Vertical Drop Heroes HD



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Weapon Unlocked: Infinity Sword! (Gold): Complete the game 3 times to unlock the Infinity Sword!
    Peace and Non Violence (Silver): Collect 12 Pacifist Orbs in a level.
    We Don't Need Roads! (Silver): Complete a game without using the Teleportation Shrine.
    Weapon Unlocked: Bone Dagger! (Silver): Complete at least 3 levels in Pacifist mode to unlock the Bone Dagger!
    Weapon Unlocked: Musket Gun! (Silver): Achieve a score of 25,000 in New Game Plus to unlock the Musket Gun!
    A Helping Hand (Bronze): Complete any of the mini side-quests given by an NPC in a level.
    Goblin Slayer! (Bronze): Defeat 25 Goblin Spearmen.
    I Love Treasure! (Bronze): Open a total of 20 Treasure Chests in a single game.
    It Wasn't Me! (Bronze): Defeat 9 enemies in a level while remaining in Pacifist Mode.
    Let Me Out! (Bronze): Rescue a friendly hero from a cage.
    One Hand Tied Behind My Back (Bronze): Complete a level without using any Skills or Powers.
    The Artful Dodger (Bronze): Complete a level without triggering any alarms.
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