Hammerin' Hero

Strategy Guide



Note: This game is also titled Ikuze! Gen-San: Yuuyake Daiku Monogatari.

  • Souvenirs

    Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding souvenir:

    Page 1, Row 1

      1. Student's globe: Unlock all stages.
      2. Trophy: Successfully complete all stages.
      3. Hammer: Defeat 20 Kuromoku employees.
      4. Silver Hammer: Defeat 100 Kuromoku employees.
      5. Gold Hammer: Defeat 200 Kuromoku employees.
      6. Trophy: Defeat 300 Kuromoku employees.
      7. Pocket watch: Play for over two hours.
      8. Clock: Play for over five hours.

    Page 1, Row 2

      9. Trophy: Play for over ten hours.
      10. Bronze medal: High score of over 100,000 points.
      11. Silver medal: High score of over 200,000 points.
      12. Gold medal: High score of over 300,000 points.
      13. Trophy: High score of over 400,000 points.
      14. Yunomi: Get the Sushi Chef Job.
      15. Souvenir ball: Get the Slugger Job.
      16. Zabuton: Get the Rakugo Performer Job.

    Page 1, Row 3

      17. Headphones: Get the DJ Job.
      18. Snorkels: Get the Diver Job.
      19. Shakuhachi: Get the Komuso Monk Job.
      20. Sunglasses: Get the Man in Black Job.
      21. Ribbon: Play as Kanna.
      22. Uchiwa: Play as Mika.
      23. Bronze Tanuki statue: Successfully complete the game in Apprentice mode.
      24. Silver Tanuki statue: Successfully complete the game in Artisan mode.

    Page 2, Row 1

      25. Gold Tanuki statue: Successfully complete the game in Master mode.
      26. Platinum Tanuki: Successfully complete the game in National Treasure mode.
      27. Bronze Gen statue: Reach the first milestone in National Treasure mode.
      28. Silver Gen: Reach the second milestone in National Treasure mode.
      29. Gold Gen: Reach the third milestone un National Treasure mode.
      30. Platinum Gen: Reach the final milestone in National Treasure Mode.
      31. Miniature car: Build a home for a family.
      32. Miniature car: Smash the fears of a car-less man.

    Page 2, Row 2

      33. Folder: Get 10 Kuromoku Personnel Files.
      34. Gold Hyosuke Kuromoku statue: Get all Kuromoku Personnel Files.
      35. Half of a heart pendant: Receive ten Thank You Letters.
      36. Half of a heart pendant: Receive all Thank You Letters.
      37. Trophy: Read all the help text.
      38. Unknown: (If you had friends to play with...)
      39. Unknown: (Defeat a few rivals...)
      40. Unknown: (Defeat many rivals...)

    Page 2, Row 3

      41. Carrot trophy: Collect all ingredients.
      42. Frying Pan statue: Get all the recipes.
      43. Bronze Bentou: Eat more than 10 Bentou.
      44. Silver Bentou: Eat more than 30 Bentou.
      45. Gold Bentou: Eat more than 50 Bentou.
      46. Kanna plushy: Successfully complete the game with Kanna.
      47. Mika plushy: Successfully complete the game with Mika.
      48. Unknown: Unknown.

  • Ingredients

    Search the indicated location to find the corresponding ingredient:

    Row 1

      Potato: Streets, Oishii, Beach
      Shiitake: Oishii, Beach, HQ
      Ginger: Oishii, Hospital
      Daikon: Amusement Park, Oishii
      Green Onion: Oishii, Hospital
      Onion: Amusement Park, Oishii, Studio

    Row 2

      Eggplant: Oishii, Hospital
      Carrot: Amusement Park, Oishii
      Garlic: Oishii, Hospital, Stage
      Apple: Oishii, HQ, Space
      Lemon: Amusement Park, Oishii, Hospital
      Renkon: Oishii, Bay, Stage

    Row 3

      Umeboshi: Oishii, Hospital
      Eel: Oishii, Bay
      Shrimp: Oishii, Bay
      Fatty Tuna: Bay.
      Salmon: Beranme, Oishii, Bay
      Mackerel: Oishii, Bay

    Row 4

      Tuna: Oishii, Bay, HQ
      Beef: Oishii, Beach, Space
      Pork: Streets, Studio, Beach
      Chicken: Streets, Oishii
      Wagyu Beef: HQ
      Ground Beef: Oishii, Studio, Stadium

    Row 5

      Duck: HQ
      Rice: Beranme, Streets, Oishii, Hospital
      Flour: Streets, Stadium
      Bread: Amusement Park, Oishii, Studio
      Ketchup: Oishii, Studio, Stadium
      Vinegar: Beranme, Oishii, Beach

