Lumines Electronic Symphony Review
Lumines Electronic Symphony Box Art
System: PS Vita
Dev: Q Entertainment
Pub: Ubisoft
Release: February 14, 2012
Players: 1-2
Screen Resolution: 544p

However, you're probably aware of this already, but if you're not a fan of electronica, Lumines isn't the franchise for you. And even if you are, you may want to take a break from time to time. The phrase "The future of the future will still contain the past" has been regrettably etched into my eardrums.

Now, I don't know if you've noticed this, but the Vita is practically made for online multiplayer gaming. I mean, it's almost annoying the way that little console is constantly searching for an Internet connection or telling me what's going on with my idiotic PSN friends. But, for some reason, Ubisoft thought it would be cool to release a launch title with no online multiplayer support.

Lumines Electronic Symphony Screenshot

Sure, I could convince a few of my friends to buy it and we could screw around in Ad Hoc mode, but this option feels a little tacked-on, considering how little it would have been played when compared to a genuine multiplayer mode. In fact, the lack of a true multiplayer feels almost insulting when you consider how many of the unlockable items are geared toward multiplayer. If I'm being honest with myself, I'll probably never get to try most of the items I've unlocked, because so few people will ever let me trick them into playing Lumines for an extended period of time.

To add insult to injury, the multiplayer game mode is only playable when someone agrees to play against you. In previous versions, players have had the option to practice against an A.I. opponent, but in Electronic Symphony, even this is not possible. Needless to say, Lumines Electronic Symphony is probably not going to be the exciting new multiplayer game that all of your friends are talking about.


Like most Vita titles, Lumines Electronic Symphony is a bit pricey at $39.99. In fact, those of us who remember getting a complimentary copy of Tetris with our GameBoys feel doubly shafted. But if you dig electronic music and can ignore the neutered multiplayer, you might actually still be playing Lumines Electronic Symphony when the Vita's successor comes along.

Josh Engen
Contributing Writer
Date: February 28, 2012

The graphics are deceptively simple, but entirely appropriate.
Simple and Intuitive. You already know how to play this game, trust me.
Music / Sound FX / Voice Acting
This is probably the best the Vita will ever sound.
Play Value
Without a solid multiplayer component, the title definitely suffers, but the rest of the game tries to make up for it.
Overall Rating - Great
Not an average. See Rating legend below for a final score breakdown.
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Game Features:

  • New block mechanics - For the first time in the series, special new block mechanics give players additional strategic options.
  • Star-studded musical line-up - Featuring some of the best and brightest names in electronic music, Lumines for PS Vita's soundtrack is a diverse selection of known artists, as well as original tracks composed by Q Entertainment's sound team.
  • All-new EXP system - Lumines for PS Vita rewards player effort and investment by providing an in-depth player profile, deep stat tracking, and a new Experience Points system that rewards every player's play style with a level-based reward system.
  • Social experience - Whether you're a new Lumines player or a veteran of the series, Lumines for PS Vita's new social features will encourage you to play just "one more game."

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