Area 51

Strategy Guide

  • Shotgun

    At the pause screen, press Triangle, Square, Triangle, Left, R1 to start with a shotgun.

  • Endings

    For the best ending, shoot off all the panels on the Mothership. For the worst ending, let the Mothership escape without hitting any panels.

  • Rebel Kronn Hunter mode

    Shoot the first three S.T.A.A.R. team members at the beginning of the game. If done correctly, you will enter Rebel Kronn Hunter mode.

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Ammo P18006D034 0008
    Always Healthy P18006D058 000A
    Infinite Lives P18006D060 0005
    Infinite Grenades P18006D038 0001
    Infinite Credits P180069124 0009
    Gun Modifier P18006D044 00??
    Gun Modifier P28006D0F0 00??
    Infinite Ammo P28006D0E0 0008
    Always Healthy P28006D104 000A
    Infinite Lives P28006D10C 0005
    Infinite Grenades P28006D0E4 0001
    Infinite Credits P280069126 0009
    Game Looping is On3006CFCA 0001
    Game Looping is Off3006CFCA 0000
    Gore is On8006CFCC 0101
    Gore is Off8006CFCC 0100
    Secret Rooms are On3006CFCB 0000
    Secret Rooms are Off3006CFCB 0100
    Game Difficulty Modifier8006CF60 00??
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Gun Modifier Codes
    00 - Normal
    01 - Shot Gun
    02 - Machine Gun
    03 - Auto Shot Gun
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Game Difficulty Modifier Codes
    00 - Novice
    01 - Easy
    02 - Medium
    03 - Hard
    04 - Expert

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