    Row 6

      Nori: Beranme, Oishii, Bay, Beach
      Kombu: Beranme, Bay
      Squid Ink: Oishii, Stadium, Beach
      Egg: Beranme, Oishii, Studio
      Silkie Egg: HQ
      Secret Sauce: Stage

  • Recipes

    Combine the indicated ingredients to get the corresponding dish:

      1. Corrokke Bentou: Potato, Egg, Flour.
      2. Ginger Pork Bentou: Pork, Ginger, Onion.
      3. Katsu Bentou: Pork, Egg, Flour.
      4. Sukiyaki Bentou: Wagyuu Beef, Green Onion, Secret Sauce.
      5. Salmon Bentou: Salmon, Egg, Kombu.
      6. Mackerel Bentou: Mackerel, Green Onion, Daikon.
      7. Fatty Tuna Bentou: Fatty Tuna, Rice, Secret Sauce.
      8. Karaage Bentou: Chicken, Lemon, Flour.
      9. Peking Duck Bentou: Duck, Green Onion, Secret Sauce.
      10. Exquisite Egg Bentou: Silkie Egg, Daikon, Secret Sauce.
      11. Kombu Rice Ball: Nori, Rice, Kombu.
      12. Salmon Rice Ball: Nori, Rice, Salmon.
      13. Umeboshi Rice Ball: Nori, Rice, Umeboshi.
      14. Fried Shrimp Bentou: Nori, Rice, Shrimp.
      15. Sushi Bentou (Egg): Vinegar, Rice, Egg.
      16. Sushi Bentou (Tuna): Vinegar, Rice, Tuna.
      17. Sushi Bentou (Shrimp): Vinegar, Rice, Shrimp.
      18. Sushi Bentou (Eel): Vinegar, Rice, Eel.
      19. HR (Double): Ground Beef, Ketchup, Potato.
      20. HR (Walk-Off): Ground Beef, Ketchup, Pork.
      21. HR (Tying Run): Ground Beef, Ketchup, Egg.
      22. HR (Grand Slam): Ground Beef, Ketchup, Shrimp.
      23. Tempura (Regular): Shrimp, Flour, Eggplant.
      24. Tempura (Pine): Shrimp, Flour, Eel.
      25. Tempura (Bamboo): Shrimp, Flour, Shiitake.
      26. Tempura (Ume): Shrimp, Flour, Renkon.
      27. Tuna Snadwich: Bread, Onion, Tuna.
      28. Egg Salad Sandwich: Bread, Onion, Egg.
      29. Ham Sandwich: Bread, Onion, Pork.
      30. Potato Salad Sandwich: Bread, Onion, Potato.
      31. Makunouchi (Peace): Renkon, Daikon, Egg.
      32. Makunouchi (Laughter): Renkon, Daikon, Shrimp.
      33. Mauknouchi (Happiness): Renkon, Carrot, Mackerel.
      34. Makunouchi (Celebration): Renkon, Carrot, Chicken.
      35. Squid Ink Pilaf Bentou: Squid Ink, Garlic, Rice.
      36. Squid Ink Pasta Bentou: Squid Ink, Garlic, Flour.
      37. Squid Ink Toast Bentou: Squid Ink, Pork, Bread.
      38. Squid Ink Soup Bentou: Squid Ink, Ketchup, Shrimp.
      39. Vegetarian (Wind): Shiitake, Daikon, Eggplant.
      40. Vegetarian (Forest): Shiitake, Daikon, Ginger.
      41. Vegetarian (Fire): Shiitake, Carrot, Umeboshi.
      42. Vegetarian (Hill): Shiitake, Carrot, Kombu.
      43. Chicken Picnic Basket: Apple, Lemon, Chicken.
      44. Potato Picnic Basket: Apple, Ketchup, Potato.
      45. Fired Egg Picnic Basket: Apple, Ketchup, Egg.
      46. Sandwich Picnic Basket: Apple, Pork, Bread.
      47. Steak: Beef, Carrot, Potato.
      48. Free Range Steak: Beef, Pork, Garlic.
      49. Kobe Steak: Beef, Eggplant, Daikon.
      50. Lemon Steak: Beef, Onion, Lemon.
      51. Oops Bentou: Try to create a Bentou without the proper ingredients.

  • Food effects

    The following foods will change your job. Note: The first eleven foods will give a random benefit but will not change your job.

      HR Bentous: Makes you a Slugger.
      Makunouchi Bentous: Makes you a Rakugo Performer.
      Picnic Baskets: Makes you a Kana.
      Rice Ball: Makes you a Carpenter.
      Sandwiches: Makes you a DJ.
      Squid Ink Bentous: Makes you a Man In Black.
      Steaks: Makes you a Mika.
      Sushi: Makes you a Sushi Chef.
      Tempura Bentous: Makes you a Diver.
      Vegetarian Food: Makes you a Komuso Monk.

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