Chocobo's Dungeon 2

Strategy Guide

  • Debug room

    Note: This code requires a Game Shark or Pro Action Replay cartridge. Enable the following code: 800D8B04 00FF. Load the game and refer to the following guide.

  • Bonus sequence

    Successfully complete the game and allow the credits to finish. Then, another playable part of the game will begin. Complete the bonus section to view another ending.

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Spell Books/Stones on Pick-Up800282D2 2400
    800282E6 2400
    Max Gil80103FA8 967F
    80103FAA 0098
    Chocobo Codes
    Infinite HP801026B8 03E7
    Max HP80103FB2 03E7
    Quick Level Gain801026D6 0000
    Infinite Chocobo Energy80103FAE 6464
    Max Atk801055FA 0063
    Max Def801055FC 0063
    Max SpDef801055FE 0063
    Max Stats
    (GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)
    50000302 0000
    801055FA 0063
    Max Level301026BB 0063
    Max Level Fire Spell3010401C 0062
    Quick Level Up Fire Spell30104022 0000
    Max Level Blizzard Spell3010401D 0062
    Quick Level Up Blizzard Spell30104023 0000
    Max Level Aero Spell3010401E 0062
    Quick Level Up Aero Spell30104024 0000
    Max Level Thunder Spell3010401F 0062
    Quick Level Up Thunder Spell30104025 0000
    Max Level Quake Spell30104020 0062
    Quick Level Up Quake Spell30104026 0000
    Max Level Drain Spell30104021 0062
    Quick Level Up Drain Spell30104027 0000
    Max Level All Spells
    (GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)
    50000302 0000
    8010401C 6262
    Quick Level Up All Spells
    (GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)
    50000302 0000
    80104022 0000
    Partner Codes
    Infinite HP80102844 03E7
    Max HP80102860 03E7

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