Madden NFL 13


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Madden NFL 13 Master (Platinum): Congratulations on earning every Madden NFL 13 trophy!
      Cruz 'in the Field (Bronze): Catch a 90+ yard TD pass with Victor Cruz.
      Devin Hester Award (Silver): Score a TD on a Kick Return.
      Wes Welker Award (Silver): Catch 16+ passes in one game with one player.
      Matthew Stafford Award (Silver): Pass for 520+ yards in one game with one player.
      Ted Ginn Jr. Award (Gold): Score 2+ Kick Return TDs in a single game.
      DeMarco Murray Award (Silver): Rush for 253+ yards in a game with one player.
      Sebastian Janikowski Award (Silver): Kick a 60+ yard FG.
      Drew Brees Award (Silver): Complete 88% of your passes (minimum 20 attempts).
      Jahvid Best Award (Bronze): Score on an 88+ yard TD run.
      Calvin Johnson Award (Silver): Gain 244+ yards receiving with one player.
      Cleveland Browns Award (Silver): Hold your opponent to 137 or fewer yards of total offense.
      Honing Your Skills (Bronze): Complete a practice in Superstar Mode.
      Demaryius Thomas Award (Bronze): Catch a game winning TD pass in OT.
      Verizon Scoreboard Overload (Gold): Score 50 points in one game.
      Buffalo Bills Award (Silver): Record 10+ sacks as a team in one game.
      Maurice Jones-Drew Award (Silver): Score 4+ rushing TDs in a single game with 1 player.
      Tim Tebow Award (Bronze): Rush for 118+ yards with your QB.
      Patrick Peterson Award (Gold): Return a punt for a TD in OT.
      Safety Inspector Award (Bronze): Tackle the ball carrier in their own end zone.
      Darrelle Revis Award (Gold): Return an interception for 100+ yards.
      Happy 21st EA SPORTS! (Bronze): Score 21 points in a game.
      Arian Foster Award (Bronze): Rush for 168+ yards with a single player in a game.
      Vince Wilfork Award (Gold): Score a fumble recovery TD with a Defensive Linemen.
      Tom Brady Award (Bronze): Have a total offense of 519+ yards in a game.
      Cam Newton Award (Bronze): Score 3 rushing TDs with a QB in a game.
      Houston Texans Award (Bronze): Gain over 100+ yards rushing with 2 HBs in the same game.
      Chopping Block (Bronze): Complete one season's final cut day in Franchise Mode.
      Tactical Masher (Bronze): Win a player in FA bidding in Franchise Mode.
      Future Hall of Famer? (Bronze): Create an NFL Superstar.

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