50 Cent: Bulletproof G Unit Edition Review
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Dev: Genuine 1.0 - 1.9 = Avoid 4.0 - 4.4 = Great
Pub: Vivendi Universal 2.0 - 2.4 = Poor 4.5 - 4.9 = Must Buy
Release: Sept 2006 2.5 - 2.9 = Average 5.0 = The Best
Players: 1 - 4 3.0 - 3.4 = Fair
Review by Mike 3.5 - 3.9 = Good
You had better like “Fiddy” because he’s going to be crammed down your throat in this game.
by Mike Chasselwaite

50 Cent: Bulletproof G Unit Edition is a serious marketing tool for Fiddy and his gang. If you love Fiddy and can’t get enough of him this game really, really tries hard to ensure you get enough of him. Premise-wise it’s designed as a cross between GTA and a five-hour music video. Those that can get enough of Fiddy will have more a lifetime equivalent of his presence at the completion of the game.

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For those that aren’t in awe of the profane, violence-promoting Fiddy, you will find this game to be a lot less colorful than this real life persona. Although comparisons have been made to GTA, Bulletproof is unable to rise above its style to deliver the substance. It’s relatively easy to play and that should appeal to gamers that don’t have all the time in the world to devote to developing a technique to play such a short game.


In this game, Fiddy is a typical New York hood just trying to make a name for himself when he is shot and left for dead after he attempts to help a friend in trouble. With the help of his posse, Fiddy sets out to find out who wants him dead and to exact revenge on the crime family that tried to do him in. This is done through a variety of missions that will have you using weapons (read: guns) and even your bare hands to neutralize the enemy. The more enemies that you destroy the more cash you’ll get your hands on with which to purchase new moves, weapons, ammo and superfluous things such as Fiddy tunes and videos. You can also outfit your crib or accessorize your body with bling if you choose to do so.

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Unlike the PS2 version, the camera maintains a top-down view instead of a first or 3D third-person perspective. In some respects it works but there are some issues with camera control and the inability to see what lies in the distance. You can change the camera perspective but it requires that you press both the shoulder button and the D-pad which is rather awkward if you’re engaged in a fight or any other activity for that matter. There is a map but it doesn’t indicate all of the obstacles which may cause you to head down the wrong path only to find it blocked by something not shown on the map. Not being able to rely on the map slows you down considerably. You can’t peer into the distance from the character’s onscreen perspective which makes the environment feel claustrophobic. Even when you can shift the camera’s perspective you can’t zoom out far enough to get a birds’ eye view of the surroundings.

Combat is little more than button mashing. If you lock-on to your target and thrash away at the X button, you’re virtually guaranteed to emerge the victor, even during boss battles. Legend has it that Fiddy was shot nine times and lived to tell the tale, but some of these enemies are desperately trying to beat that record. Some of these guys can take a serious amount of lead before they give up the ghost. Either the ghetto has spawned some superhuman mutants or the bullets are made out of aluminum. Once enemies have finally been neutralized, you go through their pockets and take their cash. You can also take away their guns by using the counter-kill move. Another move involves taking an enemy hostage and using him as a human shield. It affords you protection while allowing you to move to more strategic areas of the environment.

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Variations of Capture the Flag, Oddball and Deathmatch are included in the four-player modes. You can play with as few as two players as the CPU will play along with you. These modes can be fun but there are some limitations with the ability to see the entire playfield. Fortunately all the players will have the same advantages and disadvantages so the playfield will be even.

Fiddy voices his own character and even had a hand in developing the story and dialog. Other voiceovers include Dr. Dre and member of his G Unit. Surprisingly the acting is very good. The story is also quite entertaining with a good mix of mystery and revenge. The cutscenes are great and help perpetuate the storyline which tends to get lost in the gameplay. If you like Fiddy, you can’t beat the music. There are tunes from the Bulletproof movie soundtrack in addition to remixes and new songs written specifically for this game.

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50 Cent: Bulletproof G Unit Edition is definitely a must-have for any Fiddy fan but if you’re just concerned with the quality of the gameplay then I would recommend renting this one.


  • Terry Winter Screenplay. Feature-length crime epic written by Emmy-Award winning Sopranos executive producer Terry Winter, who also wrote the story for 50 Cent's upcoming biopic Get Rich or Die Tryin'.
  • A story true to 50 Cent. 50 Cent himself has been heavily involved in the game's creation, consulting on the game's mechanics and storyline and recording hours of in-game dialogue.
  • New 50 Cent Music and Freestyles. Original, exclusive music tracks recorded by 50 Cent specifically for the game in addition to freestyle rhymes that players can mix and match with authentic 50 Cent beats in "The Lab."
  • Run with G-Unit (Lloyd Banks, Young Buck and Tony Yayo) on various mission throughout the game.
  • Dynamic Athleticism. 50 runs, ducks, jumps, rolls and shoots in a fluid screen-relative, 3rd-person point of view.
  • Living 'Hood. Interact with pawnbrokers, weapon dealers, informants, shady doctors and music bootleggers. Hang out in your crib and listen to 50 music and/or watch videos.

    By Mike Chasselwaite
    CCC Staff Writer

    Rating out of 5
    Rating Description


    Aside from the too-close perspective of the camera, the graphics are good although a little on the cartoon side.


    The controls are simple but there is a good amount of variety to unleash when mashing buttons.


    Music / Sound FX / Voice Acting
    This game is loaded with tunes and good voiceovers. Expect some repetition.


    Play Value
    The four-player multi-player mode can offer you and your homies some extra fun. If you're not going to use these modes, rent it.


    Overall Rating - Fair
    Not an average. See Rating legend above for a final score breakdown.
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