Angry Birds Trilogy


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Top Talont (Platinum): All trophies unlocked.
      Completely Classic (Gold): Got 3 stars on all Classic levels.
      Rio Round Up (Gold): Got 3 stars on all Rio levels.
      Sewing Up Seasons (Gold): Got 3 stars on all Seasons levels.
      Flawless Plumage (Silver): Classic Eagled.
      Rio? Navigated! (Silver): Rio Eagled.
      Aviator for the Seasons (Silver): Seasons Eagled.
      Hard as a Rock (Bronze): Classic: 100 stalactites smashed.
      Bird Slinger (Bronze): Classic: 5,000 birds launched.
      Egg Hunter (Bronze): Classic: 10 Golden Eggs found.
      Feather Collector (Bronze): Classic: 120 feathers earned.
      Backward Compatibility (Bronze): Classic: 10 birds launched in the wrong direction.
      Woodpecker (Bronze): Classic: 5,000 wooden blocks smashed.
      Stonecutter (Bronze): Classic: 5,000 stone blocks smashed.
      Icepicker (Bronze): Classic: 5,000 ice blocks smashed.
      Ultimate Bejeweler (Bronze): Classic: 100 jewels smashed.
      Space Invader (Bronze): Classic: Launched Yellow Bird up into space.
      Wilhelm Tell (Bronze): Classic: Hit a flying bird with another bird.
      Bull's Eye (Bronze): Classic: Got a direct hit on a pig.
      Handyman (Bronze): Classic: All golden wrenches in Bad Piggies collected.
      Melon Mania (Bronze): Rio: All melons collected.
      Papaya Perfection (Bronze): Rio: All papayas collected.
      Apple Appreciation (Bronze): Rio: All apples collected.
      Pineapple Purist (Bronze): Rio: All pineapples collected.
      Banana Fanatic (Bronze): Rio: All bananas collected.
      Birds of the Feather (Bronze): Rio: Blu and Jewel unlocked.
      Crate Hater (Bronze): Rio: 200 crates broken.
      Feather Fetcher (Bronze): Rio: 120 feathers earned.
      Marmoset Terrorizer (Bronze): Rio: 500 marmosets hit.
      Avian Liberator (Bronze): Rio: 700 cages broken.
      Flower Power (Bronze): Rio: 100 flowers destroyed.
      Sharp Shooter (Bronze): Rio: Level completed with a single bird.
      Lights Out (Bronze): Rio: 10 lamps broken.
      Pumpkin Smasher (Bronze): Seasons: 300 pumpkins smashed.
      Pig Popper (Bronze): Seasons: 1,000 pigs smashed.
      Seasoned Slinger (Bronze): Seasons: 5,000 birds launched.
      Unwrapper (Bronze): Seasons: 300 presents smashed.
      Feather Fiend (Bronze): Seasons: 120 feathers earned.
      Chocolate Lover (Bronze): Seasons: 300 chocolate boxes broken.
      Bunny Hopper (Bronze): Seasons: 300 bunnies broken.
      Oops a Daisy (Bronze): Seasons: 300 flowers broken.
      Picnic Pooper (Bronze): Seasons: 300 picnic items broken.
      Pennywise (Bronze): Seasons: 300 money piles hit.
      Cloud Buster (Bronze): Seasons: 1,500 clouds busted.
      The Grinch (Bronze): Seasons: 1,000 presents smashed.
      Snowplower (Bronze): Seasons: 1,500 snow blocks smashed.
      Leprechaun's Secret (Bronze): Seasons: 300 pots of gold broken.
      Bunny Hunter (Bronze): Seasons: 300 piggy bunnies popped.
      Water Bird (Bronze): Seasons: Made 500 birds swim.
      Boo! (Bronze): Seasons: 1,000 ghost blocks smashed.
      Bubble Popper (Bronze): Seasons: 500 bubbles spawned with Pink Bird.
      Free as a Bird (Bronze): Sent all 7 birds out on migration.
      Winging it (Bronze): Created a migration tune.

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