Table Mini Golf


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Greenhorn (Bronze): Win an Elimination Tournament with a score of Par or lower on each hole.
      One is all you need (Bronze): Score a Hole-in-One (Single Player only).
      Challenge Accepted (Bronze): Complete all challenges for a single hole within the game (Single Player only).
      Expendiballs (Bronze): Destroy 100 balls (Single Player only).
      Chain Reaction (Bronze): Create a chain reaction between at least 3 cannon objects (Single Player only).
      Half Way There (Bronze): Reach Level 15.
      Putting for Points (Bronze): Earn 10,000 points in a single hole (Single Player only).
      Horriball (Silver): Win both Horror Elimination Tournaments.
      Captain Hook-Shot (Silver): Win both Pirate Elimination Tournaments.
      Prestige Golfer (Silver): Reach Level 30.
      The Challenger (Silver): Complete all the challenges for a single course.
      I Have This Condition (Gold): Unlock all mementos and complete level 30.

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