Ms. Germinator


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Star Struck (Bronze): Collect all 3 Star Germs in 5 consecutive Campaign levels during one play session.
      Germ-A-Go-Round (Bronze): In a single shot, bounce a germ off of Deflectors and walls at least 12 times.
      Cross Fire (Bronze): Activate both a Yellow and Orange Power Germ in a single shot.
      Breaking The Ice (Bronze): Break the ice off of at least 10 germs in one level with 10 unique shots.
      Into The Spike Again, Dear Germs (Bronze): In one level, have 10 germs you didn't shoot pop on Spikes.
      Beam Me Up, Germy! (Bronze): Use a Warp Gate 5 times in a single Puzzle level.
      Highly Contagious (Bronze): Get 20 or more Contagious Gummies on-screen at once in Arcade Mode.
      We Eat Contagions For Breakfast (Bronze): Have a Blue Power Germ consume at least 3 Contagious Gummies when activated.
      Ms. Cupid (Bronze): Activate a Pink Power Germ 12 times.
      Campaign Queen (Silver): Complete all 75 Levels of Campaign Mode, getting at least one star on each level.
      Puzzle Queen (Silver): Complete All 75 levels of Puzzle Mode, getting at least one star on each level.
      Completionist (Gold): Get all 450 stars in Campaign and Puzzle mode.

    Additionally, there is one secret trophy:

      Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Sue (Silver): Absorb a Red, Pink, Yellow, and Orange germ with a Blue Power Germ.

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