Critical Blow

Strategy Guide

  • Play as Hagane

    Beat theater mode on any difficulty level. Then, Hagane will become selectable in tournament mode.

  • Play as Merkuar

    Beat tournament mode using any fighter.

  • Play as Sieguei

    Beat tournament mode on the easy difficulty level.

  • Play as EX Rickey

    Beat tournament mode on the hard difficulty level.

    Game Shark Codes

    Unlock All Secret Characters80068C54 FFFF
    Player 1 Codes
    Infinite Health8011A0C8 008C
    1 Hit Kill8011A0C8 0000
    Infinite Special Attack3010FBC0 0004
    No Special Attack3010FBC0 0000
    Player 2 Codes
    Infinite Health8011B420 008C
    1 Hit Kill8011B420 0000
    Infinite Special Attack3010FBC1 0004
    No Special Attack3010FBC1 0000

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