Crusaders Of Might And Magic

Strategy Guide

  • Infinite items

    Successfully complete the game and save. Start another game to have infinite items and mana, as well as all talismans, runes, weapons, spells, and shields. Note: Your health will still be normal.

    Game Shark Codes

    Joker CommandD00D3BAC ????
    Infinite Health800F1D0C 03E7
    Max Health800F4E28 03E7
    Infinite Mana801051E0 03E7
    Max Mana801051E4 03E7
    Infinite Gold801051D0 FFFF
    Max Strength800F1D0E FFFF
    Max Accurracy800F1D10 FFFF
    Next Level Always 1 Away80105134 0001
    Max Score8010522C FFFF
    8010522E 7FFF
    Score Modifier8010522C ????
    Exp Modifier80105130 ????
    Have Battle Axe8010513C 0001
    Have Long Sword8010513E 0001
    Have Mace80105140 0001
    Have War Hammer80105142 0001
    Have Throwing Axe8010515C 0001
    Have Spiked Shield80105172 0001
    Have Kite Shield80105174 0001
    Have Tower Shield80105176 0001
    Have Exploding Gem80105160 0001
    Have Fire Gem801051AE 03E7
    Have Earth Gem801051B0 03E7
    Have Air Gem801051B2 03E7
    Have Water Gem801051B4 03E7
    Have Spirit Gem801051B6 03E7
    Have Body Gem801051B8 03E7
    Have Mind Gem801051BA 03E7
    Have Light Gem801051BC 03E7
    Have Dark Gem801051BE 03E7
    Have Sceptar Of Regency801051DC 03E7
    Have Thundermaker Air Weapon8010519C 0001
    Have Bone Mender Body Weapon8010519E 0001
    Have Nightbringer Dark Weapon801051A0 0001
    Have Oakheart Earth Weapon801051A2 0001
    Have Flamefang Fire Weapon801051A4 0001
    Have Star of Erathia Light Weapon801051A6 0001
    Have Razor's Edige Mind Weapon801051A8 0001
    Have Soul Bastion Spirit Weapon801051AA 0001
    Have Ice Claw Water Weapon801051AC 0001
    Have Healing Potions801051D2 03E7
    Have Mana Potions801051D4 03E7
    Have Restore Potions801051D6 03E7
    Have Vanish Dusts801051D8 03E7
    Have Dasher Nuts801051DA 03E7
    Have Fire Storm [Note]30105449 0001
    Have Lightning [Note]3010544A 0001
    Have Holy Wrath [Note]3010544B 0001
    Have Deadly Swarm [Note]3010544C 0001
    Have Mana Shield [Note]3010544D 0001
    Have Heroism [Note]3010544E 0001
    Have Regeneration [Note]3010544F 0001
    Have Snap Freeze [Note]30105450 0001
    Have Gold ? [Note]30105451 0001
    Have Red Potion ? [Note]30105452 0001

    Note: Spell may not function properly.

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