Smart As...


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Intelligent Being (Platinum): Collect all trophies.
      Bright Spark (Bronze): Play Smart As on 25 different dates.
      Heavy Brain (Silver): Play Smart As on 50 different dates.
      Perfect Attendance (Gold): Play Smart As on 100 different dates.
      1st Day At School (Bronze): Complete your first session of Daily Training.
      Home Work (Bronze): Complete 10 sessions of Daily Training.
      Star Pupil (Silver): Complete 20 sessions of Daily Training.
      Graduate (Gold): Complete 30 sessions of Daily Training.
      Marked Improvement (Bronze): Increase your Brain Power score.
      Logical Progression (Bronze): Play a Logic Free Play Game.
      You Do The Math (Bronze): Play an Arithmetic Free Play Game.
      First Word (Bronze): Play a Language Free Play Game.
      I See What You Did There (Bronze): Play an Observation Free Play Game.
      Logical Conclusion (Silver): Play all Logic Games.
      All Adds Up (Silver): Play all Arithmetic Games.
      The Final Word (Silver): Play all Language Games.
      Perfect Vision (Silver): Play all Observation Games.
      Stroke of Genius (Silver): Finish a game at Genius difficulty.
      Absolute Genius (Gold): Finish all Free Play Games at Genius difficulty.
      Brainiac (Gold): Play all games in a single day.
      Just Testing (Bronze): Earn 3 stars in a game at Easy difficulty.
      Mind Game (Bronze): Earn 3 stars in a game at Medium difficulty.
      Brain Surgery (Silver): Earn 3 stars in a game at Hard difficulty.
      Rocket Science (Gold): Earn 3 stars in a game at Genius difficulty.
      Smart Move (Bronze): Complete a Street Smart Challenge.
      Day Tripper (Bronze): Earn a total of 10 stars in Street Smart.
      Commuter (Silver): Earn a total of 20 stars in Street Smart.
      Explorer (Silver): Earn a total of 50 stars in Street Smart.
      Globe Trotter (Gold): Earn a total of 100 stars in Street Smart.

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