It appears that sometime in our distant future, pickup trucks will no longer be manufactured, country music will cease to exist and Paris Hilton's reality show with that other giggling cold-hearted stuck up dimwit, will finally be cancelled. Yay for the future! Yay for progress!!

But not everything is so rosy. Oh you just knew there had to be a downside.... Since it's the future and mankind has the ability to travel to distant worlds, mankind also has the ability to take them over or "acquire" them for humankinds own twisted usage. I guess that means the Bush administration is still in power. Hey, this is a professionally written preview (minus the professionalism) and thus it is no place for political wisecracks! Please accept my humble apologies.

Since any undertaking like doing the recycling to picking up the drycleaning to taking over a hostile world is always fraught with some such pain in the ass, your character Maximillion will have to eradicate over 40 different ETI's (Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) species across 40 missions and 4 hostile alien worlds. Move out losers, we're taking over! The human race MUST live on, otherwise there won't be an audience for Spike TV"s The Real Gilligan's Island Part 576".

Will Max be able to lead Earth to victory? Will humankind previal? That's all up to you and your lackluster gaming skills. From what we hear, don't even bother picking up this game if you've been frollicking with that frilly dilly Katamari Damacy sissy-girl game, because you won't even have the skills to Press Start, you ignorant man-child. Try rolling these aggressive alien lifeforms in a ball and they'll smash your skull down your throat. Check out the screenshots but don't wet your pants junior. Yeah, that's a gun he's holding and it kills things. It doesn't make friends or sing songs or tuck you in at night. It's only function is to make you the boss so that people listen when you talk. And if they don't, that big gun of yours will explode things like bodyparts and pieces of face all over hells half acre. So if you're really in the mood for some light in the loafers DDR with Mario, keep moving. Bounty Hounds doesn't want your type even in here. Go on...scram!


Hundreds of years into the future, Terraforming has made it possible for humans to colonize other places - and thus for humanity to encounter Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI.) War ensued over the acquisition and conquest of planets, which lead to employment of mercenaries who would scout planets deemed fit for habitation. The band of these ruthless mercenaries was called Bounty Hounds.

As Maximillian, the leader of Bounty Hounds, your mission is to battle different alien species spread across planets. With a variety of new weapons and items as well as Wi-Fi play to match up against a friend, Bounty delivers an exiting weapon-based action RPG for PSP portable entertainment system gamers.


  • Full arsenal of weapons: With over 500 weapons and armor, you are ready to face more than 40 alien species on your 40 expansive missions in 4 distinctive worlds.
  • Battle your way with double weapons: Wield two separate weapons - one in your right, another in your left. Two categories of weapons allow you to use melee weapons for close combat and ballistic weapons for long range combat.
  • Go Head-to Head with a friend: Wirelessly connect with a friend with only one copy of the game.
  • Variablecontent allows for repeated play: Enemy Al changes according to player health, weapon strength and type. Dungeons are randomly generated each time you play so no gameplay experience is the same!
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System: PSP
Dev: Namco
Pub: Namco
Release: Fall 2005
Players: 1 - 2
PReview by Vaughn