Secret Agent Clank



  • Zoni skin

    Pause the game and press Left(2), Right, Down, Up(2), X to unlock the Zoni skin.

  • Chalice Of Power

    Go to the Treehouse, and enter Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right as a code in the area where you find the Chalice. Note: The code only works once per visit to a location.

  • Prequel bonus

    Have a saved game file from Ratchet And Clank: Size Matters on your memory stick. Enter the "Special" menu with any character. Select the "Check Size Matters Save" option. Then, enter the "Skins" menu to access new free skins.

  • A mother's memorial

    In the Treehouse, go to a desk near the "Robot Finds Kitten" message. On this desk is a picture of someone. Go to this picture, and press Circle(2), Triangle, Circle, X. You will be shown a platform with a fountain, fireplace, angels, kittens, and roses. There is also a message about TJS's mother. This platform is a memorial for an HIG crew member's mother.

  • Cheat mode

    Spend the indicated number of Skill Points to unlock the corresponding cheat option:

      Big Headed Clank: 4
      Big Headed Ratchet: 8
      Mirrored Levels: 12
      Weapon Switching: 16
      Big Headed Enemies: 20
      Super Bloom: 24
      Old Timey: 26
      Expat Exchange: 28
      Bolt Confusion: 32
      Pumpkin Heads: 40
      Snowman Heads: 45
      Kapow: 50
      Ratchet Pack: 65
      Hardcore Mode: 65

  • Skill Points

    Successfully complete the following tasks to get the corresponding Skill Point:

      52 Card Pickup: Rionosis: Quark vs. Jack - Finish off Jack using only cards, not bombs. Punches can be used.

      A Gadgebot Stands Alone: Les Paradis Des Tricheurs Casino: Special Missions: Gadgebot part - Never use the revive command in either of the Gadgetbot arenas.

      A Pretty Good Likeness: Defeat Klunk without damaging Robo-Ratchet.

      All Slime Must Burn: Secret Laboratory Venantanio - Successfully complete the level killing Amoboids using only melee attacks and the Suitcase Flamethrower.

      Antaeus: Prison Planet - Successfully complete the Mega-Challenge without jumping.

      Black Diamond: Glaciara: Snowboard Clank - Hit no obstacles (enemy projectiles do not count).

      Black Tie Affair: Asyanica: Clank - Get through the level defeating all enemies with the Tie-A-Rang.

      Blaster Overload: Asyanica: Quark - Defeat the Boss without using the regular blaster.

      Cereal Decoder Ring: Successfully complete the Knockin' On Klunk's Door challenge with a time less than 4:30.

      Deadly Hands: Rionosis, Clank - Dispatch all of the Kingpin's guards before he reaches the fourth tourist cart.

      Deep Six: Canals, Venantonio: Special Missions - Do not get hit by seeking mines.

      Dress for Success: Rionosis: Quark vs Jack - Get Jack to hit himself with three of his own hats.

      El Dia de los Muertos: Fort Sprocket: Gadgetbot mission - Get a Static Midge helmet on all three Gadgebots at once.

      Empty the Warrens: Prison Planet: Cafeteria - Kill over 89 Tyhrranoids in the Tyrranoid Recycling challenges.

      Furious Fists Of Fury: Boltaire Museum - Use only your melee attacks to complete the level.

      Hanging Judge: Prison Planet: Jail Break - Successfully complete the main challenge without letting any prisoners escape.

      He Cleans Pools Too!: Hydrana: Cowboy Quark - Kill 20 enemies with a single lawnmower.

      I Kill The Rock: The Quasar Fields, Giant Clank - Kill all three Mega Rock class dreadnoughts.

      Indian Burn: Prison Planet: Exercise Yard - Kill ten enemies with dodgeballs.

      Inverse Ninja Law: Asyanica, Quark - Kill 99 ninjas during the fight.

      It's A Delicacy Somewhere: Spaceship Graveyard: Clank's Mission - Blow up every mature organic spore in the "Ones That Aren't Rooted" level.

      Like the Wind: Asyanica: Clank - Get through without getting hit by anything.

      Magnum Opus: Complete the entire opera without getting hit.

      Master Of Disguise: Kingpin stealth level - Use every disguise station when the Kingpin gets suspicious (do not kill the last guard until the end).

      Modestly: Do not lose the towel ever in the Mega challenge.

      Offensive Driver: Hydrana car mission - Successfully complete the timed challenge with at least 60 seconds remaining.

      Perfect Chrome Finish: Successfully complete the Rescue Clank! challenge without any Gadgebot taking any damage.

      Perfect Tango: Glaciara, Clank - Do not miss any button presses on the tango music segment.

      Punchy: Spaceship Graveyard: Quark - Destroy all pirates using only punches.

      Ring Around The Rosie: Hydrano, Clank - Collect all the rings in the Driving Test Ring challenge.

      Ringleader: Glaciara: Clank Snowboarding - Collect all the rings in the Go For The Gold ring challenge.

      Ringmaster: Canals, Venantonio: Special Missions - Collect all the rings in the Threading The Needle challenge.

      Robot Finds Ninja: Asyanica: Clank - Get all possible stealth kills in the level (one sleeping and several before the second row of police cars).

      Ruuba Dub Club: Use the wrench to kill the Amebiod King.

      Silent Night: Boltaire Museum, Clank - Take all guards in the museum using stealth takedowns.

      Slippery Slope: Hydrana: Clank - Hit at least five oil slicks on a single life.

      Smooth Moves: Snowboarding level - Get 15 guards to shoot each other (brake when they are about to shoot).

      Sold Out: Get 150,00 box office sales.

      Sour Victory: Spaceship Graveyard: Quark - Kill the Kudzu Monster using only lemons.

      Speed Demon: Successfully complete the Rescue Clank! challenge with a time of 1:25 or less.

      Steel Rain: Rionosis: Clank - Send at least 10 Henchbots of the Dondolas into the open blue.

      The Law Can't Touch Me: Prison Planet: Exercise Yard - Successfully complete the Mega Challenge with never getting struck by the yard guns.

      Trash Talk: Kingpin stealth level - Use the trash cans to lure the guards and kill them (hit the cans when Kingpin is close, hide, then kill the investigating guard).

      Triple Platinum Record: Boltaire Museum, Clank - Get through the entire rhythm segment without missing any button presses.

      Turn The Tables: Underwater Base - Get at least four successful takedowns on Klunk and never get taken down yourself.

      Twinkle Toes: Venantonio: Quark's Musical - Get a 5-chain butterfly bounces without touching the stage.

      Wake Of Destruction: Destroy everything.

      Whip It Good: Prison Planet: Jail Break - Get 40 kills with the plasma whip.

      Yeeee Haaaaaw!: HYDRANAracing - Perform a roll off of a cliff.

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