Dragon's Dogma Quest



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Island Escape (Bronze): Completed the tutorial.
    Not Always Greener (Bronze): Conquered the Emerald Land.
    Turning Up the Heat (Bronze): Conquered the Grey Ridge.
    Cracking Thunder (Bronze): Conquered the Thunder Marsh.
    Falling Silent (Bronze): Conquered the Silent Fall.
    Striking Gold (Bronze): Conquered the Golden Plain.
    Cold as Ice (Bronze): Conquered the Silver Summit.
    Roost Roast (Bronze): Conquered the Dragon's Roost.
    Breaking into Prison (Gold): Conquered the Forsaken Isle.
    Dungeon Delver (Bronze): Cleared 10 dungeons.
    Dungeon Explorer (Bronze): Cleared 50 dungeons.
    Dungeon Master (Bronze): Cleared 100 dungeons.
    Serpents' Bane (Silver): Defeated a wyrm, drake and wyvern.
    Well-Rounded (Bronze): Obtained 60 vocations.
    Gatherer of Allies (Bronze): Registered 50 friends to the friend list.
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