2013
Players: 1 (2+ Online)
Screen Resolution: 480p-1080p

Thankfully, Sony has once again adopted the option of letting the players upgrade their hard drives. Making this as simple as it was on the PS3 didn’t hurt either. We upgraded ours to 1TB hard drive, and the whole process took around 15 minutes from start to finish. If you decide to do this upgrade, just make sure you have a 2.5 inch SATA hard drive. These are nowhere near as expensive as they once were, cashing-in between $70-90 bucks (depending on brand).

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All this talk about installing and hard drive space brings me to one of my favorite points about the PS4: The background installs are actually background downloads. Utilizing a caching system to get the required data to let you play almost instantly is something that was sorely missed on the PS3. Having it now is a blessing in disguise, not only for gamers themselves, but also for Sony. Add to this that PS+ members (something you will now have to have for online play) will have the updates downloaded overnight while the PS4 is in standby mode.

The new DualShock 4 capitalizes on the comfort we’ve enjoyed for years and adds some fresh takes to the design while still being easy to use. The new touch pad in the middle is something I can’t wait to see utilized in other games. There’s also a share button that makes the already simplistic task even more so. Adding in mic capabilities, a speaker in the controllers, and a light on the back for precision tracking helps round out the new DualShock 4, maximizing potential while keeping all that we’ve come to know and love.


I, like many other gamers, have waited for years for the next generation to start. We’ve had visions of what we would like to see and how we wanted the game consoles to evolve. If nothing else, the PlayStation 4 is a masterful evolution of the PS3. With lots of promise still on the horizon, the PS4 may have had a few small bumps in the road to this launch, but it’s definitely not showing. If you are excited for the next-gen, you should already have this in your hands. For those who are holding out–put your worries to rest and embrace the next-gen. You’ll be glad you did.

Matt Walker
Date: November 15, 2013

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