Armored Core 3 Portable


  • Use defeated Arena opponent's emblem

    Display the profile of a defeated opponent, then press L + R to use their emblem. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

  • OP-INTENSIFY abilities

    Successfully complete the indicated task while OP-INTENSIFY is equipped to unlock the corresponding feature for the OP-INTENSIFY part:

      Blade wave ability: Successfully complete "Destroy Massive Weapon". Execute this move by pressing [Left Arm Weapon], then using boost in mid-swing.
      Enhanced booster performance: Defeat Arena opponent A-2, Ace.
      Enhanced cooling performance: Successfully complete "Destroy Massive MT."
      Enhanced core missile interception: Successfully complete "Defend Water Processors" after defeating the AC.
      Enhanced turning performance: Successfully complete "Bomb Disarmament" after defeating the AC.
      Fire back weapons without kneeling: Destroy both parts of the MT in "Destroy Massive MT".
      Improved targeting accuracy: Successfully complete "Defend Ruglen Laboratory" after defeating the AC.
      Increased blade range: Defeat Arena opponent E-32, Exile.
      Radar function without a radar equipped: Defeat Arena opponent D-1, Thunder House.
      Various sensor functions: Successfully complete "Eliminate Intruders" after defeating the AC. This effects the bio sensor, missile tracking, etc.

  • Hidden parts

    Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding part. Note: In some missions, you must have your company loyalty rating at a particular level for that part to appear. If they do not appear at first, try again when the mission can be replayed.

      CAL-44-EAS (arms): Appears at the shop during Story mode.
      CAW-DC-03 (weapon arms): Defeat rank A-1 in Arena mode.
      CAW-DS604 (back unit): Appears at the shop during Story mode.
      CBT-FLEET (booster): In "Destroy Massive MT", behind a hill in the northwest corner.
      CEBT-HEX (extension): Successfully complete "Safeguard Alloy Sample" without losing the transport.
      CEEC-01-XSP2 (extension): Successfully complete "Eradicate Life Forms" without breaking the gas canisters.
      CHD-04-YIV (head): In "Defend Naire Bridge", below the start on a platform under the bridge. Note: Go to the open end, and fly back underneath.
      CHD-GLITCH (head): Defeat rank E-33 in Arena mode.
      CLL-EM-070 (legs): Defeat rank C-10 in Arena mode.
      CLR-00-MAK (legs): Defeat rank A-3 in Arena mode.
      CWC-SLU-64 (back unit): Defeat rank B-7 in Arena mode.
      CWGG-GR-12 (right arm weapon): Defeat rank C-15 in Arena mode.
      CWGG-HG-10 (right arm weapon): In "Defend Helicopter Crew", on top of a pipeline to the northeast.
      CWM-S60-10 (back unit): Win in Arena mode.
      CWX-LIX-10 (back unit): Appears at the shop during Story mode.
      CWX-LIX-10 (legs): Appears at the shop during Story mode.
      KES-ES/MIRROR (left arm shield): Unlock the bonus mission in "Defend Water Processors", then complete it.
      KWB-MARS (right arm weapon): In "Destroy Massive Weapon", on a beam under the starting platform
      KWG-HZL30 (left arm weapon): In "Destroy Naire Bridge," destroy both monorails that pass by, then complete the mission.
      KWM-AD-50 (back unit): In "MT Training Exercise", do not get hit by a single missile.
      KWX-OC-22 (back unit): In "Destroy Germ Canisters", destroy all enemies and complete the mission.
      MAL-303S (arms): Defeat rank D-5 in Arena mode.
      MCM-MX/002 (core): Appears at the shop during Story mode.
      MEBT-OX/MB (extension): In "Rescue the Survey Team", hidden in a nook in the wall to the left of the closed door.
      MEST-MX/CROW (extension): In "Disable Pulse Generators", go through the breakable grate above one of the generators on the lower level.
      MGP-VE905 (generator): Defeat rank D-15 in Arena mode.
      MHD-RE/H10 (head): In "Destroy Escaping MT", outside the door where the real mission target appears.
      MLB-MOONLIGHT (left arm weapon): Successfully complete "Destroy Massive MT" without a consort.
      MLB-T/100 (left arm weapon): In "Assault Crest Facility", on top of the last generator.
      MLH-MX/VOLAR (legs): Get a good score in AC Test 1; hit 35 to 40 targets without missing.
      MLR-MM/PETAL (legs): Appears at the shop during Story mode.
      MLR-ZMX (legs): Defeat rank B-2 in Arena mode.
      MRL-SS/SPHERE (back unit): In "Protect Crest Convoy", behind a radar dish to the left of the ravine near the start.
      MWC-XP02/75 (back unit): In "Defend Energy Reactor", on the floor in one of the right-side hiding locatoins on the way to the reactor.
      MWG-HG/111 (right arm weapon): In "Bomb Disarmament", at the bottom of the molten pit.
      MWG-KARASAWA (right arm weapon): In "Destroy Gun Emplacements", destroy the cannons as quickly as possible to unlock the bonus mission, then complete it.
      MWG-SBZ/24 (right arm weapon): In "Recover Ship Cargo", at the bottom level of the ship.
      MWG-XCB/75 (right arm weapon): In "Defend Ruglen Laboratory", destroy the enemy AC, then complete the mission.
      MWGG-XCG/20 (right arm weapon): Appears at the shop during Story mode.
      MWI-DD/20 (inside part): In "Defend Water Processors," on the ground behind the pipes to the right of the start.
      MWR-M/45 (back unit): In "Safeguard Water Supply", behind an outcropping at the top of the dam.
      MWX-MX/STRING (back unit): Successfully complete the game.
      OP-E-LAI (optional part): Defeat rank C-5 in Arena mode.
      OP-E-LAP (optional part): Appears at the shop during Story mode.
      OP-INTENSIFY (optional part): Successfully complete the game.
      RIX-CR5000 (radiator): In "Eliminate Infiltrators", after opening the door to floor 6F, along the far wall.
      RMR-ICICLE (radiator): In "Defend Personnel Convoy", do not lose any ally vehicles.
      VREX-WS-1 (FCS): Defeat rank D-10 in Arena mode.

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