Game Shark Codes

European and Australian (PAL) Version

Infinite Time80076DE8 1000
Invincible P1300D41FA 0000
Invincible P2300D3596 0000
Win Race (Press R2)D4000000 0002
8006C068 0000
Unlock All Cars (Press L2 + R2)D4000000 0003
50000F02 0000
80078484 0101
Extra Money P1 (Press L2)D4000000 0001
D4000000 0001
80076DEE 00FF
D4000000 0001
80078480 FFFF
D4000000 0001
80078482 00FF

Note: When using any of these codes, either turn the Game Shark off during the opening FMV sequence or just skip it to avoid freezing the game.

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