Bushido Blade

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  • Play as Katze

    Beat all 100 opponents in slash mode without getting killed.

  • Hidden Boss and ending

    Beat story mode without getting hit to fight each character's secret boss. Note: This includes not using any continues and following the code of Bushido.

    Game Shark Codes

    Player 1 Character Modifier8011DCDC 00??
    Invincibility P1D013EAF8 0001
    8013EAF8 0000
    Player 2 Character Modifier8011DCE0 00??
    Invincibility P2D013E7E0 0001
    8013E7E0 0000
    Unlock All Endings800A30B8 FFFF
    Enable Katze800A1004 0001
    Slow Motion Mode8008EE58 C035
    Stop Continue Timer800A10BC 0116
    Automatic Win8013D636 0001
    8013D524 0005
    Hold L2 For Heart Attack ButtonD013D1D8 0001
    8013D524 0005
    Slash Mode Kill Modifier
    Level 10800A11F4 0009
    98 Kills 800A10B0 0008
    Digits to Accompany Character Modifier Codes
    00 - Red Shadow
    01 - Tatsumi
    02 - Mikado
    03 - Black Lotus
    04 - Utsusemi
    05 - Kannuki
    06 - Story Mode: Bald Samurai from Slash Mode / VS mode: Katze
    0B - Story Mode: Hongou / VS. Mode: Mikado in Story Mode Outfit
    0C - Story Mode: Kindati / VS. Mode: Kannuki in Story Mode Outfit
    10 - Story Mode: Katze / VS. Mode: Black Lotus in Story Mode Outfit
    37 - Story Mode: Tsubame / VS. Mode: Utsusemi in Story Mode Outfit
    45 - Story Mode: Hanzaki / VS. Mode: Tatsumi in Story Mode Outfit
    9F - Story Mode: Arms holding a Broad Sword / VS. Mode: Bald Samurai
    B9 - Story Mode: Sanzaka / VS. Mode: Red Shadow in Story Mode Outfit
    BD - Story Mode: Samurai Woman from Slash Mode in a whitish grayish outfit / VS. Mode: Hanzaki
    D2 - Story Mode: Woman from Slash Mode / VS. Mode: Sanzaka
    DA - Story Mode: Woman that gives you your weapon / VS. Mode: Kindati
    DC - Story Mode: Gray Ninja From Slash Mode / VS. Mode: Hongou

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