New Little King's Story


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      All-time Submonster Champion (Bronze): Obliterated Blue Dragon.
      Animal King (Bronze): Completed the Animal Encyclopedia.
      Arrogance King (Bronze): Obliterated Onii Followers.
      Bloooming Strength (Silver): Lived happily ever after with a flowery person.
      Changeup King (Bronze): Aquired 20 Types of Outfits.
      Conquistador King (Bronze): Completed the Monster Encyclopedia.
      Development King (Bronze): Completed All Kingdom Plans.
      Envy King (Bronze): Obliterated Weirdo.
      Escape King (Bronze): Clearaed the escape tutorial.
      Eternal Happiness (Gold): Everyone Lived Happily Ever After.
      Explorer King (Bronze): Completed the Spot Encyclopedia.
      Face-stuffing King (Bronze): Obliterated Dessert-lovers.
      Fat Bucks King (Bronze): Collected 100,000,000 Bol.
      Gem King (Bronze): Completed the Gem Encyclopedia.
      Gourmand King (Bronze): Completed the Gourmet Encyclomedia.
      Graveyard Submonster (Bronze): Obliterated Cow Bones.
      Greed King (Bronze): Obliterated Pervy Producer.
      Half-baked King (Bronze): Cleared Liam's tutorial.
      Helper King (Bronze): Cleared 15 Quests.
      Hero King (Gold): Stopped Destruction of the World.
      Holler at Tomorrow! (Bronze): Screamed at the Sea.
      Humanitarian King (Bronze): Cleared 30 Quests.
      JUMP! Cannon King (Bronze): Used JUMP! Cannon Over 50 Tries.
      Just As You Are (Silver): Lived happily ever after with a defiant person.
      Karefree Kingdom (Bronze): Carefree Population Reached 100 People, Causing a Job Shortage.
      Kingiest King EVER (Platinum): You fulfilled ALL accomplishments in the kingdom!.
      Legend King (Silver): Completed the Record Encyclopedia.
      Mushroom Forest Submonster (Bronze): Obliterated Mush Bro.
      Music King (Bronze): Completed the Humming Encyclopedia.
      Naughty King (Bronze): Obliterated Casanova.
      Onii Hunter (Bronze): Obliterated 100 Onii.
      Owl Forest Submonster (Bronze): Obliterated Owl Yamanba.
      Poverty Elimination King (Bronze): Saved 100,000 Bol and built your first workhouse.
      Rage King (Bronze): Obliterated Blitzing Birds.
      Red Turnip Forest Submonster (Bronze): Obliterated Radeeze.
      Shadow Forest Submonster (Bronze): Obliterated Mush Geezer.
      Sing a Song of Happiness (Silver): Lived happily ever after with a person who loves music.
      Sloth King (Bronze): Obliterated Troublesome Drunkards.
      Smooch Monster (Bronze): Kissed a Princess 10 Times.
      Sweet Future (Silver): Lived happily ever after with a cute person.
      Takin' Care of Love (Silver): Lived happily ever after with a pure and innocent person.
      Together Again (Silver): Lived happily ever after with a mysteriously reunited person.
      Together Forever (Silver): Lived happily ever after with that special someone.
      Tom Forest Submonster (Bronze): Obliterated Ogre Ergo.
      Tyrant King (Bronze): Total Number of Incapacitated Citizens Reached 50.
      Unyielding Light (Silver): Lived happily ever after with a supple and beautiful person.
      Upchuck Forest Submonster (Bronze): Obliterated Yvonne.
      Wavy Rock Forest Submonster (Bronze): Obliterated Clockwork Knight.
      Weapon King (Bronze): Collected 15 Types of Weapons.
      Wig-out King (Bronze): Aquired 20 Types of Masks.

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