Army Men: World War

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    At the main menu, hold R2, then hold R1. Release R2, then release R1. Hold L2, then hold L1. Release L2, then release L1. Then, press Circle, Square. -From: and

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Health800FEB7C 0250
    Infinite Health PT Boat800FECA0 17F0
    Infinite Health Jeep800FF808 14B0
    Infinite Health Tank800FFA50 EAD0
    Infinite Health Train80100C90 1FF0
    Infinite Grenades800F8998 0909
    Infinite Bazooka/Mortar800F899A 0909
    Infinite Flamethrower/Auto Rifle800F899C 0909
    All Levels Unlocked After First Save800F7AD8 0002
    800F7ADC 0006

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