• Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      The Entire Gang (Bronze): Rescue all 8 hidden characters.
      Seen It All (Silver): Complete 100% of the journal.
      Seen a Lot (Bronze): Complete 50% of the journal.
      To Hell and Back (Gold): Complete the game the hard way.
      Speedlunky (Bronze): Complete the game in under 8 minutes. No shortcuts.
      Ironman (Silver): Complete the game without using shortcuts.
      Eternal Life (Bronze): Obtain the Ankh.
      City of Gold (Silver): Reach the City of Gold.
      Big Money (Bronze): Obtain 500000 gold.
      Made It (Bronze): Complete the game.
      Ice Creamed (Bronze): Reach the Temple.
      Jungle Jammed (Bronze): Reach the Ice Caves.
      Mines Shafted (Bronze): Reach the Jungle.

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