• Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Omega (Gold): Complete all of the levels.
      Galaxy (Silver): Collect all 75 of the stars in the game.
      Alpha (Bronze): Complete all of the Alpha levels.
      Beta (Bronze): Complete all of the Beta levels.
      Gamma (Bronze): Complete all of the Gamma levels.
      Delta (Bronze): Complete all of the Delta levels.
      Epsilon (Bronze): Complete all of the Epsilon levels.
      Constellation (Bronze): Collect 25 stars.
      Star Cluster (Bronze): Collect 50 stars.
      High Scorer (Bronze): Post a score to the leaderboards.
      That's No Moon! (Bronze): Look up at the asteroid in the sky while playing a level.
      Let's Blow This Thing! (Bronze): Watch the entire flight of the missile and the impact on the asteroid.
      Hard Rain (Bronze): Complete a level before the meteors start raining down.
      Resource Efficiency (Bronze): Complete a level without using all AR Play Card objects.
      Reflections (Bronze): Have 3 laser beams bouncing off one reflector.

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