Unholy Heights


Easy "Circle Of Life" trophy

Have two monsters live together, and they will eventually "pillow talk." A faster way is to purchase an Erotic Cake, but it is mainly luck based.

Easy "Great View From Here!" trophy

Successfully complete the "Wanted: Colossus!" quest, then spend $10,000 to add a third floor.

Easy "Moving On Up" trophy

Successfully complete the "Wanted: Gang!" quest, then spend $1,500 to add a second floor.

Easy "On Top Of The World" trophy

Successfully complete the "Wanted: Mighty Magic" quest, then spend $50,000 to add a fourth floor.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Unholy Heights (Platinum): You have conquered the world.
    Devil Meble (Gold): All furniture became available to buy.
    Monster Master (Gold): Have all monsters in bestiary.
    Quest Master (Gold): Finished all quests.
    Great View From Here (Silver): Added a third floor to the building.
    Half Way Through! (Silver): Have more than half of monsters in bestiary.
    Hello Work3 (Silver): Got a job! Got a job!
    It's Coming (Silver): A top tier monster has come out.
    Moving On Up (Silver): Added a second floor to the building.
    On Top Of The World (Silver): Added a fourth floor to the building.
    The Admirer (Silver): The devil got admired by a monster.
    Circle Of Life (Bronze): Witnessed the miracle of monster reproduction.
    Get Out! (Bronze): No rent, no place to reside in.
    Go! Go! Go! (Bronze): Where to go after an eviction?
    Hello Work1 (Bronze): You have become an apartment manager.
    Hello Work2 (Bronze): A new job starting tomorrow.
    Like a DJ (Bronze): What is your favorite song?
    Love Nest (Bronze): You are so in love.
    Monster Tree (Bronze): Opened the bestiary.
    Quest of Devil (Bronze): Complete the first quest.
    Sacrifice (Bronze): Had a first monster move in.
    Well, That Happens (Bronze): Had a monster behind with rent.
    Wipe Your Tears (Bronze): A monster bit the dust.

Additionally, there are five secret trophies:

    Final Countdown (Gold): Defeated the legendary hero. Time to conquer the world!
    From Hell, with Love 2 (Gold): Completed the quest "From Hell, with Love 2".
    Legendary Monster (Gold): Defeated the legendary hero.
    Super Rich (Gold): No more starvation!
    I Shall Revenge (Silver): An eye for an eye. That's my principle!
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