Total Recoil


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      General of the Army (Gold): Reach the rank of General of the Army.
      Annihilator (Silver): Reach 10000 kills in total.
      Outstanding (Bronze): Achieve an "Outstanding" kill combo 100 times.
      Prestige (Bronze): Reach the rank of General of the Army for a second time.
      Kindling (Bronze): Blow up 5000 wooden crates.
      Booby Trap (Bronze): Blow up 1500 red barrels.
      To The Max! (Bronze): Upgrade any weapon, killstreak or item to the max.
      Invincible (Bronze): Use 20 Invincibility power ups on yourself.
      Shield (Bronze): Use 30 Shields to protect yourself.
      Medic (Bronze): Use 50 Medipacks to heal yourself.
      Clay Pigeon Shoot (Bronze): Shoot down 20 flying planes.
      Quatro Pounder (Bronze): Destroy 5 of the big track quatro pounder tanks
      Swiss Army Soldier (Bronze): Buy all of the weapons.
      Gun Aficionado (Bronze): Upgrade any weapon for the first time.
      Earn your stripes (Bronze): Complete the Boot Camp tutorial mission.

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