Dekamori Senran Kagura


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      100 repertoire girl (Silver): Clear over 100 songs!
      Bashful girl (Silver): Do mischief in the dressing room.
      Becoming an adult woman (Bronze): Clear Mirai's story mode.
      Beginner graduation (Bronze): Get a note score of over 5000.
      Blossoming ability to laugh (Bronze): Clear Homura's story mode.
      Discovery of my calling (Bronze): Clear Hikage's story mode.
      Experience is great! (Bronze): Accumulate a total score of over 5,000,000 points.
      First peak of a woman's body (Bronze): Get a girl naked for the first time.
      Happy Cooking (Gold): Get a note score of over 50,000.
      I waited for this time! (Silver): Reach a ninja level of 15!
      I will protect world peace! (Bronze): Clear Ikaruga's story mode.
      It's no problem to eat a lot! (Bronze): Clear Hibari's story mode.
      Leave the cooking to me! (Gold): Clear over 200 songs!
      Let's xxx! (Bronze): Clear Haruka's story mode.
      Love Hibari! (Bronze): Clear Yagyu's story mode.
      Many breasts (Silver): Get all the girls in Pack A naked.
      My name is Harem Queen (Bronze): Clear Katsuragi's story mode.
      New Wave bean sprout (Bronze): Clear Yomi's story mode.
      Nice breasts (Silver): Get a note score of over 11081.
      Nice view! (Bronze): See 50 naked girls.
      Ninja arts initiation (Gold): Activate ninja arts over 500 times.
      No complaints with performance (Bronze): Clear a cooking bout with no mistakes.
      Oh dear (Bronze): Lose a cooking bout naked.
      Panty collector (Silver): Collect all 49 panties.
      Push forward girl (Silver): Activate ninja arts over 100 times.
      Sexual harrasment Empress (Gold): Play in the dressing room.
      Thank you for Cooking!! (Platinum): Get all the trophies from Pack A.
      Thicker is best after all! (Bronze): Clear Asuka's story mode.
      This girl, experience is different!! (Silver): Accumulate a total score of over 10,000,000 points.
      This is still just the beginning (Bronze): Reach a ninja level of 5!
      Those who know the true face of girls (Gold): Clear story mode of all Pack A characters.
      Welcome! To Dekamori Cooking (Bronze): First clear.
      You are also a Harem Queen (Silver): See 100 naked girls.

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