Yorbie - Episode One: Payback's A Bolt



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Starting Slow (Bronze): Complete the first level in single player mode.
    Stack Attack (Bronze): Stack a weapon with 3 of the same upgrades.
    Indecisive (Bronze): Break the upgrades on any of your weapons.
    Pipe Dream (Bronze): Kill 3 bots or more with a single pipe bomb.
    Gravity Still Works (Bronze): Fall off 20 times in any level.
    Rare Transistor (Bronze): Collect the Rare Transistor hidden in one of the levels.
    Pistol Whipped (Bronze): Complete any level using only the Plasma Pistol.
    Lock 'n Load (Bronze): Collect all 6 types of weapons in the game.
    Treasure Hunter (Silver): Collect 5000 Cogs and 1000 Energy.
    Noob No More (Silver): Complete all Insane Survivor levels in single player mode.
    Live Forever (Silver): Complete any Insane Survivor level without losing any lives in single player mode.
    Insane Survivor (Gold): Complete all Insane Survivor levels without any reboots in single player mode.
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