Arcade's Greatest Hits: The Atari Collection Volume 2

  • Extra health (Gauntlet)

    Do not press any buttons or the D-pad when game the begins or when restarting a level after losing a life. Instead, immediately tap Credit rapidly to gain a large amount of health.

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Lives8016782A 0203
    Wizard Codes
    Infinite Health801D7DD0 07CC
    Infinite Keys80193762 0001
    Infinite Potion80193416 0001
    Elf Codes
    Infinite Health801D7DD4 07CC
    Infinite Keys80193762 0100
    Infinite Potion80193416 0100
    Warrior Codes
    Infinite Health801D7DC8 07CC
    Infinite Keys80193760 0001
    Infinite Potion80193414 0001
    Valkyrie Codes
    Infinite Health801D7DCC 07CC
    Infinite Keys80193760 0101
    Infinite Potion80193414 0101
    Infinite Papers801E2540 000A
    Infinite Lives801E2388 0004
    Start With A Score Of 65,535801E237C FFFF
    Crystal Castle
    Infinite Lives80170F8A 0003
    Invincible80170F90 0800
    Marble Madness
    Infinite Time80133C7C 0063
    Infinite Fuel8014FA10 00DB
    Invincible8014F4C4 0041
    Infinite Special Weapon Ammo8014F47C 0019
    Have Nitro Injector8014F594 0001
    Have Cruise Missiles8014F594 0002
    Have Electric Field8014F594 0003
    Have VZ Cannon8014F594 0004

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